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  1. hmmmmmm. hitler and bush?

    Started by killa54, 06-06-2006 09:55 AM
    accuracy, action, actions, acts, administration, admired, admit, adolf, afford, age, ain, air, aliens, alive, allowed, america, american, annual, anti, appreciated, approve, artist, ass, ation, attention, attitude, aus, austria, automotive, avoiding, azi, babies, bad, bags, based, basic, bathroom, beach, bet, better, biggest, blatant, blue, boy, break, brilliant, bring, bro, buba, buried, bush, buster, called, calm, camps, captured, care, carolina, case, cer, charles, church, claim, class, clean, close, club, college, common, communication, comparison, completely, complex, con, concerned, conservative, correct, cost, couldn, country, coward, crap, crowd, culture, dar, dart, day, days, dea, death, defeat, defeated, definition, des, destruction, differences, difficult, dinner, display, doesn, domination, don, dont, dow, dozen, dry, dumber, ear, earn, economic, electio, eliminate, eme, emergency, establishment, eva, evils, examples, excellent, experience, experts, extra, factual, fall, fantastic, fast, fathers, fears, fool, forget, forgot, france, front, fully, gas, give, gli, good, gov, grab, group, guys, hahaha, hand, hands, head, heading, heads, heritage, hero, hey, high, higher, hil, hilter, his, hitler, holy, horrors, house, huma, ial, ica, ice, ignorance, ignore, images, imagine, ime, important, incident, india, individuals, industrial, industry, influence, inherited, insult, intelligence, inter, interest, internet, ion, isn, issue, jews, joy, killed, kind, knew, lab, lady, lagos, land, large, laugh, leaders, les, letters, level, lexx, liberal, light, lines, lis, lived, living, lloyd, local, lol, long, loose, los, loss, lot, lunch, mad, making, marshall, mass, massive, master, mea, medical, meet, memory, mill, million, millions, mind, miserable, model, money, monkeys, monster, more, movie, music, myth, nam, named, national, nations, nazi, ner, news, night, north, north carolina, nose, notice, officials, open, org, original, par, part, pas, pays, peaceful, person, personal, photos, piece, point, policies, political, politically, popular, pos, pose, position, post, posted, posts, power, prepared, preparing, presiden, presidency, prezi, prize, pro, protected, prove, proven, public, pure, quickly, quote, quotes, race, ran, ranking, read, reason, reasons, recorded, red, refused, regime, reich, remake, research, responses, responsible, rest, retarded, ria, ring, roll, room, rude, russian, russians, sad, scam, schoo, sen, sense, served, set, shut, simply, ski, sorry, sounds, soup, source, speaking, special, spent, staff, star, start, state, stated, states, stories, strategy, strike, subs, succeeded, successful, sul, super, suppose, sve, sweden, taken, talking, taste, tech, ted, texas, text, they, thought, thread, threads, threaten, threats, throw, times, title, today, told, total, totally, trou, typing, ultimate, union, united, united states, url, usa, user, veteran, veterans, view, viole, voted, voting, wanted, war, watches, watching, weight, white and black., wikipedia, womens, won, wonderful, wont, worldwide, worse, worth, wrong, www, year, years, young
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  2. What's Liberals' Big Idea? Who Cares

    Started by Grim17, 07-14-2006 01:15 AM
    000, 2001, 9/11, accused, active, address, admit, affairs, afford, age, ain, aint, aka, alex, allegations, alliance, amazing, american, another, anthony, anti, apes, april, aries, army, article, ass, attack, attacks, august, based, bed, behalf, ben, bet, better, big, billion, bin, bit, body, bombs, books, boxes, british, broke, broken, broker, buddy, bush, buster, buy, called, calling, calls, campaign, care, cares, carry, case, castro, cell, center, charles, charter, cher, china, chuck, citizens, civil, claims, class, clever, cli, clinto, close, code, coin, college, commentary, commit, common, con, congressional, connection, connections, cons, conservative, continue, cornered, couldn, country, cover, credentials, credibility, credit, crisis, crowd, cuba, cuban, dallas, damage, daughter, david, day, dea, dean, death, deep, defend, defended, defending, deleted, delta, dems, deserve, desk, difficult, director, dirty, disinformation, disputed, doesn, don, dont, double, due, dulles, dynasty, ear, earlier, earned, ended, enterprise, establishment, europe, explained, fat, favorite, fbi director, fed, feeling, finally, forget, fortune, forum, framed, frank, free, fully, gave, george, give, good, gotta, gov, grand, grim, group, guess, guys, handed, hard, harvey, hasn, hates, hats, head, helped, helping, hey, holds, house, howard, html, idea, identify, identity, ill, ime, important, income, intelligence, interest, involved, ion, isn, item, jack, jackson, jan, jersey, jim, joe, john, john kerry, johnson, joined, jonathan, journalist, judge, kennedy, kerry, kidding, kind, laden, large, last, launch, launched, leading, lee, leo, lexx, liberal, liberals, lied, likes, limbaugh, limousine, line, living, lof, london, long, longer, lot, luck, lying, mail, mainstream, making, mark, matter, maurice, mea, meet, meeting, men, mexican, mob, monica, more, morris, mother, nationally, nelson, network, newspaper, nixon, north, nov, november, onli, open, org, organizations, owned, page, pas, pass, pathetic, paying, pen, people, person, personal, peter, picked, picture, plan, plane, point, policy, porn, pos, posing, posted, posting, posts, power, presiden, price, problem, production, projects, proposition, protected, prove, proven, psb, public, pursuit, quote, random, real, reasonable, red, refund, released, resign, response, rest, richard, robert, role, ron, roo, rose, roy, run, rush, rush limbaugh, russian, sca, scott, scum, seats, secretary, senate, send, sense, served, service, set, sex, seymour, ship, shows, simply, sir, sourcing, special, speech, spend, spin, states, steve, stories, story, stream, street, student, students, sul, sums, supports, sve, talk, talking, tapes, targeted, taxes, team, ted, terrorist, terrorist attack, test, testing, texas, the wall, thinks, thought, throw, ticket, times, today, told, total, towers, trac, trade, truth, uncle, united, united states, url, ussr, uto, version, veteran, virginia, wanted, watching, weak, week, west, western, wikipedia, wilson, wisconsin, wonderful, worked, working, world, worth, worthy, years, york
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  3. NERD FIGHT! Global Warming Debate Gets Nasty

    Started by yossarian, 10-30-2006 08:42 AM
    000, 129, add, ain, alert, allowing, ame, amount, annual, arab, article, asian, ast, aus, australia, bad, bans, bastards, bears, beer, bet, biggest, bit, blame, break, breaking, bring, building, bur, called, cancer, capital, capture, cars, case, cer, chain, chance, cheapest, chemicals, close, coastal, comments, completely, continue, cost, costly, costs, countries, country, credible, dan, day, debate, debating, decades, decided, deep, delivered, demand, destruction, devil, diagnostics, discount, doesn, don, dow, drm, drop, dry, due, ear, earn, electric, environment, evidence, extreme, face, factor, fall, fears, fight, fla, fortune, fuel, funded, funding, future, generation, global, global warming, gray, greatest, green, group, growth, hell, hey, high, higher, highly, hole, horrible, hot, house, html, huge, huma, human, humans, hurricanes, hurt, ill, illus, impact, incredible, industries, industry, interest, investing, isn, issues, jim, katrina, kevin, kind, land, lets, lines, lis, listed, listen, lived, living, loan, local, long, longer, loss, making, mark, market, mass, massive, meet, meeting, mel, mental, money, monster, mountain, name calling, named, nasty, nation, nations, nature, net, news, number, numbers, opposite, org, par, part, passed, past, payment, peas, person, personal, pigs, plane, planet, plants, poison, poor, pos, position, positive, post, power, predicted, price, prices, production, progress, question, quick, rated, raw, real, reason, reasons, record, release, replacing, reporter, research, rise, risk, rita, role, scientists, season, severe, short, show, simply, small, solar, soul, source, sources, spread, star, start, stated, states, stein, stop, subs, summer, summers, sun, sve, system, tactic, technologies, thread, threatened, times, told, tor, une, united, united states, university, url, usa, volcano, warming, water, wednesday, william, win, winter, won, wont, worth, wow, www, year, years
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  4. The Killing Zone - documentary

    Started by Ronald, 12-22-2006 12:28 AM
    absent, admit, aid, another, archives, aries, artists, asy, aware, azi, banned, be aware, blood, bomber, boot, bunch, bur, called, care, central, cer, children, china, chris, church, close, communism, community, complain, conceal, continue, crimes, crowd, czar, daughter, david, day, dead, department, devil, difficult, disgusting, doctors, doesn, don, dont, easy, error, establishment, european, evening, eyewitness, families, favorite, ferguson, find, fla, flat, fled, fortune, future, global, gma, hands, hangman, head, hear, hearts, held, hell, hey, hide, high, highly, history, holidays, horrors, html, huma, human, hunger, ian, ici, idiots, important, industry, intellectuals, involves, isn, johnson, kiev, labor, land, largest, legendary, lived, living, long, longer, mankind, mass, mea, members, mess, million, mind, minorities, move, movie, myth, named, nations, news, number, opposite, orders, organization, par, past, people, person, personal, planned, plans, play, pos, post, posted, posts, power, presiden, prime, public, question, raising, real, reality, regime, reliable, remind, respect, responsible, rise, russia, russian, sad, safe, sam, scale, school, score, security, served, service, services, short, shows, shut, simply, small, son, soul, source, spent, stories, story, stream, student, sve, talking, temple, terror, thread, times, total, totally, transparent, une, university, url, usa, ussr, version, vic, vice, view, violence, vital, war, watching, western, wide, women, won, worked, world, writes, young, youtube
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  5. Les Stipek - Stipek Securities

    Started by jbfleder, 01-14-2007 09:58 PM
    aka, ama, artists, ate, bernie, bitch, california, capital, cheat, city, death, declared, department, department of justice, development, els, energy, eugene, financial, fraud, frauds, fraudulent, hey, holdings, hope, hotels, ice, include, information, international, investigation, involved, jail, justice, legal, life, long, men, offered, oil, panama, proceedings, real, real estate, resorts, shows, site, son, soo, sve, twin, unfortunate, url, ventures, vic, victims, win, www
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  6. DO Astronaughts Have Sex..?

    Started by enlightenment, 02-12-2007 03:29 AM
    2001, addition, animal, astronaut, bag, bags, bastard, bathroom, bed, blood, books, bull, chris, club, commissioned, couldn, couple, crew, davis, doesn, draws, energy, environment, equipment, evidence, experience, extra, fit, force, front, gen, hearts, hoax, hope, induce, information, jan, lever, lexx, line, lisa, lol, mark, mea, men, mind, murder, nasa, nature, needed, neil, oath, office, online, opposite, paper, paradox, people, person, policy, pos, posterior, pressure, privacy, questions, refused, regular, research, ron, served, sex, ship, shut, sleeping, solar, space, suc, sve, sweat, taken, team, thick, training, watch, women, words, working 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  7. My Flag Upside Down at Half Mast

    Started by USACares, 02-25-2007 10:49 PM
    aid, allowing, america, american, azi, banded, bankers, bit, bur, cable, car, castro, chan, chance, channel, cheap, clo, complete, cons, corrupt, countries, courage, criminals, cuba, cuban, damn, day, deciding, defeat, elec, ends, energy, food, foreign, foundation, fund, global, hands, health, higher, idiot, impact, important, individuals, industry, influence, invade, job, large, leaders, liberals, local, long, mass, mea, meeting, mental, mess, method, military, millions, misinformation, misleading, nation, owned, pal, patriots, people, person, pissed, pos, post, praises, pro, profit, protection, protects, public, pull, puppy, pursuit, real, reality, reason, rebellion, remain, representative, ress, rio, riots, roy, send, smoking, soo, spin, start, states, sve, taken, times, told, treatment, truth, ugly, wanted, war, warming, weak, wealth, welfare, wing, women
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