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    Started by EcoChris, 08-19-2010 08:34 AM
    auctioneer, call, cheats, companies, company, couldn, credit, credit card, details, email, error, individuals, lawyers, legal, men, microsoft, novations, offered, pay, phone, quiet, recover, scam, secret, send, submit, tracted, travel, website, work, www
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  2. Auctioneer bryan kinsley au2656

    Started by Clive1976, 11-12-2017 07:29 PM
    #fraud #fakeart #doesnotpayconsinnors, absolute, address, ame, anti, art, auctioneer, auctions, bryan, buyer, claims, crowd, fake, florida, fraud, jewelry, kinsley, pay, primary, scam, semi, swi
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  3. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

    Started by thrasher6, 12-11-2016 04:56 PM
    account, active, andrea, auctioneer, corporation, email, hey, john, national, nigeria, nigerian,,, scam, spam
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  4. Automac wesbite is an imposter

    Started by Buckey321, 11-23-2016 02:39 PM
    ama, auctioneer, automac, automac-auto,, business, clear, deposit, give, imposter, internet, late, money, ontario, people, phone, rcmp, scam, used cars, used cars online, vic, website, wesbite
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  5. Bill Nelson

    Started by falconsfan15, 08-19-2016 11:07 PM
    561-923-0493, auctioneer,, scam, scammer, scams,
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  6. Windsor Auction - A Different Experience

    Started by cverif, 04-08-2015 06:13 PM
    ability, alaska, armed, auctioneer, barack obama, biased, bus, cheating, choice, corner, coupon, deal, elec, election, fun, leave, life, love, msm, pay, people, primaries, problem, voters, woman, work
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  7. Windsor Auction - A Different Experience

    Started by cverif, 04-08-2015 06:03 PM
    ame, auctioneer, box, click here, coupon, email, finally, free, fun, late, love, offer, pay, sort, spam, web
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  8. A & H Asset Auctions

    Started by nomaxim, 08-23-2012 10:06 PM
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    Last Post: 05-18-2018 05:05 PM
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  9. Windsor Auctions "Ron the Auctioneer"

    Started by Upset32, 11-13-2010 08:16 AM
    att, attorney, auctioneer, auctions, box, call, cheaters, contact, dulles, fbi, frauds, heast, information, paid, people, profit, recently, south africa, stuff, type 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  10. Celebrity Galleries International

    Started by 1douglask, 10-24-2005 03:09 AM
    $100, 000, 1984, 2001, 411, 99%, ???, abandoned, abe, absent, abstinence, access, account, accounts, accuracy, accurate, acknowledge, act, acted, action, actions, activate, active, acts, actus, ada, add, added, address, admit, admitted, advance, advanced, advertising, advice, affairs, afford, age, agen, agency, ages, agreed, agreement, aid, ain, alcohol, alert, alias, all, allegations, alliances, allowed, alot, als, also, alt, alternatives, ama, amazing, amendment, american, amway, and, andrew, angeles, announced, annual, another, answer, answers, anthony, any, apart, apartment, apes, appeal, appeared, appears, appointment, approve, are, aren, argyle, arm, arse, art, article, artist, artists, ass, asset, assets, associate, associates, association, athletes, ation, atm, attaching, attacks, attempt, attempts, attention, attitude, attorney general, attributes, auction, auctioneer, audio, aug, august, australia, authentic, author, authorized, auto, ava, ave, avigation, avoid, avoiding, awarded, aware, away, awesome, baby, back, backs, bad, bags, bait, balls, ban, bankruptcy, banks, banned, banning, bas, based, basically, basketball, bastards, beach, bears, beat, beats, become, bed, bee, being, bel, belts, benefit, benefits, best, bet, better, betting, beverly, bigger, biggest, billion, billions, bills, bin, binary, bio, bise, bit, biz, blame, blast, blatant, blessed, blue, boards, bodies, bogus, bon, bonanza, bond, bonus, books, boost, boring, bought, bowl, boy, brand, breach, break, breakfast, breaking, breaking news, breaks, bridge, brief, bring, bringing, bro, broke, broker, brother, bruce, bryan, buddy, build, building, bull, bumping, bunch, bur, burn, burnt, businesses, bust, but, butts, buy, buyers, buying, bye, cal, call, called, calling, calls, camden, campaign, cancel, cannot, cant, canvas, capital, capture, cara, card, care, career, carefully, carolina, cars, case, cash, casinos, cast, catch, caught, causing, cda, celebrity, cent, center, ceo, cer, chain, chains, champion, chan, chance, changer, channel, charged, charles, charming, che, chea, checking, cheese, chemical, cher, chi, chief, choose, chris, christ, christia, christian, christians, christmas, chuck, church, circle, cities, civil, claim, claiming, claims, class, classic, clean, cleaning, clerk, cli, click, clients, clinto, clo, clock, close, closed, closes, closet, clown, club, coa, coati, coating, code, collected, collections, college, colorful, colors, com, comes, coming, comme, commentary, comments, commerce, commercial, common, communications, community, company, company., comparison, compensation, complain, complete, completely, compliance, compu, computer, con, con men, concept, concerned, condi, confirmed, confirms, connected, connection, connections, consisted, consumer, consumers, continue, continues, contributed, convict, convictions, cook, cooperative, copies, cordially, core, corp, corporate, corporation, corporations, correct, correction, cost, costs, couldn, counter, counterfeit, counting, countries, country, county, court order, courts, cover, cowards, crap, crazy, cre, creation, credentials, credibility, credible, credit, credit card, credited, crew, criminals, crisis, cronies, crook, crossing, crowd, cruise, cult, cure, current, custom, cut, cycle, daily, dallas, dam, damn, dan, dangerous, dar, dark, database, date, daughter, david, day, days, dea, dead, dealing, death, deb, decades, deciding, decision, declared, decorated, ded, deep, defend, defendants, defended, deficit, definition, del, deleted, deliver, demand, den, department, depositions, deposits, dept, der, des, described, description, deserve, designed, desire, desk, desperate, destiny, development, dfa, dfw, dial, diamond, dias, did, didn, didnt, diet, difference, differences, different, dig, digital, ding, direct, direction, dirt, dirty, disaster, discover, disease, displayed, disputed, district, disturbing, diver, diversity, divert, division, do not invest, doc, docume, documentation, documents, doesn, dog, dollar, don, donne, dont, don’t, doomed, door, doubt, douglas, dow, down, drain, drake, draw, dream, dreams, drew, drink, drives, driving, drop, drum, dry, dubious, duc, dude, due, dumb, dummies, duped, e -, eagle, ear, earlier, early, earn, earning, earnings, easily, economic, edition, eed, effective, ells, eme, emergency, emi, emissions, employee, end, ended, endless, ends, engineer, enter, entry, environment, epa, equipment, equity, esq, estate, eternity, eth, ethical, ett, european, eva, even, events, ever, everywhere, evicted, examples, exclusive, executive, executives, exempt, exists, expand, experience, expert, expertise, experts, explain, expose, exposing, express, extended, extra, extraordinary, extremely, eye, eyes, fac, face, faced, facility, facing, factories, factory, fail, failed, fails, failure, failures, fair, faith, fall, false, famous, fans, fantastic, fashion, fast, fat, father, fathers, fault, favor, favorite, features, feb, fec, federal, feel, feeling, felon, felt, fence, field, figure, figures, file, files, fina, final, financial, financially, financials, finding, finds, fired, first, fits, five, flag, flat, fleece, flocking, floor, fly, focus, folding, folks, followers, fool, for, forbes, ford, forever, forgery, forget, forgot, forma, formula, fortune, forward, fra, francis, fraudulent, french, fresh, friday, fridge, friends, friendship, front, fuel, fully, fund, funds, funnel, future, fyi, galleries, gary, gas, gave, gen, general, general public, generation, genius, get, get real, getting, gettysburg, gimme, girl, girls, giving, global, gold, gonna, good, goods, google, got, gra, gran, great, green, greg, ground, group, groups, grow, growing, grown, growth, guarantee, guaranteed, guard, guide, gullible, guru, guy, guys, had, hahaha, hall, han, hand, hands, happen, happening, hard, hawaii, heading, headquarters, heads, healthcare, hear, heard, heart, hearts, held, hell, helm, help, helped, helping, helps, heren, hey, hide, high, higher, highly, hills, him, his, hog, holding, holdings, holds, hole, holy, home based, homeless, homes, homework, honorable, horrible, hose, hot, hours, house, houses, houston, how, howard, html, https, huge, huh, huma, human, hurt, hypocrites, ial, ian, ica, iced, ici, idiot, idiots, ignore, ignored, ill, illegal, illegally, images, imagine, ime, impact, implemented, important, impressive, improve, improved, inactive, inc, inc., include, income, increase, incredible, index, individual, individuals, industrial, industry, influence, info, ing, innovation, insanity, insects, insider, insurance, inter, interest, interested, international, investigated, investigations, investigative, investing, invite, invited, involved, involving, ion, islamic, isn, issue, issues, issuing, ist, italy, item, its, jacobs, jail, japanese, jay, jeff, jelly, jeremy, jewelry, jim, john, johnson, join, joined, joke, jour, judge, junk, just, justify, keep, keepin, keeps, keith, kick, kicking, kidding, killed, kim, kind, kingdom, kiss, knew, knock, know, known, knows, labs, laden, ladies, land, lane, large, larger, last, latest, latino, laugh, launch, lawsuit, lawsuits, lead, leading, leads, league, leap, learn, leaves, leaving, led, legit, legs, lei, lending, les, less, lets, letters, ley, license, lied, liens, lifetime, light, like, liked, limited, lincoln, linda, line, lined, lino, liquidation, lis, lisa, listed, listen, little, lived, lives, living, llc, llp, local, log, logic, long, longer, looming, loose, lord, los, lose, loser, losing, lot, lottery, lowlife, luc, luck, lucrative, lying, mad, mafia, mag, mail, main, maintenance, make, make money, makes, making, male, malta, man, man., manager, manufacture, many, mar, maria, mark, market, marketing, markets, marriage, marshall, marti, martin, mass, massive, master, mate, mathematically, mcdowell, mea, meaning, medal, medicated, meet, meeting, mel, melaleuca, member, members, membership, mendez, mentally, mention, mercy, mess, messages, method, methods, mexican, mexico, million, millionaires, millions, mind, minister, ministry, minutes, miracle, mirror, mob, model, money, monitoring, month, moore, mor, moral, morals, more, morning, moro, moron, morphing, mortgage, mosquito, most, mother, motors, move, movie, mph, multi, multiple, muscle, museum, mutual, myers, naa, nada, nailed, named, nasa, nation, nature, navy, nba, ned, need, needed, nego, ner, net, nett, network, networks, nevada, never, new, newest, news, newspaper, nhl, nice, nigh, night, nobody, north, northern, nose, note, notes, nov, november, now, number, numbers, nutritional, nutritional products, oakland, obscene, obvious, october, odd, odds, off, offering, offers, office, officer, official, officials, old, older, once, ones, ongoing, onli, online, online business, online marketing, only, onto, open, operation, operations, opportunity, opposite, ops, options, orange, order, ordered, ore, oregon, org, organization, organizations, original, oro, others, our, outle, outlets, outright, outs, over, owes, own, owned, owner, owns, p.c., pacific, packaged, page, paid, pal, pale, paper, part, participants, partner, partnership, pas, pass, paste, pastor, pathetic, patio, patriotism, paul, pay pal, paying, payment, payroll, pays, pdf, pedophiles, pen, penny, pentagon, people, perfect, performance, perry, person, personal, personality, personally, persons, pertaining, pest control, petroleum, phase, phil, phoenix, photo, photos, php, physical, picked, picture, piece, pimp, pin, pissed, place, plain, plains, plane, planes, planned, planning, plano, plans, plastic, platform, play, played, player, players, playing, pleasure, plenty, point, poised, policies, policy, pony, ponzi, poor, pop, por, porn, pos, position, possession, possible, post, posted, posting, posts, potential, pounds, power, powerful, praises, pray, prepaid, preparing, presiden, pressed, pretty, prevent, price, prices, principles, printed, printing, prior, privacy, private, prize, process, product, production, products, professional, profi, profile, profiles, profit, program, progress, projects, promise, promised, promising, promotes, properties, prosecuted, protect, protecting, protection, protects, prove, proves, provider, public, pukes, pump, punch, punishment, pure, push, putting, pyramid, qualifications, qualified, quality, quarter, question, questions, quick, quit, quote, quotes, race, raining, raise, raised, raising, rally, ran, range, raped, rapid, ratings, rats, raving, raw, rea, reaction, read, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, receive, received, receiving, record, recruiting, recruitment, red, reduce, references, refund, refunded, refused, regarding, registered, regular, regulations, rehabilitation, release, released, releases, reliable, relief, religious, remember, reminder, removed, ren, renewal, rent, rep, reported, reporter, represent, representative, research, residential, respect, respond, response, responsible, responsive, rest, results, resume, retail, returned, returning, revenge, reviewed, revive, reward, ric, rich, riches, rid, ring, ringe, rio, rip, rising, risk, roam, robe, robert, rocket, role, rolex watches, roll, roller, rolls, rome, ron, rot, rotten, royal, run, runs, rush, sad, sal, sale, sales, sam, sample, san, santa, save, saving, sca, scale, scam artist, scamming, scan, scary, scientific, scott, scottsdale, screen, screw, screwed, scrutiny, scumbag, search, searching, seats, secondary, secretary, secretly, secure, seem, select, sell, selling, semi, sen, sense, sept, september, serve, served, service, services, session, set, severe, sex, sexually, shares, sharing, shed, sheeps, sheer, sheet, shills, ship, shipping, sho, shooting, short, shortly, shot, shouldn, shows, shut, shut up, sides, sign, signed, significant, signing, silence, simple, simply, sinking, sir, sister, site, size, skimmed, skirt, sky, slam, slamming, slaughter, small, smart, smith, smoke, socks, sold, sole, solicited, sometimes, son, song, soo, sooooo, sorry, sounds, source, sources, spa, spammer, spamming, spanish, spe, speak, speaking, speaks, special, specifically, speed, spend, spent, split, spokesman, sport, sporty, stage, stages, stan, star, stark, stars, start, started, starting, stated, statement, states, station, statistic, status, stay, ste, steal, stealing, steven, sticks, stinks, stock, stole, stood, stop, stopped, stories, story, stra, strategies, straw, streaming, string, stud, stupid, style, submit, subpoena, subs, succeed, successful, such, suck, suckers, sucking, sucks, sue, sued, sui, suicide, suit, suite, sul, summary, super, supplier, supply, supporting, suppose, sure, survive, suspect, suspended, sweet, swi, swift, system, systems, tactic, tactics, take, take a look, taken, takes, taking, tal, talk, talking, talks, tank, tap, tapes, targeted, targeting, targets, tas, tech, technical, technologies, tells, temporary, tent, terms, testify, testing, texans, texas, than, thankful, thanksgiving, that, the, the truth about, theives, themselves, therapy, they, thing, think, thinks, this, those, thought, thread, threads, threatened, threatening, threats, throw, thursday, ticket, tie, ties, til, till, time, times, tme, today, todd, told, tom, tomorrow, ton, tongue, tonight, tools, top, tops, tor, total, totally, tough, tour, town, toxic, trac, track, tracks, trade, trail, trailer, trainer, treat, treated, treatments, treats, tree, tribute, tricks, tries, trouble, trusted, tuesday, tune, turkey, turning, tvs, twist, u.k., ultimate, una, unchallenged, une, uni, unique, united, united states, unlimited, updates, upper, ups, ure, urgent, url, usa, usage, used, users, uses, usual, vehicle, ven, venture, ventures, verifiable, verify, version, vest, veteran, vice, victim, victimized, videos, view, vik, vinci, viola, virginia, virtual, volpe, waiting, wallets, wan, wanted, warned, wary, watched, watching, way, ways, wealthy, wear, weather, websites, wednesday, week, weeks, weird, welfare, were, west, when, which, wide, will, win, wind, winner, winning, winter, wireless, wis, wise, wit, with, witte, wolves, woma, won, wonderful, wont, work, worked, worker, workers, working, works, worldwide, worry, worse, worst, worth, worthy, would, wow, wrap, writing, wrong, www, yahoo, year, years, yesterday, york, you, young, younger, your, youth, zero, zmax
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    MLM Scams

  11. Poll: Rhett Molyneux and other property scams.

    Started by Pliny, 04-06-2009 05:20 PM
    419 scam, accounting, acts, affidavit, agreement, airport, alleged, ame, ate, attempts, auctioneer, authors, bank, be aware, bin, bitch, blatant, bogus, bricks, captain, car, cars, casinos, causing, chambers, chan, charter, che, companies, company, contact, contractors, conveniently, couldn, coward, credit cards, crew, crime, deal, deceiver, declared, deposit, deposits, details, documentation, drake, duped, euro, experience, extended, extra, figures, finance, find, focus, fraud, fraudster, fun, funny, gee, give, glad, hay, hear, held, helen, holidays, images, impact, individuals, industry, information, isaac, legendary, life, loans, major, men, meyer, money, monitoring, moore, morris, nature, oath, owned, paid, pay, people, planned, prepared, pretending, projects, proper, queen, raving, reality, refused, rental, return, sale, savings, scam, scam artist, scams, sharing, show, shut up, slow, south africa, stats, steal, stinks, submit, table, trading, travelling, turn, type, unfortunate, verification, vic, vice, victims, waar, war, warn, website, wont, world 4 Deleted Post(s)
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  12. is it a scam?

    Started by LEWJ, 12-23-2008 09:51 PM
    acted, allowing, ama, amanda, auctioneer, bags, be aware, bonus, che, check, christmas, city, company, contact, couldn, credit cards, deal, domain, elite, euro, fraud, fraud., full, holidays, identifying, important, microsoft, number, online, owned, paypal, paypal scam, pricing, registration, regular, report, representative, review, sale, scam,, scammers, session, shipment, survey, tap, tools, united states, video, website, white, www
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  13. Is this a Scam?

    Started by Lisa Woke Up!, 10-03-2008 07:01 AM
    abuse, attempts, auctioneer, be aware, call, cards, code, cons, couldn, ebay, email, extended, foreign, forwarding, gee, give, hackers, legal, lotto, microsoft, money, msn, mtcn, nature, number, par, paypal, people, phone, rolling, scam, scams, spam, steal, store, team
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  14. Blame Everything on the Jews

    Started by Samael, 05-09-2008 11:04 PM
    9/11, acts, ages, aliens, america, animal, annual, asy, auctioneer, baghdad, bags, basics, bastards, bible, bitch, bored, bur, business, catch, complain, couldn, daughter, destroyed, elec, election, eme, error, esteemed, excel, experience, extort, focus, free, friends, gas, gee, gen, give, held, human, identifying, important, individuals, indonesia, interest, isaac, israel, israelis, jews, job, judy, laden, liberal, lol, men, mental, money, nation, national, nature, oil, organizations, owned, paper, par, passage, people, pretending, protected, proves, queen, rea, refused, representative, research, science, score, secrets, security, serve, sleeping, software, spin, steal, support, taxpayers, tech, tools, transparent, treats, umg, united states, universe, version, vicious, victory, view, waiting, watch, wore
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  15. Scammed by Federal Auction Co.

    Started by Federal Fraud, 12-03-2007 01:40 PM
    129, acted, aka, ame, attorney, auctioneer, auctions, beware, company, complain, costs, couldn, credit card, daughter, email, fake, fine, firm, ftc, gen, give, holds, industry, inform, information, john, kennedy, late, message, michael, par, poor, proof, refused, scam, sec, selling, spent, stats, united states, website, work, www
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  16. Kentucky Swamped With Unwanted Horses

    Started by PaulM, 04-02-2007 02:09 AM
    $100, abandoned, accurate, acted, admit, adult, america, american, animal, annie, appears, assigned, associated press, auctioneer, authority, based, cattle, charles, circuit, clean, close, complain, congressional, connecticut, cost, costly, county, crisis, dead, declared, destroyed, dont, drew, drop, eme, factory, factual, famous, federal, food, force, formula, free, freelance, full, fund, funding, headquarters, higher, hormone, horse, huma, human, industry, issues, jeffrey, john, kentucky, large, latest, lawrence, league, legal, life, live, local, lodging, mad, market, maryland, mea, members, named, nation, national, news, number, numbers, observers, ongoing, organizations, outlet, owned, owner, owners, owns, par, pay, pen, people, person, pick, post, posts, pounds, price, prices, pro, profit, public, push, quality, questions, quick, reason, reasons, reduction, reporter, requirements, response, seller, selling, send, service, shooting, slaughter, soo, sort, source, spent, stream, strip, subs, suitable, summer, thursday, times, told, tortured, total, tour, trade, transport, transportation, unfit, unfortunate, united, united states, unwan, verifiable, wanted, watching, welfare, wigs, win, winter, wonderful, work, worked, world, york
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  17. Fair Trade Authority

    Started by richardboyce, 06-17-2006 12:22 PM
    000,, 2008, ???, abused, acceptance, account, accuracy, accurate, action, active, address, admit, advice, age, agreement, alex, alexander, allowed, animals, another, antenna, anti, apart, apology, appeared, appears, april, ass, assistant, asy, ation, attacking, attacks, attention, auctioneer, aus, austria, authority, avoid, avoiding, aware, bad, balls, ban, banks, banned, based, basic, behalf, ben, bet, bets, better, betting, bit, bite, blanche, bogus, boost, boot, breaking, breath, bright, bring, broke, broker, building, bullsh, bur, bury, business, businesses, buster, buy, buyer, bye, called, calling, card, care, cares, case, casino, cast, caused, cer, chain, challenge, chance, charles, che, chea, cheese, claim, claiming, claims, clearing, cli, clo, clueless, code, coming, comments, company, company., complain, complete, completely, con, condi, connection, consumers, contest, continue, continues, conversation, copies, correct, costs, couldn, courier, cover, crap, crazy, credibility, cry, customers, day, days, decided, decision, declared, defend, defending, definition, deleted, deleting, deliver, delivered, delivery, demand, department, description, destroys, development, difficult, disinformation, display, doesn, don, dona, donation, dow, drew, due, e-commerce, earlier, early, earn, elaborate, eme, engineer, enterprise, entire, essay, evening, exit, experience, experts, expose, exposing, extremely, face, fail, fake, famous, feel, female, field, file, final, folks, forces, forget, free, freight, full, fully, future, gave, girl, give, global, good, gov, group, guarantee, guys, hard, harder, head, held, helped, helping, hey, hide, hiding, highly, his, hits, hon, honor, hosting, hotmail, house, html, ial, ian, ice, ici, identifying, identity, ignore, ill, illegally, image, images, imagine, ime, income, index, individuals, influence, info, information, insulted, insurance, inter, internet, investigated, investigative, inviting, involved, ion, iranian, isn, issue, justice, keyword, kidding, kind, kingdom, knew, laden, lady, land, large, last, laugh, leads, leaving, legally, legit, legitimate, lets, liars, libel, lied, line, lis, listed, listen, llc, local, logo, london, long, los, lose, loss, lot, lying, mail, making, mark, market, matter, mea, meaningless, mental, mind, misinformation, mods, moment, month, more, named, net, network, news, night, nose, note, number, numbers, omg, onli, online, online gambling, ontario, open, opportunity, options, order, org, organizations, owner, owns, page, part, partnership, pas, pass, paul, pay, paying, people, perfectly, person, personal, personally, phone number, picked, picture, piece, pissed, point, policy, poor, popular, pos, position, post, posted, posting, posts, press, privacy, private, process, product, professional, profile, profit, profits, progress, promised, protect, protected, protection, prove, proven, proves, provider, provoke, public, pursuit, putting, pyramid, question, questions, quick, quit, quote, race, ran, ranking, rated, ratings, read, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, receiving, red, refund, registered, registers, related, releases, remember, removed, reporting, research, residential, respect, respond, response, responsible, results, retarded, reward, ria, richard, risk, run, satisfied, sca, scam,, scammed, scamming, scams, scott, scripts, search, secure, sell, selling, sense, served, service, services, set, sex, shane, shared, sharing, shills, ship, sho, shot, shows, shut, signing, simple, simply, site, small, sole, son, soo, sorry, sounds, source, sources, spend, star, start, starting, stated, states, status, stay, stealing, stein, stop, story, strategy, stupid, styles, submit, subpoena, sul, summary, survey, swift, systems, taken, talk, talking, talks, taxes, ted, test, theory, they, thought, thread, throw, times, title, told, touch, trace, tracks, trade, trusted, united, united kingdom, upset, url, user, usual, verify, vic, vince, wait, waiting, wanted, watched, ways, weeks, winning, witch, wolf, won, working, worth, worthy, writing, wrong, wtf, www, yahoo, year 1 Deleted Post(s)
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