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  1. Surge Success Watch 11/21/2008 3 Dead US G.Is

    Started by dchristie, 11-22-2008 05:35 PM
    $100, accounting, agreement, air, america, attack, baghdad, black, bomb, camp, causing, charles, commissioned, crack, district, dot, error, faced, held, hispanic, important, individuals, joint, leader, military, money, mosul, news, obama, people, photos, president, president bush, ramadi, rea, security, separate, show, success, tara, urban, veteran, victims, victory, vote, watch, work, www
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  2. War Makes You Rich...

    Started by sojustask, 08-31-2007 04:46 PM
    accusations, admit, affiliate, agent, america, american, awarded, baghdad, business, company, contracting, contracts, corruption, criminal, deposits, eme, focus, fraud, fraud investigations, identifying, individuals, information, inspector, international, iraqi, jobs, joey, john, large, lawyer, local, materials, military, mosul, ordered, owned, people, ramadi, receiving, robert, secretary, security, subs, support, team, top, united states, work, worked
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  3. Events Since Losing The War on April 19, 2007.

    Started by Photobones, 07-31-2007 07:07 AM
    agreement, ahmed, apartment, baghdad, blatant, blue, bomb, bomber, border, building, bush, cars, central, chiefs, cleaner, congress, district, elec, enemy, essential, extended, extreme, focus, fun, funny, gen, genocide, green, home, huge, innocent, iraqi, john, kurds, level, lis, listen, local, members, minister, muslim, nam, number, operation, opposite, people, prime, prize, ramadi, recover, reports, running, security, sho, sniper, sun, terrorists, traitor, truck, vic, victims, war, women, worked
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  4. Saudis Going South on Iraq

    Started by sojustask, 07-29-2007 08:13 PM
    $100, 9/11, acted, adviser, ahmed, airport, america, american, associated press, authority, avia, baghdad, beard, bomb, bombings, border, building, bur, cars, chan, channel, christmas, collected, destroyed, differences, doesn, embassy, enemy, engineer, essential, fake, fatal, fled, focus, foreign, forgiveness, free, friends, future, gas, hasn, held, home, include, iraqi, issues, jobs, laden, lis, listen, local, maryland, mel, minister, money, national, news, number, passport, people, planning, policies, prime, raise, ramadan, ramadi, rea, reform, regular, ria, rigged, robert, role, sale, school, secretary, security, spent, sun, syria, totally, training, transfer, truck, truth, united states, victory, waiting, warning, work, world
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  5. Iraqi politicians say government is failing

    Started by ianmatthews, 04-25-2007 12:33 PM
    ability, alliance, america, area, based, bombings, car, close, complex, confession, dyi, eid, environment, essential, full, global, god, html, iraqi, leave, major, military, minister, newspaper, operation, past, people, prime, public, ramadi, reconciliation, reports, responsibility, revenge, security, sniper, sun, t complex, told, truck, two weeks, u.s. government, united, violence, war, watch, weak, web, western, working, world
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  6. Liberalism : Our Enemie's Sustenance

    Started by franKg, 04-23-2007 03:28 AM
    ???, admit, america, american, anc, attitude, authority, battle, biggest, border, bunch, bur, cars, causing, class, close, compare, complain, complaints, complete, dark, doesn, dont, drop, electio, enemy, experience, extremists, fail, favoring, focus, food, frank, free, friends, give, growth, guys, hands, hasn, helping, home, horrors, hre, huge, huma, human, humans, images, imagine, important, internet, iraq, iraqi, job, john, leaders, lexx, liberal, liberals, lis, lol, mail, mea, military, mind, nam, nation, neo, news, numbers, orders, people, perception, pissing, planning, policy, poor, post, posted, protection, public, questions, raise, ramadi, raving, reality, reason, response, roo, sad, schools, scumbag, security, service, shows, sort, source, spent, start, stupid, supporting, survival, sweat, terrorist, times, transparent, united, united states, victory, waiting, war, wars, watch, win, winning, wins, women, won, world, woulda, youtube
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  7. Remember Iraq? 157 Dead In Baghdad Today

    Started by ianmatthews, 04-18-2007 07:07 PM
    adviser, america, anders, associated press, authorized, baghdad, biggest, bomber, bombing, british, campaign, cars, central, ceremony, children, cons, dead, destroyed, foreign, gen, give, held, helping, home, hot, html, images, imagine, information, innocent, iraq, iraqi, jonathan, large, leaders, life, local, market, mass, mea, men, minister, murder, national, news, par, people, prime, progress, ramadi, release, reporters, ria, security, selling, shaw, shouldn, start, sun, teachers, thursday, told, transfer, trip, vic, violence, waiting, walk, warehouse, west, women, wooden, working, world, www
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  8. AP photographer still held in Iraq

    Started by sojustask, 04-12-2007 02:42 AM
    2001, account, accusations, acted, acts, agreement, airport, american, anniversary, approved, arrest, arrested, associated press, avail, azi, baghdad, baro, based, bin, blatant, bombed, bosnia, boston, bryan, bureau, call, campaign, cards, causing, central, chance, close, complain, complaints, continue, countries, credible, credit, criminal, cuba, david, dick, doesn, drug, editor, electio, embassy, eme, enemy, error, executives, extended, famous, federal, future, give, hasn, headquarters, held, higher, horse, html, huge, huma, humans, include, indicted, indonesia, invade, investigative, involved, iraq, iraqi, laden, large, lawyer, leaders, legal, liberal, liberals, libya, lis, listen, mail, mea, members, military, million, millions, mystery, national, nations, needed, network, news, newspaper, number, operation, organizations, pakistan, patriot, pen, pentagon, performance, peter, photos, picture, policy, post, power, prize, progress, prophet, public, questions, quick, raise, ramadi, reason, refused, reich, released, removes, response, reveal, reviews, reward, rio, role, sad, scale, secretary, secure, security, shouldn, sniper, start, stream, stupid, submit, support, teach, terror, terrorist, thankful, threat, times, told, trade, trial, u.s. government, united, united states, universe, verifiable, vice, view, viewpoint, wanted, war, west, western, win, winning, work, working, york
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  9. The Iraq Surge : Why It's Working ...

    Started by franKg, 03-22-2007 02:58 AM
    allowing, area, background, baghdad, battle, bombings, border, business, campaign, car, causing, clearing, david, dont, endangering, ends, enemy, fled, force, foreign, formula, gen, give, gordo, greeting, guys, helping, highly, hold, hot, ice, idiot, information, involved, iraq, iraqi, jobs, knock, large, largest, late, leaders, major, mea, minister, mission, needed, operation, past, people, person, policies, president, prime, project, projects, protection, pull, punishment, ramadi, recently, sho, side, soft, start, summer, sun, syria, targeted, targets, terrorist, told, top, tour, track, turn, vicious, violence, wars, winning, working
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  10. The Surge is succeeding

    Started by franKg, 03-14-2007 05:21 AM
    2008, abandoned, acts, affairs, airport, allowing, america, american, appears, approval, arrival, associate, attempts, baghdad, based, bio, bomb, bureau, change, city, continue, corrupt, david, day, diploma, diplomatic, disaster, doesn, elec, electio, enemy, extra, faced, find, fled, frank, friends, future, give, guys, hamilton, held, higher, holds, hopeless, huge, impact, instructed, interest, invade, iraq, iraqi, jack, kennedy, leaders, limits, lost, master, mea, ministry, national, nbc, new york times, number, observers, oil, opposite, par, part, past, people, planning, plans, policy, post, posts, power, problem, proves, public, pull, ramadi, reality, recently, relief, return, robert, secretary, secure, security, selling, service, sharing, signs, start, striking, subs, table, targets, terrorist, times, torture, united, united states, violence, war, win, work, working, york
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  11. 18 Kids Dead in Iraq

    Started by lisan23, 02-27-2007 08:33 PM
    alternative, associated press, attack, bomb, bomber, bombings, broadcast, car, cars, central, children, city, cnn, day, dead, details, district, html, ice, iraq, iraqi, kids, link, ministry, people, person, police, press, ramadi, restaurant, rights, security, separate, shop, side, sun, terrorist, u.s., western, world, www
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  12. Jane, We Hardly Knew Ye Died

    Started by sojustask, 09-24-2006 04:17 PM
    age, allowed, allowing, america, army, assault, assigned, associate, baghdad, bags, body, bombing, bombs, buried, called, capt, captain, car, careful, center, cer, charles, coming, company, condi, conservative, conservatives, convoy, cover, data, daughter, day, dead, death, debate, defend, differently, difficult, director, don, dow, dying, ear, early, education, emily, enemy, equipment, face, families, female, field, food, forces, frequent, front, gave, gray, greatest, grieving, group, groups, harder, head, hey, home, house, huge, involved, iraqi, jersey, job, jobs, kick, killed, laughing, lawsuits, leaders, leading, leads, line, lines, longer, mad, male, maryland, medals, medical, mega, military, million, nam, national, needed, new jersey, operations, organization, organizations, paper, pentagon, performance, person, plans, point, policy, post, predictions, problem, profit, protect, prove, public, ramadi, ran, rats, reaction, real, reality, relief, republican, research, respect, responsibility, retired, revived, risk, role, safe, secretary, senate, september, serve, served, service, sexual, shared, shoo, simply, sleeping, soldiers, son, states, stories, strained, support, taken, tech, times, training, transportation, trap, troops, truck, tuesday, united, united states, university, unprecedented, upset, veterans, violent, virginia, watched, weeks, west, woma, women, work, year, years
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  13. Iraq Backs Iran On Nuclear Goal

    Started by sojustask, 05-29-2006 11:44 PM
    000, action, affairs, agree, agreed, ahmed, alleged, america, american, anders, arab, arms, army, article, attacked, attacking, attacks, avoid, baghdad, behalf, biggest, billion, bit, blood, bombing, bombings, border, brilliant, calling, capital, capt, cars, cash, center, cer, civil, close, clothes, club, coach, con, connections, contributed, convoy, countries, country, crisis, dead, death, decision, deliver, desert, desire, diploma, diplomatic, director, disaster, district, doesn, don, edge, elec, embassy, eme, employees, enter, event, evidence, face, faisal, fears, flooded, forces, foreign, friday, furniture, government, groups, growing, hand, hard, hasn, heads, helping, hey, high, his, holy, house, html, hussein, ian, ime, include, influence, involved, ion, iran, iranian, iraq, iraqi, islamic, isn, issues, jihad, joint, kidnapped, killed, kingdom, laden, land, last, leaders, lived, long, lot, making, market, martial, massive, mega, members, men, million, minister, ministers, ministry, month, more, move, named, nationalists, nelson, nervous, network, news, news conference, night, nuclear, numbers, official, opposite, page, pas, peaceful, people, players, policy, pos, post, power, presiden, prices, prime, propaganda, protect, pump, question, ramadi, rated, reasons, rebel, reform, regime, release, religious, renewed, research, respond, rest, rise, rising, risk, roo, royal, saad, scholars, secure, security, seem, sense, shoo, shootings, shows, silent, solid, soo, spent, spokesman, start, states, story, strained, style, summer, sun, support, supporting, suspended, taken, talk, talks, targeted, team, tech, televised, they, threatened, threatening, thursday, thursday night, ties, total, training, troops, u.s., u.s. government, united, united states, url, viole, violence, vows, waiting, wary, watching, wearing, week, western, witnesses, won, work, working, workout, wrong, years
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  14. Terror Insurance?

    Started by sojustask, 03-21-2006 02:43 PM
    $100, 000, acceptance, ages, agreed, america, american, another, appears, april, army, article, asset, association, ation, attacked, attacks, attempts, attributes, aziz, baby, blood, bomber, bombs, boy, bring, broke, business, businessman, buy, buying, call, carry, case, caused, cer, chance, claim, clients, company., con, contracts, contributed, cost, couch, countries, country, current, dea, dead, death, desk, differences, director, dow, earlier, earth, economist, employees, error, europe, examples, experts, eyes, faced, families, father, floor, foreign, friends, future, gambling, gap, give, glad, good, grim, group, groups, growing, guarantee, head, healthy, helps, hey, higher, highly, his, home, house, hussein, ime, income, information, insurance, insurance information, ion, islamic, jobs, killed, kills, kind, last, leaving, life insurance, line, long, lot, luck, market, master, matter, mea, million, minister, minutes, money, month, more, mother, negotiating, net, news, number, official, organizations, owned, page, par, part, pas, payment, payout, pays, people, perfectly, place, played, point, policies, policy, potential, principles, private, probability, property, protect, pulled, ramadi, rare, remind, reporters, reporting, reputation, robert, role, room, school, sho, showed, signing, slim, small, sold, soldiers, son, staff, state, states, stop, story, street, suicide, suicide bomber, surge, talking, teachers, terror, terrorist, text, they, time, tomorrow, trac, traveling, united, united states, unprecedented, vic, view, viole, violent, waiting, western, wide, worked, workplace, wow, year, years, york
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  15. Turnout Is Mixed...

    Started by sojustask, 10-16-2005 08:36 AM
    $100, 000, abdul, about, across, added, admit, advice, after, ahmed, ain, allowing, also, america, american, and, announced, another, appeared, appears, approval, approve, arab, army, article, assigned, association, ation, attacked, attacks, attention, auto, awarded, ayatollah, baa, back, backed, baghdad, ban, banned, based, become, bee, been, benchmark, best, bet, better, birth, block, bomb, boxes, boycott, boycotted, bringing, broad, building, bur, burns, busy, called, calm, camp, capital, carefully, cast, catch, central, cer, chan, charter, chief, choose, cities, claim, class, clo, co-op, common, community, complain, complex, concentration, condi, cons, continuous, contributed, council, country, cropper, dark, daughter, day, days, dea, death, decades, december, decided, decision, defeat, democratic, der, dexter, did, didn, different, direction, division, does, don, dow, down, dozen, draw, drew, drive, each, early, economic, edward, eed, elec, elected, electio, electoral, employees, empty, eth, ever, fac, fail, fall, fast, favor, fear, fears, feel, felt, final, first, five, floor, flux, flying, folding, followers, for, force, forces, friday, from, front, fully, future, gave, girls, gli, good, gra, gran, grand, grants, greater, green, groups, grow, growing, grown, had, han, hard, has, have, heading, heavy, held, help, helped, here, hey, high, higher, highly, him, his, history, holy, hose, hostility, hours, house, hussein, identity, ime, important, in front, individual, ing, instead, intelligence, ion, islamic, isn, its, jan, jobs, john, joined, just, keys, kind, know, known, kurdish, kurds, large, largest, las, last, leaders, leading, led, less, levels, lifetime, like, lined, lines, lining, little, live, living, local, long, lot, low, main, makes, many, mea, meeting, member, mention, met, mid, million, millions, minister, minutes, mixed, modest, month, mor, more, morning, most, mosul, much, nature, need, needs, ner, new, new york times, next, nigh, night, northern, nos, not, november, now, numbers, off, officer, officers, officials, one, only, open, oral, order, organizations, others, our, out, outs, own, owner, par, party, pas, pass, past, peaceful, people, pipeline, plastic, pointed, politically, polling, positive, possible, power, powerful, predicted, premier, presence, presiden, pressure, prevent, prime, process, protecting, public, push, raised, ramadan, ramadi, ranks, ready, really, reason, reasons, referendum, refused, regions, registered, religious, reported, reporting, represents, response, responsible, results, returned, ria, rich, robes, rooms, rose, rule, run, sca, scan, scattered, scholars, school, scientific, secondary, section, secure, security, sen, sends, sense, set, severe, shiite, should, showed, side, sides, sign, significant, simple, single, sitio, size, soldiers, solid, some, south, spokesman, stage, state, states, station, status, stole, stood, streamed, strength, strongest, sui, suicide, suitable, sun, surge, system, tell, terms, than, that, the, the new york times, their, themselves, there, they, thing, this, those, thought, threats, til, time, times, today, told, tortured, tow, town, troops, try, turned, turnout, two, ultimate, unfolding, uni, united, united states, unites, ure, urged, usher, viole, violence, violent, voted, votes, voting, walking, wan, was, water, wave, week, were, west, western, wha, what, when, who, why, wide, will, with, wome, won, word, worker, workers, working, world, wrong, yard, year, years, york, you, young
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