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  1. Coming to America

    Started by kazza, 04-15-2007 05:29 PM
    action, adult, airport, aka, america, american, apartment, appreciated, artists, ass, aus, australia, authentic, bags, bears, beer, biggest, bon, boot, booze, border, bored, boston, bot, bryan, bunch, bur, call, campaign, canadian, catch, caught, central, chance, charles, class, clean, close, closes, club, college students, comparison, corporation, couldn, countries, cover, credible, cricket, critical, cruise, dallas, damn, dark, diamond, differently, doesn, dont, drink, drop, embassy, engineer, england, enter, entry, examples, experience, eye, famous, foreigners, fun, future, gonna, guitar, guys, hai, hasn, helped, highly, holiday, holidays, hot, houston, html, huma, humans, imagine, important, incredible, individuals, industry, interest, issues, john, julian, large, league, lexx, liberal, lincoln, line, lis, lisa, live, local, lol, love, loves, manager, mark, mea, meet, memories, message, millions, mind, moon, music, nasty, national, nations, neil, new horizon, numbers, oath, objects, ottawa, owns, passport, pen, people, person, phone, photos, planned, planning, plans, plastic, pong, post, posted, power, price, prices, projects, public, pull, rap, real, reason, reasons, receiving, recently, released, religion, rental, republics, research, resident, respect, returns, roo, russian, saturn, sell, send, service, shut, skin, sort, specifically, spent, start, stranger, student, sum, sun, superman, teach, test, texans, thai, times, told, top, total, tour, tourist, tracted, transfer, transport, transportation, trap, travelling, trip, truck, une, united, united states, upper, urban, vacation, version, view, vince, waiting, wanted, watching, west, western, whites, win, winter, won, wonderful, wont, words, work, worked, working, world, wow, www, york 1 Deleted Post(s)
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    General Chat

  2. College Student's Watch out for

    Started by lQQking4bigdreams, 07-09-2007 08:57 AM
    ame, beware, business, cherry, college students, companies, doesn, drink, education, energy, find, force, full, fun, home, internet, job, kids, local, lol, make money, mistake, mlm, money, people, recruiters, salt, student, suddenly, support, sweat, vic, watch, working
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    Last Post: 07-09-2007 07:48 PM
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    General Chat

  3. Freedom To Fascism

    Started by dchristie, 06-13-2007 08:03 PM
    absent, acted, advocates, agent, alcohol, allowing, ame, amendment, american, apartment, approval, approved, attempts, authority, authorized, bankers, baro, barons, bill, boot, brown, bryan, bull, buster, cabinet, cash, catch, causing, central, certified, chance, chase, circuit, clark, clients, code, collected, college students, commissioner, communism, complete, congressional, cons, conveniently, corporate, corporation, cover, credit, criminals, crisis, debt, declared, deleted, district, documentation, doesn, dollar, dont, drew, electio, eme, environment, error, establishment, experts, extended, fail, first amendment, foreign, fortune, freedom, friend, fund, funded, gas, give, grace, held, higher, history, html, huge, ice, idiots, important, include, individuals, induce, industry, influence, information, institution, investigated, involving, iowa, irs, john, joint, league, learn, legacy, legal, lie, lies, line, lis, loans, local, lol, loves, manager, mankind, maryland, massachusetts, mea, meet, members, mental, misinformation, misinformed, monetary, money, monster, mortgage, multi, nation, national, needed, notice, notification, office, online, opposite, oregon, owned, pacific, pays, pennsylvania, photos, pissed, platform, posted, power, prepared, prices, problem, productive, profit, protected, proves, public, racket, raise, raw, rea, real, reason, rebellion, reform, regular, reliable, research, respect, response, returns, riots, risk, robber, robert, sale, scale, secretary, selling, serve, sho, shouldn, shows, son, spreading, stranger, strength, submit, succeed, sued, summary, super, systems, tax, taxpayers, teach, thinks, totally, transportation, treason, treats, u.s., u.s. army, u.s. government, united states, version, victory, waiting, western, wilson, won, word, worked, working
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  4. Is U.S. Safer Since 9/11?

    Started by sojustask, 06-06-2007 05:15 PM
    2001, 9/11, abc, abc news, agrees, ale, america, american, approval, authority, biden, bill, bomb, bomber, border, canadian, candidates, chance, college students, congressional, cons, cost, cover, debate, dennis, diploma, dont, dummies, electio, english, environment, experts, faithful, focus, gays, generation, gullible, hands, harder, health, home, huge, iran, issues, john, lol, loves, martial, martial law, mea, members, million, mind, national, news, obama, office, pay, people, policy, power, presidential, protection, questions, real, republican, respect, restore, role, salary, schools, secure, security, social security, squared, support, survey, tactic, teachers, terrorist, threats, top, transition, unfortunate, united states, upgrade, won, world
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    Last Post: 06-11-2007 05:55 AM
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  5. Why The Troop Surge Will Fail!

    Started by Phinnly Slash Buster, 05-26-2007 03:39 AM
    $100, 302, ages, agreement, aid, american, associated press, baghdad, based, bathroom, bomb, bur, buster, cars, children, collected, college students, communism, costly, costs, courage, crisis, critical, data, destroyed, discuss, dollar, dope, elec, employment, environment, faced, fail, fled, future, gen, government, health, held, highly, hopeless, html, huge, idiot, important, individuals, international, iraq, iraqi, large, local, major, mass, meet, million, millions, nam, nation, neo, noble, office, people, planning, pol, power, pro, problem, protection, rea, receiving, recovery, recruiting, release, report, representative, respect, rising, risk, roger, school, schools, security, sho, show, sun, support, survey, top, tortured, total, treatment, united states, urban, vic, victims, violence, war, won, workplace, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
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    Last Post: 05-29-2007 11:33 PM
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  6. This is a REAL At-Home Job

    Started by Yours Truly, 05-15-2007 09:02 PM
    close, college students, companies, company, contact, degree, education, explained, find, free, hire, home, in front, internship, job, office, par, pay, people, phone, pick, program, real, rent, requirements, school, secretary, suggest, suggested, told, training, wanted, work, work from home, working
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    Last Post: 05-16-2007 07:21 PM
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  7. Card-carrying genuine patriotism

    Started by Phinnly Slash Buster, 05-14-2007 10:20 PM
    302, aclu, agree, american, attempts, bastards, biggest, blatant, bunch, camp, candidates, card, college students, corporate, credibility, defends, doesn, enemy, error, fail, family, find, gay, held, hope, html, human, ice, illegal, institution, john, justice, law, liberal, life, lis, lost, mail, mea, nature, needed, neo, newspaper, opinion, orleans, par, pick, planned, platform, players, poor, power, pro, problem, psb, pursuit, rea, reason, republican, republican party, rio, solutions, stream, temple, terror, test, top, tortured, track, treatment, turn, undecided, unfortunate, united, united states, veer, vince, violent, vote, walker, wins, word
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    Last Post: 05-15-2007 08:09 AM
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  8. Matters of Faith Find a New Prominence on Campus

    Started by sojustask, 05-02-2007 05:54 PM
    american, apartment, ate, based, behavior, body, building, call, catholic, charles, class, close, collection, college students, complex, cooperative, creek, critical, dont, edge, education, essential, experience, explained, eye, fails, find, flux, freedom, guarantee, harm, higher, highly, human, influence, inheritance, interest, issues, john, lexx, lost, love, mea, mind, nation, nature, needed, opinion, ora, organizations, paradox, pastor, photos, progress, questions, reach, real, reality, reasonable, reasons, representative, requirements, research, respect, response, rev, scale, science, series, side, stable, stream, stripping, subs, survey, tech, techniques, tendance, thinks, tolerance, total, totally, transition, type, view, viewpoint, wanted, words, world
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    Last Post: 05-04-2007 02:14 PM
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  9. Southwestern Company a scam?

    Started by Yoyo, 04-19-2007 12:02 PM
    $100, $4000, 2008, ???, absolute, account, accounting, accurate, acted, action, acts, admit, admitted, adult, ages, airport, aka, american, appears, appreciated, approved, artists, ass, assigned, associate, asy, attempts, attitude, authority, authors, avail, balance, based, bathroom, bd's, ben, biggest, blatant, blue, body, bogus, booze, border, building, bullshit, bunch, bureau, cake, calm, cancel, card, careful, cash, catch, caught, causing, chan, chance, chemicals, church, class, clever, clients, clo, close, college students, comfy, communication, company, company., complain, complete, conditioning, continue, contracting, corporate, corporation, cost, costs, couldn, county, cover, creates, credentials, credible, credit, criminals, customer, cuz, damn, dark, daughter, defends, designs, destroyed, differently, disaster, district, diversity, doesn, dollar, dont, drink, drop, duped, edge, enter, entry, ethical, evaluation, evidence, examples, executives, exhausted, exo, experience, explained, extended, extra, extreme, eye, faced, fail, family, federal, financial, fine, flat, focus, formula, fortune, foundation, friday, fucking, funded, future, gas, gay, gold, gonna, grades, green, growth, guarantee, guys, gym, hands, happiest, harder, haters, headquarters, hear, held, helped, helping, higher, highly, hire, hit, holiday, hot, hotels, html, huge, huma, human, idiot, idiots, imagine, immune, important, incredible, individuals, industry, influence, interest, investing, issues, jack, jail, jobs, kha, kicked, knock, labor law, lady, lane, large, laugh, leaders, learn, legit, life, life insurance, line, lis, listen, local, lodging, lol, mad, mail, manager, marijuana, market, max, maximize, mea, meet, men, mental, mentions, midnight, million, millions, mind, mlm, model, monetary, moore, morgan, nations, nature, needed, noble, nope, norm, numbers, office, online, ordered, orders, oregon, organizations, owned, owns, pacific, pal, paper, par, partner, pays, pen, penis, pennsylvania, people, performance, person, photos, picture, pile, pissed, planned, planning, players, policies, poor, post, posted, power, ppl, prepared, pretending, price, production, productive, profit, public, pump, pyramid, qualifications, quality, questions, rallies, random, rea, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, recruiting, refused, reliable, rent, rental, representative, research, respect, response, ress, retail, returns, rio, risk, role, sad, sale, salvation, sans, satan, scam, scary, script, sell, selling, service, session, sex, sharing, shipping, shirts, shop, shouldn, show, shows, skin, slam, son, songs, source, specifically, spent, stable, start, stats, stranger, strangers, student, stupid, styles, subs, succeed, summers, sun, super, supporting, sweat, systems, taxes, teach, tells, test, texting, thinks, threads, threaten, threatened, thursday, times, told, tools, top, total, totally, trade, trailer, trailers, transportation, truth, types, ugly, une, united, united states, unstable, unwan, upper, vacation, victor, victory, view, vince, violent, waiting, wanted, weak, weed, west, western, wins, won, wonderful, words, worked, worker, working, wow, writing, www 3 Deleted Post(s)
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    MLM Scams

  10. Despite the school shooting...

    Started by Ronald, 04-18-2007 05:25 PM
    acted, adult, afraid, ale, amendment, american, appears, ate, based, bathroom, ben, big, biggest, bin, body, buster, catholic, chance, citizenship, class, clean, close, club, collected, college students, continue, couldn, criminals, damn, dark, daughter, david, defender, detectors, differently, disaster, doesn, dont, edge, experience, explained, extra, fail, fix, forgiveness, give, god, gun, guys, hands, harm, hear, helped, home, hope, html, huge, huma, idiots, important, individuals, industry, issues, jail, job, john, killer, laden, large, league, liberal, liberals, life, line, lis, lisa, listen, local, market, mass, mea, meet, mel, mental, million, mind, mob, moon, moore, national, needed, neo, owned, owner, owns, par, pastor, people, person, planned, plastic, police, policy, post, power, price, pro, propaganda, protection, proves, public, reality, reason, reasons, regular, respect, ress, risk, sad, salvation, scale, school, sell, serve, share, shepard, sheriff, shop, shouldn, silencer, soceity, socialism, son, songs, source, specifically, sphere, spot, start, strength, stupid, sun, support, times, told, total, track, trade, types, united, united states, universe, vic, view, vince, violence, violent, waiting, walk, watches, weapon, westward, win, won, workplace, world
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    Last Post: 04-23-2007 05:07 AM
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  11. Sneak Attack on the 2nd Amendment

    Started by BVR USA Liaison, 07-10-2007 09:45 PM
    129, accuracy, accurate, acted, admit, adviser, advocates, agendas, alcohol, aliens, ame, amendment, american, appears, attack, authority, bans, blatant, blue, bolt, bunch, bur, business, call, carefully, chan, channel, close, college students, congressional, cost, costly, couldn, damn, debating, declared, defender, dick, doesn, dollars, dot, elec, eme, enemy, environment, error, establishment, explained, extended, factory, fail, flood, fund, future, gen, generation, give, government, harder, health, held, highly, holds, images, imagine, impact, important, include, individuals, information, interest, involving, issues, joint, latest, league, liberal, lighting, lis, listen, local, manager, mea, members, mentally ill, mind, model, monitoring, nada, nation, national, nature, needed, news, oath, operation, orders, organizations, owned, owners, passage, people, prescription, prices, protection, punishment, raw, rea, rebellion, reform, refused, regular, requirements, resident, revenge, reviews, rights, role, roo, rosen, sale, scary, scumbag, secretary, serve, session, sho, shouldn, show, stream, suitable, supporters, swift, table, tax, thinks, track, transfer, treatment, united states, upload, veterans, vic, weak, weapon, website, workplace, www
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    Last Post: 07-24-2007 05:19 AM
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    Started by allscammedout, 04-11-2007 11:02 PM
    bank, build, check, college students, data, fight, forum, free, hope, include, line, online, online scams, people, posted, scams, sec, sites, soo, survey, working
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    Last Post: 04-26-2007 09:56 PM
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  13. Income Gap Is Widening, Data Shows

    Started by sojustask, 03-29-2007 04:48 PM
    $100, account, admit, american, ass, based, bees, boats, bogus, builder, building, bur, bush, capabilities, cash, categories, children, class, clean, clinton, close, code, collected, college students, comparison, complain, continue, corporation, cost, countries, damn, data, david, day, decades, diploma, doesn, drop, drug, economist, economy, emmanuel, ends, entry, exceptions, experts, facts, families, federal, figures, financial, fix, flat, future, gap, give, global, gonna, greens, growth, guys, handed, handicapped, harder, hasn, hate, helped, helping, higher, hire, hopeless, hot, huge, hurricanes, identifying, important, include, individuals, interest, investing, involved, issues, job, jobs, johns, kids, large, lazy, liberals, line, local, lol, long run, loves, mad, market, mea, middle, million, millions, money, nation, national, national debt, nations, needed, norm, numbers, office, orleans, paper, par, part, pay, people, person, plans, plastic, policies, policy, poor, post, power, president, price, problem, productive, public, punished, questions, quick, real, reality, reason, receiving, released, relief, research, returns, reward, rising, risk, robert, role, ron, royal, school, secretary, secure, sell, service, services, shouldn, show, shows, shut, soceity, solution, soo, start, stupid, taken, taxes, taxpayers, teach, thankful, times, told, top, total, trade, truth, united, united states, upper, verification, view, wanted, wealth, welfare, wigs, win, won, work, worked, worker, working
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    Last Post: 03-30-2007 11:11 PM
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  14. Message from a Scientist . . .?

    Started by enlightenme007, 03-23-2007 07:49 PM
    account, accuracy, accurate, acts, admit, adult, american, appears, aus, authority, based, bible, blue, body, bull, bur, carefully, caught, causing, chance, characteristics, che, church, circuit, clean, clerk, close, college students, complete, continue, couldn, courses, crack, crank, credible, curtains, david, day, dead, defeated, deliver, discovering, distortion, doesn, dont, drew, egypt, eme, enemy, engine, english, enter, equipment, error, experience, explained, extra, eye, fail, faithful, famous, figures, find, fixed, flat, fun, future, gen, generation, geometry, give, global, god, gonna, goodbye, green, guess, guys, harder, hasn, held, holds, holiday, html, huge, huma, human, imagine, influence, insects, involved, item, james, jay, jim, king, large, leaders, league, letters, lexx, liberal, lighting, line, lis, listen, live, local, lol, loves, mad, mankind, market, master, mea, message, mind, moon, multi, nominatio, numbers, objects, office, option, paper, par, part, pen, person, picture, post, posted, posts, prince, prize, properties, proves, questions, raising, random, real, reason, reasonable, religion, rendered, research, rome, roo, sacred, sad, saturn, school, science, shapes, sharing, shows, skin, solar, source, spent, sphere, stinks, stranger, study, stupid, sun, super, tells, times, told, tools, top, totally, tour, trap, universe, version, vice, vicious, view, vince, wanted, watching, weak, west, win, won, word, words, worked, world, wow, writing, www
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  15. ...But don't question their patriotism

    Started by Grim17, 03-20-2007 09:57 PM
    2001, 2008, action, acts, admit, admitted, advocates, agreement, alcohol, ale, alleged, amendment, america, american, animal, anniversary, atf, attack, attempts, attitude, authentic, azi, based, be aware, ben, bin, blatant, blood, body, bomb, british, building, built, bunch, bur, bureau, business, butts, cake, campaign, cash, categories, causing, central, charles, che, circuit, clark, clinics, clo, close, coffin, college students, company, complain, complex, comprehension, conditioning, continue, corp, costs, couldn, countries, county, cover, credit, damn, david, day, dead, declared, dennis, designated, destroyed, dick, differences, differently, disrespect, disrespects, district, documentation, doesn, dollar, dot, douglas, draws, drew, electio, enemy, england, entry, environment, equipment, essential, ethical, experience, explained, extended, extreme, extremists, eye, faced, factory, families, family, famous, farms, fashion, federal, financial, find, first amendment, fix, focus, frank, franklin, freedom, friday, gary, gas, george w. bush, give, global, gonzalez, green, handed, hands, headquarters, held, helped, hidden, highly, horse, hot, html, huma, human, humans, hypocritical, idiots, illness, images, imagine, important, indicted, individuals, industry, influence, interest, investigated, involved, involving, issues, jack, jackson, jail, jailed, jim, john, joint, jonathan, journalist, kennedy, lady, lane, leaders, leigh, letters, liberal, liberals, liberation, lincoln, line, lis, listen, local, lol, marcus, mark, market, martin, maryland, maxine, mea, mecham, meet, members, mental, million, mind, minister, motorcycle, nam, nation, national, nations, nature, neil, new york times, nick, nope, numbers, office, ongoing, ordered, oregon, organizations, owned, pacific, paper, par, part, partners, pen, pentagon, people, person, peter, phoenix, phone, photos, picture, pile, planned, plans, plastic, policy, pose, post, posted, power, predators, prepared, preservation, pretending, price, prime, profit, proper, protected, protection, public, pull, pump, push, questions, rallies, rea, real, reality, reason, reasons, recently, recovered, red, refused, regular, release, released, rendered, research, resorts, response, ress, rev, revenge, rio, riots, risk, role, ron, rump, seattle, secretary, select, service, shirts, sho, shouldn, shows, silicon, sims, soft, soldier, son, soo, specifically, spent, staged, start, stream, student, stupid, subs, succeed, sued, sun, support, supporting, tactic, taken, targets, tendance, terrorist, terrorists, test, threads, threaten, threatened, threats, thursday, tim, times, told, tools, top, totally, tour, trade, transparent, treason, treatment, turn, types, u.s. government, une, unethical, united, united states, university, vans, veteran, veterans, vice, video, view, viewpoint, violence, violent, wanted, war, warfare, watching, weak, weapon, welfare, western, wild, win, won, wore, world, writing, york, youth 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  16. Poll: Typical used car scam

    Started by 25Stude, 10-19-2004 07:44 PM
    $100, $4000, 129, 2001, ???, account, accurate, acted, action, acts, adams, admit, adult, agreement, agrees, aide, airport, aka, alert, ama, american, anniversary, appears, appliance, appreciated, approval, approved, arrival, arriving, assigned, associate, aus, australia, authority, authorized, automotive, bags, bai, bait, balance, based, bees, ben, benin, bht, big, bin, blocking, blue, body, bogus, boot, border, brazilian, british, brown, building, bull, bur, business, buyer, buys, cancel, car, careful, cargo, cars, cash, catch, caught, central, chan, charities, cheap, church, city, class, clean, cleara, clients, clips, close, code, college students, company., complain, complete, conditioning, confirmed, congratulations, continue, cost, costs, couldn, countries, county, cover, creek, cruise, cta, custom, customer, dallas, damn, day, dead, dear, deliver, deposit, deposited, differently, disaster, documentation, doesn, donation, dont, drew, drop, embarassed, eme, england, entry, environment, equipment, exceptions, exo, explained, extra, factory, favorite, financial, fix, for sale, foundation, fred, free, friday, future, gary, gas, global, gold, gram, guarantee, guys, hai, hands, harder, hasn, held, helped, helping, hidden, higher, holds, hot, hotmail, how to get, html, idiot, images, imagine, important, include, individuals, instructed, interest, involved, issues, item, jack, jan, john, joke, karma, kicked, knock, lady, large, latest, laugh, legacy, legit, letters, lighting, lincoln, line, lis, listen, loan, loans, local, lol, long run, lost, mad, mail, mails, manager, mark, market, martin, maryland, max, mea, meet, members, memories, mentions, method, million, millions, mind, model, money, money gram, moon, mortgage, msn, mtcn, multi, myers, named, nature, needed, newspaper, notification, office, options, orange, orders, outlet, outs, owned, owner, owns, packing, pakistan, paper, par, part, pastor, pay, pays, pen, people, person, phoenix, photos, picture, pissed, planning, policy, poor, post, postal, posted, posts, power, prepaid, prepared, presentations, preview, price, prices, profit, progress, protected, protection, public, pull, questions, quick, raising, ratings, rea, real, reason, receiving, recorded, red, refused, release, released, reliable, relief, reporter, representative, research, respect, response, rhd, robber, robert, roo, rotten, sad, sal, sale, sans, saturn, scam, scammer, scammers, scamming, secure, select, sell, seller, selling, service, services, sex, shandong, shipment, shipper, shipping, sho, shopping, show, shows, son, soo, soul, sound, source, spent, sports, start, steal, stupid, submit, subs, sum, sun, systems, taken, tampering, taxes, test, testing, thai, threads, times, told, tone, top, total, totally, toyota, track, trade, transfer, transport, truck, turkey, unfortunate, united, united states, van, ved, vehicle, verification, video, view, waiting, wanted, warehouse, west, western, wife, win, winning, wire, won, wonderful, working, wow, writing, www, york 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  17. UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism

    Started by Americanadian, 02-16-2007 01:55 PM
    1789, 2001, account, accuracy, accurate, action, address, admit, admitted, advocates, africa, african, agreement, agrees, aid, allowing, ambassador, american, anniversary, appears, approval, approved, arrival, associated press, attitude, authority, authorized, azi, based, ben, benefits, biggest, blue, body, bombing, border, brazilian, building, bullsh, bur, campaign, camps, canadian, cash, catholic, caused, causing, central, chan, charles, charter, chase, che, chris, church, clo, close, closes, club, college, college students, columbus, coming, communication, complain, conceal, conflicts, contest, continuation, continue, costly, counting, countries, coup, cover, criminals, crisis, dan, day, dead, decades, deciding, declared, department, destroyed, development, dictators, diploma, disaster, doesn, dominican, drug, duped, dying, education, elec, electio, electoral process, eme, emergency, ends, enter, entry, error, establishment, european, examples, explained, eye, famous, fans, fashion, favorite, figures, financial, focus, for sale, foreign, foundation, friday, front, fun, funny, future, gen, global, grace, guarantee, hai, haiti, hands, hasn, headquarters, health, held, helped, helping, hidden, hide, higher, huge, huma, human, ice, illegally, images, imf, important, incident, individuals, indonesia, influence, international, involved, involving, iran, issues, italy, johnson, journalist, justify, kidnapping, king, large, latest, law, leaders, league, legacy, liberal, license, line, lis, local, long, mail, maps, market, mass, mea, members, mess, method, million, millions, mind, minister, monday, money, monitoring, mule, multi, named, nation, nations, needed, new york times, noble, north, nov, numbers, oas, observers, obstruction, office, ongoing, operation, oral, orders, organizations, overthrow, owned, owns, palestinians, paper, parade, part, patrick, people, person, photos, picture, planned, planning, plans, police state, policy, politician, poor, pos, post, posted, power, presiden, presidency, pressed, price, prices, prime, prisoners, prize, progress, propaganda, prostitution, public, punishment, raising, random, rea, real, reason, rebellion, record, red, referendum, refugees, regular, release, relief, rendered, research, response, responsibility, restore, reveals, reward, risk, robert, role, roy, sale, scale, scu, secretary, secure, security, selling, seniors, served, service, services, sex, sharing, shooting, shop, shows, shut, slaughter, slim, son, sons, source, spent, staged, start, states, stream, striking, student, stuff, submit, succeed, summer, sun, support, supporting, sustainable, systems, taken, talking, targeted, terror, terrorist, test, threats, thursday, times, told, tolerance, top, total, totally, tower, transportation, tribute, truck, trumped, ugly, unfortunate, united, united states, upper, uranium, urban, vic, victory, view, vince, violence, voted, wars, wayne, weak, western, wilson, win, winner, winning, women, won, worked, working, world, york
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  18. All this talk of supporting the troops, yet...

    Started by Ronald, 02-10-2007 02:50 PM
    ???, absolute, accurate, adult, american, annual, appears, appreciated, avia, based, bears, benefits, biggest, boot, building, bull, bunch, bush family, cash, catch, charities, chart, church, civilian, class, code, college, college students, coming, company, compensation, complete, comprehension, connections, contractors, cop, corp, corporation, cost, couldn, cover, creek, day, dead, differences, doesn, dollar, dollars, donation, dont, drop, drug, duck, dun, electio, eme, emergency, environment, error, ethical, examples, experience, factory, fail, families, federal, figures, financial, financially, folks, food stamps, foundation, free, freelance, fund, future, guarantee, guys, helping, higher, highly, html, huge, imagine, impact, important, include, interest, involved, iraq, jobs, john, joint, joke, kennedy, large, lessons, letters, lexx, liberals, license, line, lis, listing, local, lol, love, mad, mea, medal, meet, method, middle, million, minister, moore, motives, nam, national, needed, news, newspaper, nope, north, numbers, office, oops, opinion, options, ora, orders, organizations, outs, paper, parade, part, passed, pay, pen, people, performance, person, players, poor, pos, post, posted, prices, professional, progress, projects, protected, public, pull, quality, raise, random, rea, reaction, real, reality, reason, reasons, recruiting, red, reform, rent, representative, research, reward, rio, rising, risk, ron, salaries, secure, serve, served, service, shouldn, shows, social security, soldier, source, specifically, spent, start, stats, student, subs, summers, supporting, swiss, tactic, talking, targeted, tax, taxes, taxpayers, teach, terror, thinks, thousand, times, told, totally, town, trailer, u.s. army, une, upload, victory, view, viewpoint, wages, wanted, watching, welfare, win, wins, witch, wonderful, work, worked, working 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  19. The flood

    Started by SubJunk, 12-03-2006 01:02 PM
    000, accounts, accuracy, accurate, acted, action, acts, admit, affairs, affidavit, africa, ages, agrees, ale, aliens, allowed, allowing, american, animal, another, anthem, appears, article, ass, attention, attitude, aus, australia, authority, authors, avalanche, avoid, aware, azi, banned, based, basic, basically, basics, basketball, be aware, bears, beat, bed, beer, believers, ben, benghazi, bible, bien, biggest, bin, binary, bit, blame, blood, blue, boats, body, bomb, books, boot, bow, breach, breaks, bring, bringing, building, bunch, bur, bust, button, cake, called, capabilities, capita, care, career, careful, carry, caused, center, central, cer, chain, chan, chance, channel, chapters, charles, che, chris, christmas, citizens, clean, cleaning, clever, clock, close, code, collected, college, college students, coming, complain, complete, completely, complex, contributed, cop, coulda, couldn, counting, countries, courts, cover, crap, creates, credibility, credit, critical, damn, dan, dark, david, day, dead, death, debate, debating, decades, declared, deep, defeat, dei, demand, description, deserve, destroyed, destruction, devastating, differences, differently, dinner, discount, district, diversity, doesn, dog, don, door, draws, drew, drink, dry, due, dun, dying, dynasty, edge, egypt, electio, ells, embarassed, embarassment, eme, ends, enemy, enter, environment, episode, equipment, eric, error, essential, europe, evening, examples, exo, experience, expert, explained, express, extreme, extremely, eye, facing, factor, faithful, fall, family, famous, fee, female, field, fix, fla, flat, flood, flooded, flush, focus, folks, fooled, forces, france, full, future, gen, generation, give, global, god, godís, gotta, grant, grew, ground, group, growth, guarantee, gut, guys, hahaha, hands, hasn, hates, head, hell, helped, hey, hidden, high, higher, holds, hon, horse, house, html, huge, huma, human, humans, hurt, hyper, ial, ian, ice, idiots, illness, illus, imagine, impact, important, include, indoctrination, indonesia, influence, insects, instructed, interest, internal, investigative, involved, isn, issues, italy, jerusalem, job, john, joined, joke, justify, key, kill, king, knock, lake, land, large, latest, lazy, leaders, learn, lessons, letters, lexx, liberty, life, limits, line, lions, lis, listen, lived, living, local, lof, lol, long, longer, los, lunar, lunatic, lying, mad, mankind, mark, market, martin, mea, medical, meet, mel, members, memories, men, mess, million, millions, mind, mosquito, move, mule, multi, myth, nail, nam, nation, national, natural, nature, needed, nelson, network, new zealand, non-productive, nope, north, notice, nov, numbers, nurse, obedience, olive, opposite, oppression, options, oral, ordered, org, owner, owns, paper, par, parade, part, passed, paul, pen, per capita, perception, person, personal, personality, peter, phenomenon, picture, piece, pigs, pile, pissed, plane, planet, plants, play, popular, pos, pose, positive, post, posted, posting, posts, power, pra, predicted, prepared, presiden, productive, professional, properties, prophecies, proposition, proves, pull, pulled, punished, punishment, question, questions, quick, race, ran, random, raw, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, recorded, red, reform, removed, rendered, rescue, research, response, responsible, returns, reveals, revenge, rio, rise, risk, rock, ron, roo, room, rooms, roy, rule, sad, safe, sal, salvation, saves, sca, scale, schools, score, scorpio, screw, search, sec, selling, sen, settlement, sharing, ship, sho, short, shouldn, shows, shut, shut up, simply, singer, site, small, smith, soft, solar, son, source, sources, speed, sphere, spice, stage, stars, start, starts, states, stock, stones, stop, stories, story, stream, students, stupid, submit, subs, successful, suckers, sun, super, supported, supporting, supports, survey, sweat, taken, takes, talking, teach, tells, temple, test, thinks, thread, threads, threats, times, tme, told, tolerance, tools, top, total, totally, tower, town, track, trade, transition, trusted, tunnels, types, ugly, ultimate, unit, united, universe, upset, url, vanish, vegetable, vehicle, version, vice, victory, view, village, vince, virginia, volcano, voyage, waiter, wanted, wars, watching, weak, weeks, weird, west, western, wide, win, winning, wise, wolves, won, wonderful, wooden, worldwide, wow, year, york, young, youtube, zealand
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  20. HBH Global Promotions, INC.

    Started by Pete3730, 01-21-2008 12:15 PM
    $100, ama, amanda, animal, area, attempts, avalanche, builder, building, call, catch, check, cincinnati, college students, columbus, companies, company, complain, corporate, couldn, crew, cuz, easy, enemy, ethical, experience, find, furniture, gas, give, glad, hate, home, hope, huge, ice, idea, imagine, industry, information, institution, irvine, it works, job, jobs, joke, late, law, legit, lindsey, link, lol, manager, marketing agency, needed, number, operation, opinion, organizations, ottawa, owns, paper, par, people, phone, planned, pyramid, pyramid scheme, qualifications, raise, reality, research, retail, scam, scam artist,, scams, scheme, scumbag, seattle, selling, show, spam, stick, systems, thinks, totally, truck, victory, vince, waiting, war, wife, winter, woman, word, worked, writing, yay
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  21. Barry,Should murdering your own child be legal?

    Started by oneway, 07-09-2008 06:52 AM
    abortion, abortion clinic, ages, animal, annual, arabs, arts, associate, bur, bush, call, car, child, children, cinema, college students, communal, district, doctor, drugs, dumps, fails, fun, gas, god, gop, grades, hit, human, indonesia, interest, kids, legacy, legal, liberal, liberals, murder, nation, obama, par, planned, protected, rea, regular, research, share, signs, support, upload
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  22. Study: Magic mushrooms have long benefit

    Started by SunniOne, 07-01-2008 11:35 AM
    acceptance, acted, animal, annual, approved, asy, behavior, chapters, characteristics, charles, che, chemicals, college students, consciousness, dollars, drugs, establishment, extra, fine, fortune, hate, held, huge, human, illness, important, increase, individuals, interest, john, johns, law, liberal, live, magic, mankind, mel, national, nature, norm, oral, par, people, perception, planned, preview, problem, problems, produce, projects, reality, research, resignation, riots, science, secrets, serve, session, side, social, solution, study, subs, tools, turn, veteran, waiting, war, word, work, world
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  23. Any real make a little extra money???

    Started by curtta, 07-01-2008 09:03 AM
    $100, car, check, college students, cons, craigslist, debt, ebay, extra, find, gas, get rich, hats, home, interest, job, late, learning, make money, marketing, married, military, money, online, par, pay, prices, problem, selling, the military, usaf, work
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  24. "Work At Home Jobs"

    Started by coontie, 06-17-2008 11:52 AM
    attitude, bur, business, children, clinics, college students, comissions, courses, doctor, eme, experience, extended, find, handicapped, home, individuals, information, job, jobs, kids, live, local, nature, nutrition, outlook, par, people, pick, prices, requirements, responsibility, school, side, transportation, trip, university, watch, wont, work, work at home jobs, world
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    General Chat

  25. Survey: Who's more honest?

    Started by Grim17, 06-02-2008 02:30 PM
    abortion, accounting, ages, arrested, bounty, bur, children, college students, couple, crimes, criminal, daughter, dishonest, doctor, elec, election, felony, florida, fred, gay, hats, home, human, interest, internet, involving, john, liberals, lol, luke, married, military, national, number, oral, paid, pastor, photos, presidential, representative, research, return, robert, survey, united states, vic, white, wing, women
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  26. Any internet money sites that are not scams?

    Started by princessloki, 05-19-2008 02:53 PM
    affiliate, awarded, business, closes, code, college students, companies, corner, defense, experience, extra, focus, freedom, hire, home, hyper, interest, internet, job, jobs, link, lol, money, online, paid, pay, pretending, recommend, research, resumes, scams, sites, sort, spammer, suggested, survey, tax, tools, trigger, university, website
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    Last Post: 05-28-2008 12:25 PM
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  27. Data Depo

    Started by hairy, 05-01-2008 12:35 PM
    acts, addition, call, college students, company, cons, costs, data, dollars, full, give, home, hope, idiot, information, interest, internet, job, jobs, lost, marketing, materials, men, money, paid, paper, par, pay, paypal, people, reach, reliable, reply, responsibility, salary, scam, security, send, table, top, training, type, typing, work
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    Last Post: 05-06-2008 04:27 PM
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  28. Gun-Free Zones Are Not Safe

    Started by Thorgrimm, 04-25-2008 06:47 AM
    amendment, area, attack, australia, banning, belong, bryan, bur, chambers, chapters, che, college students, colorado springs, crew, damn, demonize, environment, experience, extended, faced, find, free, germany, give, hay, important, insanity, john, law, liberal, lol, martin, maryland, news, owned, owners, pennsylvania, people, pro, problem, proper, random, reality, record, regional, research, salt, satanic, schools, selling, shootings, teacher, teachers, tech, tolerance, university, vic, youth
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  29. Stream Success

    Started by allthebest, 03-03-2008 10:52 AM
    college students, company, compensation, convention, corporate, crack, fake, figures, finally, full, half-truths, history, item, lies, mlm, news, opinion, plan, problem, refuse, reps, reunion, side, slow, stick, success, top, truth, watch, website, word, work
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    MLM Scams

  30. Reality check:What Bush said...

    Started by sojustask, 01-29-2008 02:20 PM
    $100, agreement, america, approved, avail, building, bush, business, check, china, citizenship, clean, code, college students, costs, district, drop, education, enemy, energy, environment, focus, foreign, free, future, give, health, international, issues, kids, law, legacy, local, mea, microsoft, nail, news, number, oil, owners, people, poor, prices, prime, production, reality, reform, secretary, security, senators, support, systems, tax, tech, technologies, united states, watson
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  31. Sony Plasma TV @

    Started by Iceboie, 10-31-2005 06:19 AM
    $100, 000, ???, acc, acceptance, accepted, access, account, accounts, act, acted, activate, active, add, added, additionally, address, advance, advice, aed, aff, afford, affordable, age, agen, agreed, agreement, aid, ain, aka, alert, allowed, alot, already, als, also, amp, andrew, another, answer, answers, any, anybody, aol, apart, apes, apologized, appeared, appears, appreciated, approval, approve, approved, april, apt, are, aren, arm, arriving, arrow, art, ass, assistance, ation, atlanta, attacked, attempt, attempts, attn, audio, aug, aus, ava, avoid, avoiding, award, awarded, aware, away, awesome, baby, back, bad, ball, banks, barn, bas, based, basic, basically, bastard, bastards, bat, be aware, beach, beat, become, bee, been, before, behalf, being, best, bet, better, bigger, biggest, billi, bills, bit, bite, blame, blatant, blew, blockbuster, blu, blue, body, boo, book, books, bought, bowl, boy, brand, break, breath, breeze, brief, bright, bring, bringing, bro, broke, bumping, bunch, bunk, bur, burn, busy, but, buttons, buy, buy online, buying, cable, cake, calendar, calender, call, call center, called, calling, calls, calm, camera, cancel, cannot, cant, card, care, careful, carrier, case, cash, cat, catch, cell, cent, center, cer, chan, chance, cheapest, check, cheerleader, cher, chi, cho, choose, chris, christmas, circuit, citi, civil, claim, classic, clean, cleara, clearance, click, clicking, clients, close, closed, club, clueless, code, collect, college, college students, columbia, com, comes, coming, comme, comments, community, company., complain, complete, completely, components, compu, computer, con, concerned, concerns, condi, confirmed, confirming, congratulations, connected, connections, constance, consumer, contest, continue, contrast, conversation, coo, cookie, copies, corporate, correct, correction, cost, costly, costs, couldn, countdown, counting, cover, crap, crazy, credit, credit score, credited, cross, cruise, cult, current, customer, customers, cut, cuz, dam, damn, dar, database, date, daughter, day, days, dead, deal, dear, debating, decided, deciding, decision, declared, ded, deep, def, defective, definition, deleted, deliver, delivery, den, denied, der, des, deserve, desk, dhl, dial, dick, did, didn, didnt, diet, different, differently, dig, digital, ding, direct, dirty, disc, disco, discount, discounted, discounts, discover, discreet, discussing, dish, display, disqualified, diy, docume, documentation, documents, doe, doesn, doing, dollar, don, dont, doses, double, dow, dream, drew, drop, dropping, due, dumb, dun, e -, ear, earlier, early, earn, earned, easily, east, eed, effect, effective, effects, elaborate, ells, else, email, email address, eme, employee, end, ended, ends, enter, entertainment, entire, eric, error, estate, eta, evening, event, events, everyones, everywhere, excel, excellent, experience, expiration, explain, explained, express, extra, eye, fac, face, fail, failure, fall, familiar, family, 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ignore, ill, image, images, imagine, ime, important, improve, ina, inc, inch, include, index, indicating, individual, industry, info, ing, instructed, inter, interest, interested, internal, involved, involves, ion, ips, isn, issue, issues, item, its, jan, jason, jay, jealous, jean, jeannine, john, join, joined, joins, joy, junk, just, karma, keep, keeps, kicking, kidding, kill, kills, kind, kinds, knew, knight, know, known, knows, lady, land, lap, large, las, last, latest, laugh, lazy, least, leaving, legit, less, lesson, lessons, let, lets, letters, levels, ley, light, like, liked, limited, line, lined, lines, link, lis, listed, listen, living, local, log, logic, lol, long, long distance, longer, loop, lord, los, lose, loss, lot, luck, lunch, mad, mail, mailing, mails, main, make, makes, making, mama, man., manual, manufacture, many, mar, mark, marke, market, marketsurveygroup, massage, master, matching, math, matt, matter, mea, meaning, measure, mek, meli, melissa, member, members, 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plasma, platinum, play, played, player, playing, point, policy, poor, pop, popular, pos, position, positive, possession, possible, post, postal, posted, posters, posting, posts, potential, prepaid, pressed, pretty, preview, price, prices, pricing, printed, printing, prior, privacy, private, prize, process, product, production, products, professional, programming, progress, promise, promotion, promotions, prove, pull, pulled, pulls, punch, puppy, push, putting, qualified, quality, question, questions, quick, quickly, quit, quote, race, rage, raise, ran, random, range, rats, ray, read, ready, real, reason, reasons, received, receiving, record, recorded, red, refund, refused, regarding, register, regrets, regular, related, release, released, releases, reliable, remarks, remember, remind, removed, ren, rent, rental, rep, reported, representative, research, reserve, respond, responds, response, responses, responsible, rest, results, returned, returning, returns, reward, ric, rick, rim, ring, rip, risk, rita, roll, rolls, room, run, runs, safe, sai, sal, sales, samsung, sane, sans, scam, scamming, scare, scenario, scheduled, score, screen, screw, screwed, script, scripts, search, searching, season, seats, seattle, see, seekers, seem, sell, semi, sen, sending, sense, serve, service, services, set, settlement, setup, sharing, shaw, sheep, shills, ship, shipment, shipper, shipping, sho, shoo, shopper, shopping, shot, should, shouldn, show, showed, shows, shut, sie, sign, signed, signing, simple, simply, single, sir, site, sites, sky, small, smart, snitch, sold, sole, solicited, solid, solve, solved, sometimes, song, sony, soo, sooner, sooo, sooooo, sorry, sounds, source, spa, spanish, spartan, speak, speaking, special, specifically, speed, spend, spent, split, staff, stage, stan, standard, star, start, started, starting, state, stated, statement, states, status, stay, step, still, stock, stole, stone, stop, stopped, story, stra, street, string, students, stupid, style, styles, submit, subs, suc, such, suck, sucks, sui, suite, sunday, super, superb, superbowl, supplier, supported, supports, suppose, sure, survey, surveys, sweat, sweet, swi, switch, system, systems, tactic, tag, take, taken, takes, taking, tal, talk, talking, tank, tap, tapes, taxes, ted, tells, temporary, terms, test, testing, than, that, the, the wall, thea, themselves, they, thing, think, thinks, this, thought, thread, threads, through, throw, thursday, ticket, tiger, til, till, time, times, tips, tired, today, told, tom, tomorrow, tone, tools, top, total, totally, touch, town, trac, trace, track, tracks, trade, trail, transcripts, treason, trick, tricks, tries, trolls, trouble, truck, trusted, tuesday, turkey, turn, turned, tvs, twelve, ultimate, una, unfamiliar, uni, unreal, update, updates, ups, ure, url, usage, uses, usps, usual, vcr, ven, vender, verify, version, vet, veterans, videos, view, vince, virtual, visa, voucher, wait, waiting, walking, walmart, wan, wanted, warehouse, warranty, waste, wat, watching, ways, websites, wednesday, weed, week, weeks, welcome, west, whats, when, will, win, wise, woma, won, wonderful, wont, worked, worker, working, works, worldwide, worry, worth, wow, write, wrong, yahoo, yay, year, years, yesterday, you, your, zone 4 Deleted Post(s)
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  32. Ron Paul dominating Open Caucuses

    Started by Truth-Bringer, 12-16-2007 12:58 PM
    .25%, accident, additionally, allowing, amendment, america, attempts, attorney, ben, big, bill, bomb, built, christmas, college students, company, dollars, donation, electio, extended, first amendment, flood, fred, fund, huge, hule, industry, interest, john, lis, mea, midnight, money, nation, nominatio, opposite, par, people, planet, planned, proper, protection, raise, record, refused, regular, revived, ron, rule, subs, surprise, tax, trade, train, two weeks, watch, work, world, www
    • Replies: 11
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    Last Post: 01-01-2008 10:02 AM
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  33. For Pwrone

    Started by sojustask, 11-22-2007 08:54 AM
    advocates, ages, allowing, america, american, artists, asy, bags, bill, building, buys, che, christmas, clinics, college students, courage, differently, drugs, duck, faced, four times, future, give, health, higher, huge, important, industry, institution, interest, investigated, investment, issues, law, liberal, liberals, lisa, live, make money, mea, medicaid, money, nail, national, news, oral, organizations, par, past, people, pills, pissed, planned, planning, poor, prescription, prices, program, reality, reduction, school, security, selling, sex, socialism, strength, support, thanksgiving, university, vox, war, warning, women
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  34. Ron Paul's Kicking Butt!!!

    Started by soulbro, 10-23-2007 10:04 PM
    $100, .25%, abc, accurate, admit, advocates, ale, american, animal, ate, attempts, australia, ben, bernard, bogus, bomb, building, bull, bur, bush, candidates, catch, chan, change, charles, christmas, collected, college students, corruption, costly, debt, declared, devious, district, dollars, donation, drop, elec, electio, election, eme, endorses, enemy, establishment, experience, explained, extended, extreme, fisa, ford, fred, fulfilled, fund, future, gay, george bush, glenn, guess, held, hilary, hitler, horse, huge, human, hypocritical, idiot, images, imagine, infowars, iowa, issues, item, john, kkk, large, legacy, lis, listen, local, lol, lunar, manager, martial, martin, mea, merry, midnight, money, moore, nation, national, new york times, nominatio, opposite, option, oral, owned, patriot, people, photos, picture, pissed, planes, planned, poor, prices, primaries, primary, production, protected, qualifications, raise, reality, reasonable, recount, reform, refuse, refused, registration, representative, republican, ria, ron, scame, senators, session, solution, spent, sun, support, survey, swift, systems, tampering, tax fraud, taxpayers, thinks, top, totally, track, trade, transparent, truth, united states, unprecedented, upload, vacation, verifiable, veterans, view, vote, war, war crime, whites, wont, wordpress, worked, writing, youtube
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    Last Post: 10-12-2007 10:39 PM
    by BVR USA Liaison  Go to last post
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    Last Post: 10-11-2007 11:30 PM
    by BVR USA Liaison  Go to last post
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    Last Post: 08-27-2007 03:21 AM
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  35. Gunfree Zones Are A Murderer's Dream

    Started by BVR USA Liaison, 08-25-2007 02:21 AM
    admit, advocates, amendment, america, american, banning, bin, che, children, college students, debate, eme, environment, error, experience, extended, fight, finally, fix, free, future, give, god, hay, important, insanity, iowa, law, liberal, life, maryland, mass, members, motor, national, needed, oregon, owned, pennsylvania, people, pro, pronto, protected, public opinion, recipe, refuse, representative, salt, satanic, school, selling, sho, shop, tech, tolerance, trial, truck, truth, unchallenged, university, upgrade, vacation, vic, women, world, youth
    • Replies: 3
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    Last Post: 08-25-2007 04:37 AM
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    Last Post: 08-24-2007 08:44 AM
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  36. Suntasia/Strategia Raided by the Feds

    Started by rubyslippers, 07-25-2007 09:30 PM
    $100, account, admit, afraid, agents, aka, artists, ass, audio, bryan, building, business, bust, cancel, chan, channel, closes, code, collected, college students, company, complaints, complete, corner, corporation, credit cards, crooked, deceptive, dob, doesn, dollars, finally, firm, fix, florida, focus, fraud, gas, guys, haters, held, history, hypocritical, images, kiss, largest, law, life, lis, listen, local, manager, mea, national, needed, news, operation, owners, people, proves, reach, record, sad, scamming, scams, script, secrets, selling, sex, submit, sun, thinks, version, war, worked, wow, www, youtube 5 Deleted Post(s)
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    Hotel Scams

  37. Global Warming

    Started by JTB7, 07-18-2007 10:33 AM
    $100, 302, abandoned, abc, absent, acceptance, account, accounting, accuracy, accurate, acted, acts, addict, addition, additionally, admit, adviser, advocates, agendas, ages, agreement, agrees, aid, aims, airport, aka, ale, aliens, alleged, alliances, allison, allowing, american, animal, annual, apartment, appears, appreciated, approval, approved, arrival, artists, ass, associate, associated press, astronaut, asy, attempts, attitude, attributes, australia, authority, authors, avia, awarded, baghdad, bags, bait, baiting, banded, banning, basics, bastards, be aware, bears, beer, believers, ben, benchmark, biased, big bang, bigots, bin, bitch, biw, blatant, blend, blue, bogus, bomb, bon, bonus, boot, border, bored, boston, bounty, boxes, brazilian, bricks, brown, building, bull, bullsh, bur, bust, buys, cake, calm, canberra, cancel, carefully, cars, catch, causing, central, chambers, chan, channel, characteristics, charles, chemicals, cherry, christmas, clark, clash, clean, clearing, clerk, climax, clinics, clock, closes, club, cnn, code, coin, collected, college students, commissioned, commissioner, communication, communism, complain, complete, compliance, compliments, components, conflicts, congratulations, congressional, contemptible, continuation, conveniently, corporate, corporation, correction, cosmology, cost, costly, costs, couldn, cover, crack, credentials, credibility, crisis, critical, cruise, cure, customer, czech, damn, daughter, debating, declared, deleted, delta, demonize, denis, dental, deposits, destroyed, detected, dictators, differences, differently, disinformation, disrupt, distortion, diversity, documentary, doe, doesn, dolphins, doomsday, dot, drop, duck, duped, dustin, electio, elliot, eme, end of the world, end times, enemy, engineer, engineering, engineers, environment, error, esq, essential, establishment, ethical, everett, examples, executive order, expelled, experience, explained, extended, extra, extreme, faced, factories, factory, factual, fails, faithful, farms, fashion, faulty, fec, figures, finally, fit, fix, flaw, flux, flynn, focus, ford, fortune, fred, friday, fucking, fund, future, gas, gas chambers, gee, geek, gen, generation, give, glenn, global warming, goodbye, google news, gordo, green, greg, growth, guys, hai, hail, haiti, hamilton, harder, harvey, hasn, haters, hay, healing, held, higher, highly, hire, holds, homeland, hon, hope, horrors, horse, huge, human, humans, hunters, hurricanes, hypocrites, hypocritical, identifies, identifying, idiot, idiots, illness, illus, images, imagine, impact, important, include, incredible, indicating, individuals, indonesia, industry, infected, inhumanity, innovation, insanity, institution, interest, investigated, investing, involving, irvine, isaac, issues, item, jackson, john, johns, joint, joke, juliet, kennedy, kicking, killer, kiss, kovich, laden, lady, lagos, lambert, lane, large, latest, lazy, leafs, leak, leaked, legacy, legendary, letter to congress, level, liberal, liberals, lighting, lis, listen, local, lol, long run, loves, lunatic, macro, mad, mails, malibu, mama, mankind, manufacture, manufacturing, marcus, maryland, mass, mea, medal, mel, members, memories, mena, mental, mentions, merry, mexicana, migration, minister, misinformation, model, monetary, monitoring, moore, morris, mortgage, motives, nam, narcissism, nasa, nathan, nation, national, national debt, nature, nbc, needed, needy, neo, new york times, new zealand, newyork, niger, noble, nope, norm, nos, nov, nuclear war, number, oas, obamaís, objects, operation, opinion, opposite, options, oral, orange, ordered, oregon, organizations, ottawa, outs, owned, owns, pacific, pakistan, paper, par, passage, passionate, passports, patrick, payout, pennsylvania, perception, petroleum, photos, picture, pioneer, pissed, pissing, planes, planet, planned, planning, plastic, platform, poison, policies, poor, premier, prepared, presentations, pressed, presto, pretending, prices, prime, prize, problem, proceedings, production, productive, programmer, progress, projects, promotes, prophecies, prophet, protected, protection, proves, puppy, pups, pursuit, pyramid, quake, qualifications, queen, raise, random, raw, rea, reality, reasonable, receiving, reconciliation, record, records, reduction, reform, refused, regular, regulatory, reliable, relief, removes, repayment, reporters, representative, research, resident, resignation, response, ress, resurgence, rev, reward, ria, riches, rights, riots, risk, robert, role, rope, rotten, royal, sad, saints, sale, salvation, sans, saturn, saves, scale, scary, schools, score, script, secretary, secrets, select, selecting, selling, senators, serve, session, sex, shapes, sharing, shaw, shirts, sho, shouldn, shows, shut up, sierra, silicon, sims, skins, slam, solar cells, son, spammer, spent, spice, spoils, spreading, stats, steven, stream, strength, strip, student, study, submit, subs, sued, suggest, suitable, summers, sun, survey, sweat, systems, tactic, tall, tap, targets, taxpayers, teach, technologies, thinks, third term, thorium, threads, threaten, tone, tools, top, totally, track, trade, trailer, transfer, transition, transparent, transport, transportation, treason, treatment, treats, truck, trum, truth, typing, u.k., u.s. government, u.s. politicians, ufos, unchallenged, undeniable, unencumbered, unfortunate, united states, universe, unprecedented, upload, uranium, urban, usia, ussr, vacation, vans, verifiable, verification, version, veteran, vice, victory, view, viewpoint, vince, volcanoes, vomits, voyage, waiting, walker, walmart, warfare, warming, warning, wars, weapon, weed, welfare, winter, wire, witch, wont, wooden, wordpress, worked, wow, writing, www, yay, youtube 12 Deleted Post(s)
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  38. Cynology College are Scammers

    Started by grah123we, 03-05-2006 10:26 AM
    000, accepted, accredited, accurate, acted, action, address, administration, adult, advertising, advice, afford, age, aha, ain, ale, alive, allowed, american, animal, animals, another, answer, approval, approved, archive, arriving, art, article, artist, artists, ashamed, assistance, associate, association, ation, attention, australia, author, authority, aware, bad, based, basic, basically, be aware, behalf, bet, better, bit, blame, blessed, boards, books, bored, brain, break, bring, bunch, business, buy, buyers, called, calling, calls, calm, canada, canadian, cannot, care, career, carolina, case, caught, cease, center, central, centre, cer, chance, citizens, claim, claims, class, clients, close, college, college diploma, college students, comments, commit, common, community, complain, complete, completely, con, concerned, concerns, condi, consortium, consumer, consumers, continues, corporate, cost, country, county, cover, credentials, credibility, credible, crime, criminals, current, dance, days, dea, dead, death, deborah, decided, deciding, decision, defend, degree, demons, department, deserve, diagnosis, didn, difficult, diploma, director, doesn, dog, don, drop, dropped, dropping, due, dumping, duped, ear, earn, easy, effective, ells, embarrassed, eme, endorse, engineer, enterprise, environment, essay, essential, ethical, excellent, exists, experience, expert, experts, exposing, extreme, extremely, fabulous, fail, fake, false, fashion, fast, favorite, fed, federal, feel, feels, field, financial, finding, finds, fits, fly, focus, folks, forget, forgot, forward, fos, fra, fraud, fraudulent, front, fully, future, gen, general, general public, god, good, google, gotta, gov, gray, great, group, groups, growing, gullible, guy, hand, hands, hard, harder, harrassing, head, heart, hell, helping, hey, hide, hiding, high, higher, highly, hiring, his, homework, hot, hours, html, husband, ial, ica, ici, identify, ill, ime, important, individuals, industry, information, institution, insulting, intelligence, inter, ion, isn, issue, issuing, jail, james, joe, joke, jones, kennedy, kind, knew, last, laugh, leading, legit, legitimate, letter, letters, lied, light, line, lis, loans, local, lol, long, longer, los, loss, lot, love, lover, mails, main, making, market, maryland, matter, mea, melanie, member, mental, mill, mind, misinformation, more, motivational, move, msnbc, multi, named, nation, national, nationally, nature, needed, net, nice, nicole, nigeria, north, north carolina, nose, obedience, office, onli, online, opportunity, options, order, org, organizations, overview, owner, owns, pace, page, pages, par, part, pas, pass, paying, pending, people, perfect, person, personal, personality, personally, pet, pet dog, pictures, place, plans, pleasure, point, policy, poor, pos, position, post, posted, poster, posting, posts, potential, power, presiden, pretending, private, proceedings, product, professional, profile, progress, protect, public, published, pull, putting, qualifications, qualified, quality, question, questions, quick, quit, quote, ran, rated, reach, read, ready, real, reality, reason, reasons, references, regulations, related, removed, research, respect, respond, responds, response, retarded, rich, roll, roo, rules, run, sad, san, sarah, satisfied, scammed, scammer, scammers, scams, scary, schoo, scripts, search, sell, sen, sense, serve, service, services, sessions, shady, share, ship, shock, shoe, shouldn, shows, sign, simple, simply, sir, site, solve, soo, sorry, sound, sources, speaker, spend, spent, staff, star, start, starts, state, states, stay, steals, stone, stop, story, stranger, striking, stripping, student, students, submissive, submit, successful, sue, sul, summary, suppose, system, taken, takes, talent, talk, talking, teach, ted, tells, tendance, text, they, thinks, thought, thread, ties, time, times, title, told, top, tor, totally, trade, trainers, transcripts, transfer, trouble, truck, tweet, types, une, unfortunate, united, united states, url, usa, valley, verify, version, vet, veterinarian, vic, victims, vince, virtual, wanted, waste, ways, websites, week, weird, welcome, welfare, wonderful, worked, working, world, worse, write, writing, wrong, year, years, ymi
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  39. National Lending Corporation

    Started by tyty, 05-02-2006 02:23 AM
    $100, $400, .25%, 000, 129, 1984, 2001, 2008, 2012, 3 month, 302, 6666, 811, ???, abandoned, abd, abuser, acceptance, accepted, access, account, accountability, accounting, accounts, accurate, accusation, accused, act, acted, action, actions, activate, active, acts, adam, adams, add, additionally, address, admin, administration, admit, admitted, ads, adult, advance, advanced, advertising, advice, advisor, advisors, affairs, afford, affordable, africa, african, age, agen, agent, ages, aggressive, agree, agreed, agreement, agrees, ahhhh, aid, ain, aint, airlines, airport, aka, ale, alert, alex, alexander, alice, alien, aliens, alive, allegations, alleged, alliance, allowed, allowing, alvarez, ama, amanda, amen, amendment, american, anders, andrea, andrew, anne, annie, anniversary, announced, annual, another, answer, anthony, antoine, aol, apart, apartment, apes, apex, apologized, apology, app, appeal, appeared, appears, appointment, appraisal, appreciated, approval, approve, approved, april, arriving, article, artists, ashamed, asian, ass, asset, assigned, assistance, assistant, associate, association, astrology, ation, attaching, attending, attention, attitude, attorney general, auction, aug, august, aus, australia, austria, authority, authorized, authors, auto, auto insurance, avalanche, ave, avigation, avoid, awarded, aware, awesome, babies, bad, bags, bail, balance, balls, ban, bang, banging, bank, banker, bankers, banks, banned, banning, based, basement, basic, basically, basketball, bastard, batman, battery, be aware, beat, beating, beck, bed, bees, behalf, believers, ben, benefits, bernard, bet, beta, better, betting, big brother, bigger, biggest, birds, bit, bite, blame, blatant, blessed, blew, block, blood, blu, blue, boards, bogus, bon, bondage, bonus, booking, books, boot, border, borders, boston, bow, bowl, brand, break, breaking, breaking news, breaks, bribe, bright, bring, bringing, bro, broker, brooklyn, brooks, brow, brown, bruce, buddy, 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commit, committing, common, communication, community, company., comparison, compensation, complain, complement, complete, completely, complex, compliance, compliants, complicit, compliments, components, compromised, con, concerned, concerns, conferences, confesses, confirmed, confirms, conflict of interest, conflicts, congratulations, connections, constantly, consumers, contact, contest, contingency, continue, continues, contractor, contrast, contributed, conversation, convictions, cook, cop, copies, core, corp, corporate, corporation, correct, correction, cosby, cost, costs, couldn, counting, country, county, court order, courts, cover, crack, crap, creates, credentials, credibility, credible, credit, credit score, creek, crew, criminals, crisis, critical, cronies, crook, crowd, cry, crying, cult, culture, curry, curtains, custom, customer, customers, cycle, dallas, damage, damn, dan, dana, dane, daniel, dar, dark, darrell, darren, date, daughter, david, davis, day, days, dead, dean, 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eme, emergency, employment scam, empower, ended, ends, enemy, engineering, enter, entire, entry, environment, equipment, equity, eric, error, esq, essential, establishment, estate, eth, ethical, eugene, eva, evaluation, evaluator, evening, everett, examples, excel, excellent, exceptions, executive order, executives, exit, experience, experts, explained, explorer, explosion, expose, express, extended, extra, extraordinary, extreme, extremely, eye, eyes, face, facing, factory, fail, fails, faithful, false, families, famous, fantastic, farce, fashion, fast, fat, fatal, father, fathers, fault, favorite, favors, favortism, fear, feast, feature, fed, federal, fedex, feds, fee, feel, feeling, felt, field, figures, file, files, final, financial, financially, finding, finds, fired, fishing, fishy, fix, fla, flat, flaw, flies, flooded, floor, flop, flores, flori, flush, fly, focus, folding, folds, folks, followers, fool, fooled, for sale, ford, forget, forgiveness, forgot, formula, fortune, 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mea, meaningless, medal, medicare, meet, meeting, mel, melaleuca, member, members, memories, mens, mental, mess, messages, method, meyer, micheal, michelle, michigan, midnight, mike, milking, million, millions, milwaukee, mind, mining, minnesota, minorities, minutes, miserable, misinformation, mitch, mitchell, mlm scam, model, moderator, monday, monetary, monitoring, monkeys, monster, month, moore, more, morning, moron, mortgage, mortgages, motives, mount, move, movie, msn, multi, nab, nagy, nail, nam, named, nasty, nat, natasha, nathan, nation, national, nations, nature, needed, negotiating, nelson, ner, nervous, net, network, nevada, new york times, newest, nic, nice, nick, nicole, nonscence, norm, north, north carolina, nose, note, notes, notification, nov, november, nude, numbers, oakland, oath, october, office, officers, official, officials, offs, ongoing, onli, open, operation, operations, opportunity, opposite, option, options, oral, orange, order, ordered, orders, oregon, org, 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reid, reilly, related, release, released, reliable, relief, religious, remarks, remember, removed, rendered, renewal, rent, replace, reporting, representative, reputations, research, resident, residential, resign, resignation, resigned, respect, respond, response, responses, responsible, rest, results, retail, returns, rev, revealed, revenge, revive, reward, rewarded, ria, richard, riches, rick, ridiculous, rig, ring, rio, rise, rising, risk, rivera, robert, robinson, rock, rocket, rodney, role, rolo, rome, ron, roo, room, rope, rose, roster, rotten, route, row, roy, rump, run, rush, sachs, sad, safe, safety, saint, sale, salute, sam, sang, sans, santa, sarah, satisfied, sca, scale, scam artist, scamming, scary, scenario, scheduled, schmidt, schoo, scientists, score, screw, script, scripts, scumbag, sean, search, seattle, secondary, secretary, secrets, section, secure, seem, seiko, select, selling, sen, sends, sense, sensitive, september, serve, served, service, services, session, sessions, set, settlement, settles, setup, sex, shared, shares, sharing, shaw, sheet, sheriff, shills, ship, shirley, shock, shocking, shoe, shooting, shop, shopping, short, shortly, shot, shouldn, showed, shows, shut, shutdown, sign, signed, signing, silent, silver, simon, simple, simply, sims, singh, singing, sinking, sir, site, skin, slammer, small, small business, smarter, smith, smoke, snitch, social security, socks, sold, sole, solicited, som, son, song, sons, soo, sooner, sorrow, sorry, sounds, sour, source, sources, speaker, special, specifically, spend, spent, spice, spider, split, spreading, staff, stage, stamford, star, stars, start, starting, starts, state, stated, staten island, states, statistic, stats, status, stay, stays, steal, stealing, steals, stein, stephanie, steve, steven, stiffed, stock, stole, stone, stones, stood, stop, stories, story, strategies, strategy, stream, streaming, street, strike, striking, strip, student, students, stupid, style, submit, subs, succeed, successful, suckers, sucks, sue, sued, suitable, sul, sum, summary, summer, summers, sun, sunday, super, supervision, supplement, supported, supporting, survey, surveys, survive, suspended, sweat, sweet, swift, sylvia, system, systems, tag, take a look, taken, takes, talent, talk, talking, talks, tall, tan, tapes, tara, targeted, taste, tax fraud, taxes, teach, team, ted, tells, tendance, teresa, test, testify, texans, texas, text, textile, thankful, the new york times, the wall, theft, theif, theives, theory, theresa, they, thieves, thinks, thompson, thought, thread, threads, threatened, threatens, threats, throw, thursday, ticket, tie, tied, ties, time, times, tips, title, tme, today, told, tolerance, tonight, tools, top, tor, total, totally, touch, tough, tour, town, toyota, trac, track, trade, trail, trails, trainers, transfer, transition, traveling, travelling, travelocity, treatment, treats, trench, trolling, trouble, trusted, tsa, tuesday, twist, types, typing, tyson, ubes, ugly, uncle, under oath, une, union, unis, united, united states, unlimited, updates, upper, ups, upset, urban, urgent, url, usa, users, usual, vacation, vacation packages, valley, van, vehicle, ventures, verification, verify, version, vest, veteran, veterans, vice, vicious, victoria, view, vince, viola, viole, violent, virtual, vital, wait, waiting, walker, wallace, walmart, wang, wanted, ward, warehouse, warren, wars, wary, waste, watching, water, wayne, ways, weak, wearing, wednesday, week, weeks, weird, welcome, wesley, west, western, whats, wheel, whistle, wide, williams, wilson, win, winner, winning, wins, winter, wir, wire, wise, witch, withdraw, wolf, woma, won, wonderful, wont, wordpress, wore, work, worked, worker, workers, working, workplace, worth, worthy, wow, wreck, writes, writing, wrong, wtf, www, yahoo, year, years, yesterday, york, young, youtube, yrs 26 Deleted Post(s)
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  40. As Gas Prices Go Up, Impact Trickles Down

    Started by sojustask, 05-01-2006 01:32 AM
    $100, 000, accepted, accounts, accurate, addiction, address, afford, affordable, age, agreement, alcohol, ama, amanda, america, american, another, apartment, april, arab, article, association, ation, attacking, attention, auto, automotive, bad, based, bellevue, bill, billion, blame, ble, blend, blue, body, boston, bro, broke, brooklyn, bur, business, button, called, canadian, capital, car, card, cars, cash, cattle, caught, ceiling, cent, cer, chance, chicken, church, clients, clinic, close, college, college students, colorado, commercial, community, company., compensation, components, con, concerned, condi, consumers, continue, contrast, corporation, cost, country, county, credit, curry, customer, customers, dan, date, daughter, day, days, debate, decided, defending, demand, detroit, development, dick, didn, digit, dinner, dollar, don, double, dow, drugs, dry, early, east, economist, economists, emissions, energy, entire, equipment, eva, experience, experts, eye, factories, factory, fall, fast, fault, federal, feel, field, financial, forces, forget, fra, friday, friends, front, fuel, future, games, gas, generation, girls, give, global, gonzalez, great, group, growing, growth, guitar, hai, ham, hamburgers, hard, heads, helps, hey, high, higher, his, home, hon, honorable, hot, hourly, hours, house, html, huge, hurricanes, imagine, ime, impact, improved, industry, information, insurance, investing, ion, iowa, island, isn, jersey, job, katrina, kinds, land, lane, last, leading, leaving, lee, legally, light, listen, living, local, locker, long, looming, lot, loves, lunch, mail, making, market, mass, matt, mea, meals, meet, members, mental, million, money, month, more, morning, nation, neo, new jersey, newest, news, north, numbers, nurse, ohio, oil, open, operations, orange, order, orders, oregon, organization, owns, paper, part, pas, passed, pathetic, pay, paying, pennsylvania, people, perfect, person, peter, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, picture, pipeline, planned, planning, plans, plant, plants, policy, preparing, presiden, price, prices, private, problems, production, products, profits, public, pump, pure, putting, quick, quickly, rated, raw, read, ready, real, red, regular, rent, replace, replacing, research, rich, ridiculous, rio, rip, rips, rise, rising, risk, rita, room, rose, run, scale, score, seattle, section, seem, sen, sense, shares, shipping, shock, shoo, shooting, shop, short, sign, signed, simply, site, small, sold, sounds, source, spin, star, state, states, step, stop, strategies, strategy, student, students, style, subs, summer, supplier, supply, surge, sweat, system, systems, talking, tan, team, theory, they, thieves, thinks, thought, threw, ticket, time, times, today, told, tough, town, trade, transportation, treats, truck, union, united, united states, university, url, vic, victoria, waiting, warming, wash, waste, watch, watched, watching, week, wheel, wolf, won, workers, working, worse, year, years, york
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  41. Mumps Moves Back to Center Stage

    Started by sojustask, 04-21-2006 04:49 PM
    abortion, age, ale, america, americans, aware, big, break, breaks, center, cer, college, college students, country, days, deaf, decades, december, develop, double, dow, effective, experience, fec, federal, focus, fully, gave, hard, healthy, hey, high, his, hit, illness, ime, immunity, iowa, key, largest, lead, more, national, officials, people, problems, protects, rare, reason, risk, run, show, signs, small, spreading, stage, states, striking, students, suddenly, ted, they, thought, throw, time, virus, worse, years, young
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  42. 1 Step System

    Started by richardboyce, 04-18-2006 04:02 AM
    $100, $400, $4000, 000, 129, 2001, 302, 811, ???, abandoned, abuser, abusers, acceptance, access, account, accounting, accounts, accurate, accusation, accused, act, acted, action, actions, activate, active, actor, acts, add, address, admired, admit, admitted, ads, adsense, adult, advance, advanced, advertising, advice, advisor, affairs, affidavit, affiliates, afford, affordable, age, agen, ages, agreement, agrees, aid, ain, aint, aka, ale, alert, alive, allegations, alleged, allowed, allowing, ama, amazing, ame, american, amsterdam, andrew, annual, another, answer, aol, apartment, apes, apex, apologize, apology, app, appeared, appears, appreciated, approve, april, archive, aries, army, arrival, art, article, artists, ashamed, ass, assigned, assistant, associate, association, ation, atlanta, atm, attacking, attacks, attempts, attention, attitude, attorney general, attracts, audience, audio, aus, australia, authentic, authority, authorization, authorized, authors, auto, ave, avoid, avoiding, award, aware, baby, bad, balls, ban, banks, banned, base, based, basement, basic, basically, basics, bayside, be aware, beach, beard, bears, beat, beating, becareful, bed, behalf, behavior, ben, benefits, bet, better, bigger, biggest, bio, birds, birthday, bit, bite, biz, blame, blanche, blatant, blessed, block, blood, blown, blu, blue, bluff, body, bogus, bolt, bombs, bonus, books, booming, boost, boot, boots, border, boston, bounty, bow, bowl, boxes, boy, brand, break, breakfast, breaking, breath, bribe, bribed, bricks, brief, bright, bring, bringing, bro, broke, brooks, brow, brown, bryan, buddy, building, bull, bunch, bur, bureau, burns, bushel, business, businesses, buy, buys, bye, cake, called, calling, calls, camden, campaign, cannot, capture, captured, car, card, care, careful, carefully, cares, cargo, carrier, carry, cars, case, cash, catch, caught, caused, causing, ccc, cell, center, central, centre, ceo, ceos, cer, chain, challenge, chan, chance, chart, charter, chase, che, chea, checking, cheese, cheney, chris, christi, christian, christmas, christopher, church, citizens, civil, claim, claiming, claims, clark, class, clean, cleaning, clever, cli, click, clickbank, clients, clo, close, closes, clown, club, coa, code, coin, collect, collected, collection, college, college students, comfy, coming, comments, commercial, commit, committing, common, communication, community, company, company., comparison, compensation, complain, complete, completely, complex, compliance, comprehension, con, concerned, concerns, confirmed, congratulations, connection, constant, constantly, consumers, contest, continue, contractor, contributed, conveniently, conversation, convictions, cop, copies, core, corner, corporate, corporation, correct, cost, costly, costs, couldn, counting, countries, country, county, couple, courts, cover, cowboys, crap, crazy, cream, creates, credentials, credibility, credible, credit, credit cards, crew, crimes, criminals, crisis, crook, 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future, gain, gals, gary, gas, gave, gdi, gee, gen, general, general public, generation, generators, genious, ggg, girl, girls, give, gmail, gold, gonna, good, goodbye, google, goose, gotta, gov, governor, grace, gram, grand, grant, greatest, green, greens, ground, group, groups, growth, guarantee, guaranteed, gullible, guru, gut, guy, guys, hacking, hahaha, ham, hamburgers, hand, handed, handle, hands, happiness, harbor, hard, harder, harry, hasn, haters, hates, hay, head, heading, healing, healthy, heart, heart disease, held, hell, helped, helping, helps, hero, hey, hidden, hide, hiding, high, higher, highly, hire, hiring, his, holds, home based, homes, homework, hon, honor, horrible, horse, hosting, hot, hotels, hotmail, hours, house, how to get, howard, html, https, huge, huma, human, hurt, husband, hyip, hypocritical, ial, ian, ica, ici, identify, identity, idiot, idiots, ignorant, ignore, ignored, ill, illegally, illness, image, images, imagine, ime, immune, immunity, impact, 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sole, solicited, solid, solo, son, song, songs, soo, sooner, sorry, sounds, source, sources, spammer, spamming, sparen, speaker, speaking, speaks, specialty, specifically, spend, spent, spider, spineless, split, spreading, staff, stage, star, start, starting, starts, stat, state, stated, states, status, stay, steal, stealing, stein, step, stephanie, sterling, stock, stone, stones, stop, stories, story, stranger, strangers, strategies, strategy, stream, strike, striking, strip, student, stupid, style, styles, submissive, submit, subpoena, subs, succeed, success story, successful, suck, suckers, sucks, sue, sued, suicide, sul, sum, summary, summer, sun, super, supported, supporter, supporting, supports, suppose, supreme court, survey, surveys, survive, suspended, swe, sweat, sweet, system, systems, tactic, tag, taint, tak, take a look, taken, takes, talent, talk, talking, talks, tall, tampering, tan, tap, tapes, targeted, teach, ted, tells, terrorist, test, testify, testing, texas, text, thanksgiving, the truth about, theft, theif, theives, theory, they, thieves, thinks, thought, thread, threads, threaten, threatened, threatening, threats, threw, throw, thursday, ticket, tied, ties, time, times, tips, title, today, told, tolerance, tone, tonight, tools, top, tor, total, totally, touch, tough, town, toxic, trac, track, tracks, trade, trail, transfers, transparent, transport, travelling, treated, treatment, tribute, tricks, trouble, truck, trusted, tuesday, twins, twist, typing, ubes, ugly, ultimate, unauthorized, uncalled, undeniable, une, unfamiliar, unfortunate, united, united states, universe, unlimited, update, upload, ups, upset, urged, urgent, url, usa, user, users, usual, vacations, van, vanish, vendi, ventures, verifiable, verify, verre, version, vest, veteran, veterans, vice, vicious, view, village, vince, vinci, viola, viole, violence, viral marketing, virginia, virtual, voted, wait, waiting, waking, walmart, wanted, warehouse, warren, wars, wary, waste, 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