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  1. where's there's smoke

    Started by lexx, 10-01-2018 07:53 PM
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  2. Company Fraudster BARZ TRANS SRL

    Started by BLACKWOLF64, 08-07-2018 02:04 AM
    accept, buyer, commission, company, dishonest, fake, firm, frauds, full, perjury, real, report, responsibility, revealed, scammer, seller, send, supply, work, write
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  3. Hillary Promotes Welfare Cheat

    Started by Joecool44, 05-25-2018 01:21 PM
    2015, 2016, black, candidate, cheat, child, clinton, court, false, food, fraud, hillary, hillary clinton, leader, news, perjury, plan, project, scandal, www
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    Last Post: 05-27-2018 01:39 PM
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  4. ♫ ♫ ♫ Stand By Your Man ♫ ♫ ♫

    Started by Yawn..., 08-29-2013 10:53 AM
    dating, facts, guilty, life, married, men, negro, perjury, stand, u.s., wife, www
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    Last Post: 09-06-2013 11:49 PM
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    Last Post: 06-13-2012 01:58 AM
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  5. More Filth Call for Censorship of Opposing Views

    Started by pwrone, 08-05-2011 11:19 AM
    america, balance, battle, call, censorship, credit, criminal, give, idea, media, par, perjury, problem, responsibility, table, video, words, www
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    Last Post: 08-05-2011 11:19 AM
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  6. Democraps overlook Sept 11th as always

    Started by danrush1966, 04-07-2011 02:25 AM
    911, attack, bill, bill clinton, bin, bin laden, clinton, congress, debt, economy, facts, fake, foreign, full, history, key, laden, lies, money, ora, perjury, plan, president, running, tax, u.s., work
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    Last Post: 04-07-2011 02:52 PM
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  7. Some People Get Away With Mass Murder & Perjury

    Started by dchristie, 10-17-2010 06:12 PM
    $100, acted, alleged, ame, america, bill, broken, cabinet, car, chapters, che, child, china, chinese government, clinton, collected, couldn, diploma, extended, feature, fred, gop, government, guess, held, impact, individuals, indonesia, job, lost, men, murder, nature, oath, past, people, perjury, president, rea, record, robert, secretary, secrets, select, stinks, type, version, vic, vice, wing, women, www
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    Last Post: 10-21-2010 09:31 AM
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  8. More Muslim Arab terrorists from Toledo?

    Started by David Ben-Ariel, 06-07-2010 04:33 AM
    alleged, america, arrested, charges, couple, dll, error, family, foreign, fraud, held, informant, insurance fraud, investigation, islam, major, money, murder, muslim, news, perjury, read more, restore, scheme, show, suddenly, support, white, wife, www
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    Last Post: 06-07-2010 04:33 AM
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  9. Another corrupt liberal bites the dust

    Started by Grim17, 01-06-2010 07:46 PM
    addition, agreement, agrees, ate, attorneys, bitch, bonus, catch, charity, city, corrupt, corruption, count, deal, guilty, hold, ice, investigation, liberals, media, men, money, news, notice, paid, pay, perjury, salary, trial, vic, www
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    Last Post: 01-07-2010 07:17 PM
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  10. $100 Mil To Probe Clinton BJ $4 Mil To Probe 911

    Started by dchristie, 07-16-2009 10:03 AM
    $100, 911, allowing, ame, america, bribery, business, chinese, clinton, conflict, deal, deals, defense, dollars, feature, gop, guilty, hypocrites, important, investigate, investigation, job, life, marc rich, misinformation, molds, money, nature, penis, perjury, playboy, profit, sale, secrets, treason, type, vic, www
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    Last Post: 07-18-2009 07:12 AM
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  11. Poll: Does it matter?

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 11-29-2008 02:51 PM
    america, americans, banker, business, candidates, cheating, clinton, connecticut, domestic, friends, hypocritical, job, kid, law, life, oath, obama, par, past, people, perjury, political, president, reality, representative, running, saints, school, secrets, serve, terrorists, vic, vows, wife
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    Last Post: 11-30-2008 04:42 PM
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  12. Craigslist fake cashiers checks

    Started by 419 Nigerian, 09-23-2008 09:27 AM
    bank, big, business, check, clear, craigslist, deal, deposit, doing business, enjoy, fake, guess, illegal, king, money, pay, perjury, plan, prison, scam, scammers, tools, war, warn, website
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    Last Post: 09-26-2008 05:08 PM
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  13. Can bill get whitehouse security clearance?

    Started by oneway, 01-15-2008 01:25 PM
    bill, bill clinton, bush, cleaning, cleara, clinton, cons, defective, fit, friends, give, guess, hillary, hillary wins, ice, idiot, intern, interns, lawyer, liberal, liberals, mea, pay, perjury, proud, security, sex, show, vic, white, white house, word, www
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    Last Post: 01-16-2008 06:30 AM
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  14. Is Cheney Next?

    Started by ianmatthews, 02-23-2007 08:32 PM
    agree, air, ame, blame, bush, charges, che, cheney, clinton, crime, deal, defense, gonna, guess, guilty, hold, hope, horse, ice, indictment, justice, level, master, men, neo, obstruction, obstruction of justice, people, perjury, problem, reporters, script, stand, start, told, witness, writer
    • Replies: 7
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    Last Post: 02-23-2007 09:22 PM
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  15. Bush and Cheney should be impeached

    Started by researchisthekey, 11-09-2006 05:48 PM
    account, acts, agendas, ags, ahhhhh, ain, alert, aliens, amendment, american, another, appears, april, article, ass, attention, authority, authorized, bankers, based, basically, big, blatant, blood, books, breaks, brown, building, bur, bush, called, campaign, camps, central, cer, chairman, charles, che, chea, cheney, chris, christian, citizens, cli, clinto, clinton, close, code, coin, college, coming, complete, completely, complicit, concealed, condi, continue, cop, corporation, correct, cost, courts, cover, credit, crime, criminal, currency, dana, day, death, declared, deeds, demand, department, deserve, destroyed, diploma, diplomatic, disaster, distract, doesn, don, dont, duck, due, dyi, dying, electio, ends, enemy, executive order, executive orders, expand, experience, experts, explained, expose, exposes, face, faced, fashion, fathers, feast, fed, federal, federal reserve, fema, field, financial, first amendment, fla, flat, foundation, francis, freedom, fulfilled, fund, future, gave, geneva convention, george, global, government, green, hand, head, held, hell, hey, highly, holiday, homework, hopeless, house, huma, human, humans, ial, ian, ignorant, impact, impeached, important, improved, individuals, influence, institution, inter, interest, isn, jack, john, joined, journalist, justify, kennedy, late, laugh, liberal, liberty, lied, limits, line, loan, local, london, long, longer, lying, making, mankind, mea, meet, members, men, million, millions, money, nam, national, national debt, nations, nature, needed, network, newspaper, oath, office, operations, ora, ordered, outs, owned, par, parade, part, patriot, patriots, pen, people, performance, perjury, pet, play, police state, policies, pos, post, posted, posts, poverty, power, presiden, president, prevent, printing, problem, problems, proceedings, profiles, protected, public, public opinion, publishers, queen, questions, raw, reality, refused, regime, removed, reporter, research, response, revenge, rio, riots, rise, roy, rule, rules, sept, september, service, short, simply, site, small, smear, socialism, solo, solution, soo, specifically, sphere, start, stated, states, stock, stone, stop, strength, strip, stupid, succeed, successful, supported, table, taken, threats, times, title, told, tonight, totally, trac, trillion, u.s. government, ultimate, unauthorized, under oath, united, united states, unprecedented, virtue, warfare, welfare, wide, wikipedia, wins, wise, world, york
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    Last Post: 11-12-2006 06:01 PM
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    Last Post: 03-01-2006 02:33 AM
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  16. Words of Wisdom for Karl

    Started by bairdi, 12-09-2005 04:34 AM
    accused, administration, aff, age, agen, agent, agreed, ambassador, answer, article, away, blown, building, bur, bureau, car, case, cell, che, cheney, chicago, chief, cia, criminal, day, days, december, dick, dick cheney, disclosing, early, editor, eye, fbi, federal, firm, five, forgot, gra, grand, guilty, had, helped, hey, home, hours, house, husband, identify, identity, ill, ime, indicted, intelligence, iraqi, issue, jay, jim, justice, kelly, last, law, leak, leaked, legal, life, lying, magazine, matt, meeting, more, national, news, nigh, night, obstruction, obstruction of justice, office, officer, patrick, perjury, presiden, president, problems, prosecutor, questions, quote, real, reporter, resigned, rick, robert, rove, section, session, short, ski, skin, slam, special, spent, staff, status, they, threat, throw, thursday, time, told, tor, url, vice, vice president, wednesday, wilson, words, world, years
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    Last Post: 12-09-2005 08:15 PM
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    Last Post: 10-26-2005 04:43 PM
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