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  1. Higher Consciousness & Your Career

    Started by Whispering wind, 11-09-2005 06:32 AM
    ???, admit, advice, ain, amp, another, are, aren, asy, attitude, awakening, aware, awesome, back, beauty, become, benefits, best, bet, better, bit, books, bored, brain, bull, business, bust, call, called, cannot, cant, capital, career, case, common, complete, completely, consciousness, covers, dane, day, days, deep, desert, desire, ding, direction, doesn, don, dont, door, dow, dropping, dying, earth, empty, energy, enter, eternity, experience, extreme, fal, fall, falter, fast, feel, feeling, feels, financial, find, fla, flat, front, getting, good, gra, gran, grant, great, greater, ground, guys, happen, hard, head, healing, help, helping, hey, higher, highly, him, his, hold, hose, hunter, imagine, ime, important, in front, individual, infinite, ing, ion, job, jour, journey, joy, just, kind, know, lead, learn, less, light, like, line, linguistics, long, loose, loser, losers, make, makes, many, mark, matter, mea, meaning, meditation, mel, mental, mind, moment, more, mother, motivational, move, ner, never, number, only, onto, opportunities, order, par, part, pass, passed, perception, personality, place, plane, point, pos, post, posts, presence, process, progress, pull, pure, push, quit, quote, raging, range, reality, recruiting, related, ride, rising, rock, secure, seem, semi, sense, set, shoo, side, simply, slow, small, soo, sounds, speak, spend, spiritual, spirituality., star, starts, strange, successful, support, supreme, sure, survival, sweet, swi, take, takes, tal, than, the, themselves, they, thick, thing, thought, thread, tick, time, times, tock, traveling, turned, uni, ure, ven, venture, vince, walking, weight, weird, when, will, work, world, writing, wrong, years, you, your
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    Last Post: 11-16-2005 07:16 AM
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  2. any input on PASTOR MELISSA SCOTT

    Started by knightmare3000, 12-26-2008 09:36 AM
    ame, area, business, call, car, email, find, free, give, guess, late, learning, linguistics, married, money, people, scam, scandal, school, send, show, tax, televised, training, website, word, www
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    Last Post: 12-30-2008 06:30 AM
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  3. I am an X retired scam artist, ask me a question

    Started by BrianM, 01-11-2009 09:35 PM
    419 scam, acn, banker, beware, bible, catch, credit cards, dollars, entertainment, extra, gals, gifts, give, home, illegal, karma, life, linguistics, link, list, men, money, nope, online, people, plan, program, queen, reality, regular, return, sale, scam, scam artist, scammer, school, send, shut up, storm, stranger, survey, typing, work, world
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    Last Post: 04-20-2009 12:07 PM
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  4. “Old Age ain’t for Sissies”—Betty Davis

    Started by coberst, 01-27-2009 11:27 AM
    call, code, cons, consciousness, courage, doctor, euthanasia, fight, find, give, health, history, hold, immortality, important, learn, liberals, linguistics, microsoft, notice, past, people, problem, reality, slow, social, sound, tech, tools, truth, turn, undeniable, wealth
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    Last Post: 01-27-2009 11:27 AM
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  5. Richard Dawkins' Ignorance

    Started by BarackZero, 03-30-2009 10:06 AM
    ama, attempts, authors, basics, bible, bomb, bush, catch, charles, couldn, documentation, education, energy, evidence, fails, faulty, finally, focus, football, fred, fun, funny, gee, george bush, give, god, held, history, honest, humans, hypocritical, important, individuals, infected, information, inherited, jobs, knock, liberals, linguistics, meyer, nature, ora, people, pissing, proof, public opinion, racist, random, recently, rope, science, show, shut up, sound, submit, tone, united states, universe, university, verifiable, wont 1 Deleted Post(s)
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    Last Post: 01-19-2010 08:44 AM
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  6. Come to Zeus before it's too late!

    Started by mike pulcinella, 06-29-2009 09:26 PM
    amount, bot, easy, entertainment, fixed, fun, funny, gay, gays, god, guilty, hail, hats, hear, hit, hope, humans, idea, images, isaac, largest, late, linguistics, mankind, men, owned, par, pay, penis, people, proper, spin, spot, suitable, woman
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    Last Post: 07-06-2009 06:57 AM
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  7. Noam Chomsky: A beautiful mind

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 10-17-2009 12:04 PM
    acted, agree, agreement, america, americans, annual, ate, ben, bin, bomb, charter, code, cons, easy, fails, fine, free, guess, hope, industry, kennedy, laden, linguistics, mankind, men, mild, news, obama, obama’s, online, par, pay, people, political, produce, reform, running, session, sort, united states, william, wing, www
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    Last Post: 10-19-2009 11:42 AM
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  8. Leapforce IS A SCAM!

    Started by Tair, 11-24-2009 11:31 AM
    129, agreement, attempts, attitude, bonus, call, catch, companies, company, complaints, contracts, couch, couldn, differently, dot, experience, faulty, find, free, friend, hahaha, home, honest, hope, humans, images, industry, internet, linguistics, love, malibu, monitoring, nature, paid, par, paypal, people, prepared, programmer, qualifications, random, ratings, rea, reality, renewal, representative, ress, reviews, reward, scam, scheme, score, seekers, shoes, sites, sound, stats, stinks, submit, survey, sweat, testing, tools, upload, version, weed, wont, work, work at home jobs, www, yay 4 Deleted Post(s)
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    Last Post: 11-13-2017 04:27 PM
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  9. Wake Up Masses

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 01-19-2010 08:03 AM
    agreement, america, attitude, ben, bigots, bitch, bomb, captain, chase, che, couldn, defends, differently, duped, enemies, experience, extra, facts, fine, force, guess, hai, hate, history, humans, islam, liberals, linguistics, mankind, media, military, mlk, nature, occupy, ora, parents, prepared, project, proof, propaganda, rea, reality, republican, reward, rolls, satan, school, serve, sharing, spin, the military, urban, watch, wife, world
    • Replies: 143
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    Last Post: 01-24-2010 08:51 AM
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  10. The Deniable Darwin by David Berlinski

    Started by pwrone, 03-22-2010 08:58 PM
    129, air, archives, attitude, catch, chan, change, crime, design, dishonest, esq, force, holidays, identifying, images, industry, life, linguistics, natural, number, par, political, prejudice, random, ratings, raw, rea, reality, remain, science, score, secrets, side, ski, spreading, study, stuff, supporters, survival, word, words, world, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
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    Last Post: 12-02-2011 09:46 PM
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  11. Liberals: Half BILLION To Teach Kids to Sit Still

    Started by pwrone, 05-27-2011 09:58 AM
    acceptance, attack, basics, behavior, children, deal, differently, diploma, fun, gop, grades, health, held, james, kathleen, kids, learning, linguistics, love, million, murder, obama, plan, problems, program, raw, reform, responsibility, reward, score, secret, shapes, spin, stuff, teaching, truth, www
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    Last Post: 05-28-2011 07:09 AM
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  12. America In Decline

    Started by willyjoe, 08-09-2011 09:34 AM
    america, battle, corporate governance, education, elec, fight, foreign, fraud, free, health, impact, international, jobs, king, linguistics, macro, medicaid, nobel, number, political science, qualifications, real estate, record, republican, robert, science, steven, tech, thomas, training, video, www
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    Last Post: 08-10-2011 11:05 AM
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  13. The SCAM of religion, memes and videos...

    Started by ohein56, 04-20-2015 07:58 PM
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    Last Post: 11-02-2018 12:59 PM
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  14. More Peaceful Mohammedans in America

    Started by CarlinAnnArbor, 11-07-2015 12:12 PM
    2015, agree, america, americans, angry, attitude, call, choice, clear, crime, god, guess, identifying, kid, last post, linguistics, live, neutralize, parents, people, plan, rules, spin, testimony, war, white, word, www
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    Last Post: 11-10-2015 04:30 PM
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  15. God's Plans Gone Astray

    Started by Cnance, 06-10-2017 12:45 PM
    • Replies: 100
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    Last Post: 02-19-2019 01:29 PM
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  16. Obama Woos Gun-toting God Nuts--Coulter

    Started by pwrone, 04-21-2008 02:37 AM
    $100, agreement, aliens, america, beer, ben, business, catch, crimes, fails, fake, foreign, fortune, gay, god, gun, held, human, ice, images, impersonation, individuals, jobs, john, king, labor, liberal, liberals, linguistics, lol, mandatory, military, money, nam, number, obama, oil, operation, owns, p.c., par, pennsylvania, people, photos, political, programing, record, refused, regular, reliable, security, sex, sharing, spent, tax, thinks, top, training, view, words
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    Last Post: 04-24-2008 09:38 PM
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  17. worst disasters to ever befall the human race.

    Started by Paladine, 03-25-2008 09:53 AM
    acts, aka, america, american, animal, arrested, asy, attitude, bankers, bomb, bumping, bur, bus, bush, cars, cons, coward, damn, data, destroyed, doctor, engineering, engineers, error, establishment, firm, free, guess, health, held, history, hopeless, huge, human, hypocritical, important, joke, keepin, kids, largest, liberal, liberals, linguistics, loves, manager, mea, military, misinformation, mortgage, nam, nation, national, nature, noble, pay, planned, poor, pretending, public opinion, pyramid, raw, reality, record, religion, rev, ronald reagan, salvation, spreading, teaching, team, top, track, transparent, truth, united states, view, warning, william, wilson, women, world
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    Last Post: 03-25-2008 04:10 PM
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  18. Internet Opinion Group offer rip-off

    Started by beesong, 03-06-2006 12:34 AM
    account, act, address, admit, aha, ain, allowed, american, another, answer, aol, aol., app, arms, art, ass, asy, ation, authority, aware, bad, ban, banned, beat, bet, better, bit, boards, books, boosts, bored, boy, brain, break, bringing, bro, bullcrap, bunch, business, calling, card, care, cares, catch, cell, cer, chase, cheese, children, claim, class, classic, clean, clear, close, coming, commit, common, complete, cook, correct, cover, crack, crazy, credit, credit card, credit cards, crying, dam, damn, date, day, days, dea, death, deliver, demand, denial, dept, desire, didn, difficult, dig, documentation, doesn, dog, dollar, don, dont, dow, dropping, dudley, ear, earned, earth, ebb, english, enter, experience, expose, fast, fat, fault, fear, feel, final, find, folks, forgot, forum, fra, free, freebie, fusion, future, gift, gifts, gonna, good, grant, great, group, groups, guarantee, guy, guys, hahaha, hand, hands, happening, hard, hates, head, heads, hell, hey, hide, high, his, home, honor, hours, house, ici, idiot, idiots, ignore, ill, imagine, ime, important, insanity, insults, inter, internet, ion, isn, jack, joined, journey, joy, judge, junk, kettle, kicked, kicking, kind, kinds, land, large, last, laugh, likes, linguistics, lis, list, living, long, los, loser, losing, lost, lot, mad, making, materials, matter, mea, meet, members, membership, michael, millions, minutes, moment, more, move, muscles, nervous, north, nose, november, offer, office, official, open, opinion, order, pages, part, pas, pending, perfectly, person, place, plane, ploy, poor, pos, post, posted, posting, posts, power, qualified, quality, question, questions, quit, quote, raise, read, real, relax, replace, response, ress, rich, rip, roll, rolls, room, route, run, rush, sad, safe, san, scott, search, searching, seem, sen, sense, set, show, showed, sign, signed, simply, sir, site, sorry, sounds, spanish, speaking, spend, star, stated, stay, stop, students, stuff, stupid, sul, suppose, survey, talk, talking, teach, ted, they, thinks, thought, thread, threads, time, top, track, trial, trolls, trouble, ugly, universe, university, ups, url, user, vacation, virtual, wait, waiting, wanted, wearing, welcome, whats, won, work, working, world, worst, worth, woud, write, writing, wrote, year, yesterday, young
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  19. What is your opinion of Waddell & Reed?

    Started by vykyng, 10-31-2006 12:18 AM
    $10 million, $100, 000, 2001, 2008, 302, access, account, accountability, accounting, accounts, accredited, accurate, accusation, accused, acquisitions, acted, action, actions, add, addition, address, admit, admitted, adult, advance, advanced, advantages, adviser, advisor, affairs, age, agen, ages, agreed, agreement, ain, aka, ale, alert, allegations, alleged, allowed, allowing, ama, amendment, american, angeles, animals, anniversary, annual, anny, another, apology, appears, appointment, appointments, approval, approved, april, area, aries, article, artist, artists, ass, asset, assistant, attempts, attention, authentic, authors, avalanche, avoid, award, awarded, aware, babies, baby, bad, bag, balance, ban, bang, banned, barron, based, basic, basically, beat, bed, behalf, benchmark, beneficial, benefits, bet, bets, bigger, biggest, bin, bio, bit, bitch, blame, blaming, blatant, blood, blue, boards, books, boot, boots, border, box, boxes, boy, bravo, breach, break, breaking, bright, bring, bringing, building, bull, bullshit, bunch, bur, buried, burst, business, buys, cake, called, calls, calm, campaign, cancel, card, care, career, careful, carrier, carry, case, cash, cattle, caught, causing, central, cer, chairman, chan, chance, channel, charities, che, chea, chris, church, citi, class, classic, clean, clever, clients, clueless, collect, college, coming, comments, communication, communism, community, company, company., comparison, compensation, complain, complete, completely, complex, compliance, comprehension, concerns, condi, confirmed, confirms, conflict of interest, conflicts, congratulations, congressional, conservative, constant, consumers, contemptible, continue, conversation, corporate, correct, cost, costs, couldn, country, couple, court, courts, cove, cover, crack, crash, crazy, credentials, credibility, credible, credit, critical, crook, crowd, crying, customer, cuz, daddy, damn, dan, daniel, daughter, day, days, dead, dear, death, debating, decades, decided, deciding, decision, deep, defend, defended, defending, deliver, denial, department, deserve, differently, difficult, dig, digit, dirt, discount, discover, discussing, distract, division, dll, doctors, documentation, doesn, dollar, don, dont, door, double, dow, drink, drop, dry, duck, due, duped, earlier, earn, earning, eat, edward, elected, ells, eme, emergency, endorsed, enter, entry, equipment, error, essential, estate, ethical, excellent, executives, exo, experience, explained, expose, express, extra, extremely, eyes, face, facing, factor, facts, fail, fall, families, famous, fantastic, fat, father, feature, federal, fee, felt, fidelity, field, figures, files, financial, financial advisor, financially, financials, finding, first amendment, fla, flat, focus, folks, fool, fooled, frank, fraudulent, friday, front, fuck, fund, funds, future, gary, gas, gave, gen, give, gli, gold, goldman, goldman sachs, gonna, gotta, greatest, greg, ground, group, growth, guarantee, guru, gut, guys, hahaha, hand, handle, hands, harder, hasn, head, headquarters, hear, heart, held, hell, helped, helping, helps, hey, hide, high, higher, highly, hire, holds, hole, holiday, homework, honor, horrible, horse, hospital, hot, hourly, house, html, https, huge, hurt, ial, identify, identifying, idiot, idiots, ignorant, ignore, ill, image, imagine, immune, impact, important, impressive, improved, inc., incident, include, incredible, individuals, industries, industry, influence, info, insider, insurance, inter, interest, internal, interview, investigated, investing, investments, involved, isn, issues, item, jail, jim, job, john, joined, joke, joy, judge, kick, kickbacks, killed, killer, kind, knock, lady, large, latest, laugh, lawmakers, lawsuit, lawsuits, lazy, lead, lean, leaving, lets, letters, liberal, license, lied, likes, limbaugh, line, lines, linguistics, lis, listen, living, loan, local, lol, long, long run, longer, los, loser, loves, lunch, lying, lynch, mad, mail, making, manager, mark, market, markets, martial, mass, mea, meaningless, meet, meeting, mel, members, memory, mental, mentally, mentions, merry, middle, milking, million, mind, misinformation, mock, model, monaco, monday, money, month, morgan, moron, mortgage, mother, move, multi, named, national, nature, needed, net, network, new york times, nice, nixon, nope, notes, numbers, nyt, october, offered, office, ongoing, onli, open, opinion, opportunity, opposite, options, order, ordered, orders, org, organization, organizations, outs, owned, owns, pal, pals, paper, par, part, passed, pathetic, payment, payments, payout, pays, pen, perception, perfect, perfectly, performance, person, personal, pet, picked, picture, piece, pissed, pissing, planning, plans, platform, play, played, pleasant, policies, policy, pool, poor, popping, pos, position, positive, post, posted, posting, posts, potential, power, prepared, presiden, pressed, pretending, prevent, price, principles, prn, problem, process, productive, products, professional, profit, promised, promotes, propped, protect, public, pull, pulled, punishment, pure, push, qualifications, qualified, quality, question, questions, quick, quit, rains, raise, rampage, ran, random, rape, rare, rated, raw, rea, reaction, real, reality, realtor, reason, reasonable, reasons, receiving, red, refund, registered, regular, regulatory, release, releases, reliable, removed, rep, replacing, representative, reputations, research, respect, respond, responds, response, results, retired, returns, revive, ria, rick, ring, rising, risk, rolls, roo, room, rooms, route, royal, rush, rush limbaugh, sachs, sad, safe, sale, sans, sca, scale, scam artist, schwab, scottsdale, screw, scumbag, search, secure, select, sell, selling, sen, senate, sept, september, serve, service, services, settlement, settles, shared, shares, sharing, ship, shit, shooting, shop, short, shouldn, show, showed, shows, shut, shut up, sign, signed, signing, silent, simply, site, small, smith, smoke, sole, son, sons, soo, sounds, source, speaking, specifically, spent, spreading, star, start, starting, stated, states, statistic, stats, stays, steal, stealing, stein, stock, stop, stories, story, strategy, street, striking, stupid, style, submit, subs, succeed, success story, successful, suckers, sue, sued, suitable, summary, summer, sums, sun, super, supported, supporting, surgery, sweet, system, systems, take a look, taken, takes, talent, talk, talking, tap, taxes, teach, tells, test, text, the new york times, the wall, thinks, thought, thread, threads, thugs, thursday, ties, times, title, tme, told, tolerance, tone, tools, top, tor, total, totally, touch, tough, trac, track, trade, trail, training, transfer, treatment, treats, tribute, trim, trolls, trum, trusted, tuesday, types, typing, une, unfortunate, unit, united, united states, unprecedented, unwan, upper, upset, urged, url, usa, version, view, vince, waiting, wanted, watched, watching, ways, weak, wearing, wednesday, weeks, weird, wheel, wide, wilson, win, wins, wire, wired, woma, won, wonderful, wont, worked, working, world, worth, wow, wrap, writes, writing, year, years, yesterday, ymi, york, young, youtube 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  20. The Evangelical Phenomenon

    Started by bibleman, 11-22-2006 04:25 PM
    abuse, adult, advanced, africa, aide, allowed, allowing, america, another, article, ate, authority, ave, based, believers, blood, body, bumping, bunch, button, call, camp, campaign, capital, care, caught, center, central, cer, characteristics, chris, christian, church, class, cleaning, close, closet, coin, college, comments, community, company, complete, conservative, cruel, day, deserve, destroyed, differently, disgusting, divert, doesn, don, drug, drugs, establishment, excellent, exceptions, faced, fail, fall, favorite, folks, forces, free, front, gay, girls, god, ground, group, growth, hands, hats, held, hell, helped, helps, hey, high, horrible, horrors, huma, human, human sacrifice, humans, husband, ian, identify, imagine, important, islamic, israel, issues, jesus, jews, jim, judaism, land, law, lexx, liberal, liberals, life, line, linguistics, living, long, long run, los, mad, making, market, marriage, marti, martin, mea, members, millions, mind, model, mohamed, movie, multi, mystery, oppression, options, par, parade, part, paul, people, person, phenomenon, piece, played, poison, poor, pos, post, power, problem, protection, public, punishment, push, quality, questions, quiet, ran, rare, real, reality, reason, removed, respond, responsibility, riches, role, sacred, saints, salvation, sam, seattle, serve, service, settles, sex, ship, simply, ski, small, soft, soo, soul, spent, stars, stories, stream, submit, summer, systems, takes, talking, teach, technologies, threads, times, tolerance, top, torture, town, tradition, transfer, ultra, upset, url, view, village, violence, violent, weak, win, woma, wow, writes, young
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  21. Wickedness, Why?

    Started by galaxy, 08-07-2006 08:47 AM
    abandoned, absent, academy, account, accounting, accounts, accuracy, accurate, acted, action, acts, add, additionally, address, admit, admitted, advanced, advocates, aes, affairs, afraid, africa, african, agen, ages, agreed, agreement, agrees, aid, aide, airport, aka, alcohol, ale, alert, alexander, aliens, allowed, allowing, ama, american, andrew, animal, annual, another, appears, appointments, appreciated, approval, approved, armageddon, arriving, artists, ash, asher, assigned, associate, astrology, asy, attitude, attributes, aus, australia, austria, authority, authorized, authors, avoid, aware, azi, babies, balance, banned, banning, baro, based, basic, basically, bastards, be aware, bears, beat, beating, believers, ben, benefits, bible, biggest, bit, blame, block, blocking, blood, blown, body, books, boost, border, borrowed, bow, breaking, breaks, bright, british, building, bull, bunch, bur, cai, calm, campaign, camps, canadian, capabilities, capital, care, careful, carefully, carry, cast, catch, categories, catholic, cattle, caught, caused, causing, center, central, cer, chambers, chan, chance, channel, chapters, charities, charles, charter, chris, church, clans, class, clean, cleaning, clever, climax, clips, clo, close, coin, collection, coming, comments, commissioned, communication, community, complain, complement, complete, compliance, comprehension, compromised, concealed, confesses, confirmed, conflicts, connections, cons, continue, contributed, conveniently, cop, corporate, corporation, cost, couldn, counterfeit, counting, countries, courts, cover, crap, credit, crew, crisis, critical, cross of christ, crowd, cruel, cure, custom, cyrus, damn, dan, daniel, dark, darkness, daughter, david, day, dead, dear, death, debate, debating, decades, decision, declared, deep, defeat, defeated, defended, deliver, delivery, demand, description, deserve, designated, designs, destroyed, destruction, devastating, development, devil, differences, differently, difficult, dio, disaster, disease, disgusting, disinformation, disputed, disrespect, disrupt, dissidents, district, division, dna, documentation, doe, doesn, dollar, dominican, don, dons, dont, doomsday, door, dope, draws, drew, drink, drop, drug, duality, due, dun, dying, earl, earn, editing, effective, egypt, electio, ells, eme, emergency, emily, emmanuel, end of the world, end times, ends, endurance, enemy, england, enter, entry, environment, epochs, equipment, error, essential, establishment, esteemed, evening, evils, examples, excel, excellent, expand, experience, expert, explained, expose, extra, extreme, extremely, eye, faced, factor, fail, fails, faithful, fall, families, fans, farms, fashion, fat, fatal, favoring, fec, fed, fee, fema, fidelity, fight, figures, fix, fla, fled, flooded, flux, folks, fond, forces, foreigners, forgiveness, formula, fortune, foundation, france, frank, franklin, fraudulent, freinds, front, fulfilled, fund, funded, future, galilee, gay, gems, gen, generation, giants, girls, give, global, god, gold, gonna, grace, grant, green, greeting, ground, group, growth, gullible, guys, hahaha, hai, hammer, handed, hands, harder, hates, head, headquarters, healing, hear, hearts, heb, held, hell, helped, helping, helps, hey, hidden, hidden agenda, hide, higher, highly, hight, holds, holidays, homeland, homosexual, honey, horrible, horrors, horse, hot, house, how to get, hre, hthe, html, huge, huma, human, humans, husband, hyper, hypocrites, ial, ian, ici, identifies, identify, identifying, identity, idiot, idiots, ignorant, image, images, imagine, immortality, immune, important, incident, include, india, indiana, indicating, individuals, industries, infected, influence, info, inheritance, inherited, injury, insanity, institution, instructed, interest, involved, involves, involving, isaac, islands, issues, italy, jesus, jewelry, jim, jimmy, john, joined, joke, judge, judgement, justify, karma, keyword, kicked, king, kiss, knitting, knocks, lady, lake, land, large, late, laugh, lazy, leaders, lean, lesser, lessons, letters, lexx, liberals, lied, likes, limbo, limits, line, linguistics, lions, lis, listed, listen, lived, living, local, lodging, lof, lol, long, longer, los, lover, loves, lucifer, luke, lunatic, lunch, lying, mail, majestic, manager, mankind, manufacture, mark, market, mass, master, maximus, mea, meet, meeting, mel, members, memories, mental, mentally, mentions, mess, method, million, millions, mind, minister, ministry, mob, mocking, model, money, moon, move, multi, mystery, myth, named, nathan, nation, national, nations, nature, needed, nelson, neo, network, newest, nic, nick, north, nuclear war, numbers, nurse, objects, office, onli, operation, opportunity, opposite, oppress, oppression, ordered, orders, oregon, organization, organizations, originals, outs, owned, owner, owns, paid, pal, paper, par, parade, part, participants, passage, passed, passionate, paul, pays, pen, pennsylvania, people, perception, persecute, 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restore, resurrection, returns, rev, reveals, reward, riches, rio, rising, risk, rock, role, rome, ron, roo, room, rooms, rope, rotten, roy, royal, russian, sacred, sad, safe, saints, sal, sale, salvation, sang, satan, satanic, saturn, scale, search, season, secretly, secrets, secure, seekers, sell, sen, sends, serum, serve, served, service, services, settlement, setup, severe, sex, shapes, shares, sharing, ship, shipping, sho, short, shouldn, shows, shut, sign, silicon, sir, site, skimmed, skin, slam, slaughter, small, smoke, soceity, soft, solar, solve, son, song, songs, sons, soo, source, sources, specifically, spent, spirituality., stars, start, states, steal, stealing, sting, stone, stop, stories, story, strangers, strategy, stream, strength, striking, student, stupid, style, submissive, submit, subs, suc, succeed, successful, sufferers, suitable, sun, super, supporting, suppressed, swift, tactic, take a look, taken, talking, tall, taxes, teach, teaching, tells, temple, tendance, terror, terrorist, test, testing, thai, thankful, thinks, thread, threads, tied, tim, times, tme, told, tolerance, tone, tools, top, tortured, total, totally, tower, town, tracks, trade, tradition, trail, trails, transition, trap, travelling, treatment, treats, tribute, troubles, twins, twist, types, typing, ugly, undeniable, une, unfit, unit, united, united states, universe, unlimited, unwan, upper, ups, urged, urgent, url, usa, usia, uto, van, vehicle, verifiable, version, vicious, victory, view, viewpoint, village, vince, violence, violent, virtual, vital, volcano, voted, waiting, wanted, war, warfare, wars, watching, weak, weapon, weeks, weird, welfare, west, western, wide, wilson, win, wins, winter, wise, wolves, won, wonderful, wont, work, worked, worker, working, world, world war 2, worldwide, worshipper, woud, wow, writing, year, yeh, york, young, youtube
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  22. Porter Stansberry Investment

    Started by sancrough, 01-13-2007 07:53 PM
    $100, 2008, ???, abc, accept, account, accounting, accounts, accuracy, accurate, acted, action, acts, add, additionally, address, admit, affairs, affordable, africa, agen, ages, agreed, agreement, ale, alleged, allowed, ame, amendment, america, american, anny, another, appears, appreciated, artist, ass, asset, asshole, audio, aus, australia, avail, avoid, aware, axa, bags, balance, bankers, baro, based, basic, basically, basics, bastard, bastards, bears, believers, benefits, bernie, bets, big, biggest, bio, bit, bitch, black friday, blame, blue, body, bogus, bomb, books, boots, borrowed, breaking, bribe, bright, building, bullshit, bumping, bunch, bur, bureau, butts, buying from china, buys, cancel, capital, card, care, carefully, cash, catch, caught, caused, causing, center, cer, chain, chance, chart, chinese companies, chinese government, chris, citizenry, citizens, citizenship, class, classic, clean, cleaning, clever, clients, clock, close, club, coin, collected, coming, comments, companies, company., comparison, compensation, complain, complaints, complete, conman, contest, continue, corporate, corporation, cost, costs, couldn, counting, countries, county, courts, cover, crack, crap, cream, credibility, credible, credit, criminals, crisis, critical, crook, cuba, cuban, cure, currency, customer, dan, dark, david, day, dead, decades, declared, deep, defender, defends, delivery, demand, department, deposits, destroyed, destruction, difficult, disaster, disputed, district, doesn, dollar, don, dont, drink, drop, drug, due, dying, earn, ebb, economist, edge, effective, egypt, ells, eme, end of the world, ends, enter, epa, equipment, estate, esteemed, ethical, euro, european, evening, examples, excellent, experience, expert, explanation, extra, extreme, extremely, eye, factor, factual, fail, fails, fall, families, famous, favorite, favors, feature, federal, federal reserve, fee, figures, files, finally, financial, financially, first amendment, fix, fla, flat, focus, folks, for sale, forces, ford, forex, formula, foundation, frank, fraudulent, free, friday, fucking, fun, funds, furious, future, gas, generation, george soros, glenn, global, god, gold, goldman, goldman sachs, gonna, gotta, government, green, greeting, group, growth, gullible, guys, gym, handed, hands, hap, harder, hasn, haters, hates, head, heading, hear, hedge, held, hell, helping, helps, hey, hide, higher, highly, hit man, holdings, holds, holiday, homeland, hopeless, horrible, horse, house, html, huge, huma, human, hussein, hyper, ial, ian, ici, identity, idiot, idiots, illness, images, imagine, immune, important, include, india, industry, info, inherited, innovation, insanity, insider, interest, internet, investigated, investing, investment, involved, iow, issues, jack, jesus, john, joined, joke, journalist, judge, justify, kidding, land, large, latest, laugh, leaders, legacy, lesser, letters, liberals, lied, likes, lincoln, line, linguistics, lining, lis, listen, lived, living, llc, loan, loans, local, logo, lol, long, longer, los, loss, mad, mail, manufacturing, market, martial, martial law, maryland, master, mea, meet, meeting, mel, members, men, mental, mentions, mess, midnight, million, millions, mind, minerals, mining, misinformation, missle, model, monday, monetary, moore, morgan, mortgage, move, movie, multi, nail, nam, nation, national, nations, nature, needed, north, numbers, office, onli, options, ordered, outs, owned, owner, owns, paper, par, part, partner, passed, patriot, paul, payment, pays, pen, performance, person, personal, pet, peter, picture, pissed, pissing, plans, platform, platinum, police state, policies, poor, pop, popular, pos, posing, positive, post, posted, posts, potential, power, praises, predicted, prediction, prepared, presiden, president, pretending, price, prices, pricing, privacy, production, productive, products, professional, profit, projects, promising, protects, psy, public, publishers, pull, pump, punishment, pursuit, push, qualified, quality, question, questions, quick, race, raise, ratings, raw, rea, real, reality, reason, reasons, recovery, red, regime, release, released, reliable, repayment, replace, reputation, research, respect, respond, response, responsible, ress, returns, revived, rio, riots, rising, risk, robert, rolls, ron, room, russian, sachs, sad, safe, sale, sam, sans, scam artist, scammers, scamming, scary, script, search, sec, secure, sell, selling, sen, senate, serve, service, services, shares, sheet, ship, shooting, shopper, shopping, short, shouldn, shows, shut, shut up, sinking, site, skin, slaughter, social security, solar, son, song, soo, soprano, soros, source, sources, spent, spreading, start, starts, states, stats, stealing, stone, stop, story, strategy, street, strength, stupid, style, styles, subs, succeed, sued, summary, sun, supporting, supports, tactic, taken, talking, taxes, technologies, tells, test, thailand, thinks, thread, threads, threatened, tim, times, tips, told, tone, tools, top, total, totally, toyota, track, trade, transfer, transparent, treats, tribute, trillion, truth, types, u.s. government, ultra, undeniable, une, united, united states, universe, unlimited, upload, url, usa, ved, version, view, vince, waiting, wanted, wars, watched, watching, weapon, western, wide, win, winter, wire, wise, won, wont, worked, working, wow, writing, www, year, young, youtube, zoom
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  23. They should learn to speak English!

    Started by sojustask, 02-27-2007 04:30 PM
    accurate, advocates, afraid, ale, american, animal, approved, authority, banning, based, beer, biggest, books, border, boston, broken, bur, call, car, chance, change, chris, christine, code, coming, communication, countries, county, day, decades, develop, development, documentation, doesn, dont, elec, eme, english, enter, european, experts, expose, extended, fail, families, fashion, federal, figures, flux, folks, foreign, foreigner, free, future, generation, give, highly, huma, illegally, imagine, important, invade, jan, jersey, lady, large, latino, lazy, leaders, learn, lessons, letters, life, line, linguistics, live, long, lottery, mark, massachusetts, mea, men, merkel, million, mind, nation, national, nations, new jersey, number, orange, outs, part, passed, person, phone, plastic, police, poor, prepared, problems, profit, public, rea, reason, reasonable, replica, research, ress, ruse, select, served, service, services, soo, spain, spent, start, states, survey, systems, taxes, teach, times, top, town, truck, united, united states, urban, waiting, wanted, west, won, wont, worker, working, world, writing
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  24. Noam Chomsky's views on Lebanon raids

    Started by Ronald, 04-16-2007 04:07 AM
    abroad, addition, adult, agreement, america, american, arts, ate, ben, british, closes, connecticut, credentials, delhi, doctor, english, establishment, franklin, global, helped, hopeless, huma, idiot, intellectuals, john, liberal, linguistics, magazine, massachusetts, maximus, medal, mind, mistake, national, ontario, palestinians, pay, peacemaker, pen, pennsylvania, poison, power, prestigious, prize, public, recommend, review, shows, ski, skin, source, study, stupid, teachers, tech, terrorist, toronto, transparent, united, united states, universities, university, weak, western, won, working, world, youtube
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  25. My hero

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 04-26-2007 07:22 PM
    account, accurate, acts, ages, ale, america, american, anus, apartment, appears, arrest, aus, based, beer, bill, bin, blue, body, british, buster, carefully, caught, chan, close, club, collected, complain, complex, continue, corporate, corruption, coughing, crimes, dallas, dark, defeated, dick, disinformation, doesn, dollar, dont, dresden, drink, drug, duped, edge, electio, enemy, energy, england, experience, eye, fail, federal, fine, fix, foundation, funded, future, give, green, guys, hammer, hasn, helped, holds, horse, html, huge, human, humans, idiot, imagine, impact, important, individuals, infected, inherited, interest, john, joint, joke, kennedy, king, laden, large, laugh, lazy, legendary, linguistics, lisa, listen, local, lol, loves, manager, mankind, master, mea, millions, mind, money, moon, music, nation, nature, needed, news, ooh, outs, owned, passionate, people, person, pills, pissed, pluto, policy, poor, porno, posted, pounds, power, prepared, problem, profit, prophet, public, raise, real, reason, republican, reputation, research, respect, response, role, roosevelt, russia, secure, security, selling, shouldn, shut, shut up, specifically, start, stream, strength, submit, subs, succeed, super, tall, test, told, tone, track, trade, transparent, ugly, universe, vic, village, violent, waiting, wanted, wars, watch, watching, weak, william, witch, wonderful, working, world, wow, writing, youtube
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    General Chat

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  26. Incest

    Started by Batarang Force - Apostate, 08-18-2007 04:46 PM
    accurate, acted, admit, american, appears, approval, approved, ate, authors, believers, ben, blatant, bomb, clear, cometh, communication, correction, credibility, cure, deal, defends, easter, easy, eme, engineering, error, ethical, experience, figures, find, fit, food, force, god, green, hai, haiti, human, hypocrites, hypocritical, identifying, imagine, important, individuals, instructed, issues, jews, job, john, kicking, linguistics, lis, loves, luke, matthew, mea, mental, nation, nature, needed, number, options, paid, passage, pay, people, petroleum, picture, prime, produce, productive, proper, proves, pursuit, queen, rea, receive, religion, removes, rent, research, response, salvation, scary, serve, sex, soft, soul, strange, submit, sun, temple, tolerance, tools, unfortunate, upload, verifiable, version, view, writing, www
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  27. "Ala akbar" moment of the day!

    Started by Grim17, 08-21-2007 07:51 AM
    129, additionally, alliance, allowing, american, appears, approval, attempts, attitude, baghdad, bomber, bosnia, brown, building, bullsh, bur, catch, charter, complain, cost, couldn, cover, crew, cyrus, czech, declared, destroyed, drop, dynasty, electio, eme, enemy, enjoy, exiled, extended, extreme, farms, fine, fled, friends, future, held, horse, human, important, individuals, islam, israelis, king, large, law, leave, liberal, life, linguistics, lis, listen, live, local, lol, lunatic, married, mass, mauritius, mea, members, muslim, muslims, nam, national, needed, offer, options, oral, organizations, owned, owns, paper, past, people, picture, poor, prejudiced, prophet, protection, random, raving, reality, rebellion, regular, reich, reliable, research, response, resurgence, riots, rome, rude, scam,, scary, selling, sera, serve, sex, side, space, stranger, suicide bombers, sun, support, tap, temple, thinks, traitor, transfer, transparent, united states, victor, victory, video, view, vince, waiting, wild, wilson, wont, writing, youtube
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  28. Christianity Explained

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 08-26-2007 09:07 PM
    accurate, acts, admit, ages, agreement, agrees, ale, allowing, anders, animal, approval, area, arts, associate, ate, attitude, believers, biased, big bang, blue, bomb, boots, bull, bur, change, code, communication, compare, content, cost, costs, cover, damn, defends, defense, differently, drop, duck, eat, eme, evidence, experience, explained, gen, hear, held, higher, highly, hit, horse, human, ice, imagine, important, information, instructed, jews, kill, large, linguistics, local, lol, mankind, mea, memories, mental, misinformed, motives, nature, needed, notice, objects, paradox, passage, picture, ping, planned, poor, prepare, pretending, production, protection, proves, punishment, random, reality, reasonable, reliable, religion, response, reward, saints, sex, subs, sun, systems, totally, transparent, trumped, trust, truth, type, ufos, universe, verifiable, version, vice, view, vince, waiting, wont, words, work, worked, youth, youtube
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  29. I keep Hearing Things About The Year 2012 Why?

    Started by hello1122, 02-03-2008 01:25 PM
    ages, aliens, allowing, american, bastards, cars, change, christmas, cons, couldn, count, differently, dollars, end of the world, engineering, establishment, focus, ford, future, gas, give, god, human, humans, images, important, insanity, issues, jesus, jobs, joke, king, linguistics, lol, mea, nasa, nature, needed, nye, oil, olympics, opinion, par, people, planet, prepared, prophecies, protected, religion, research, ria, rolls, rome, secrets, strange, study, sun, thousand, tools, tower, transition, transparent, truth, united states, urgers, video, web, witness, wont, worked, world
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  30. Rant in Z-Minor

    Started by Paladine, 02-19-2008 05:39 AM
    acted, alice, aliens, ame, american, asy, awakening, ben, blend, building, bur, central, chan, collected, comics, compare, consciousness, converge, dane, download, electio, eme, experience, find, future, give, god, green, guru, hatched, huge, humans, impact, important, inherited, insanity, island, john, kennedy, kha, killer, linguistics, local, magick, mankind, mea, mental, midnight, nature, needed, objects, oregon, par, passionate, people, picture, poor, prepared, problem, pyramid, queen, reality, research, ress, robert, roles, saturn, script, selling, shut up, side, soft, software, sphere, systems, tech, television, top, track, transparent, type, universe, view, vox, watch, wilson, witch, word, worked, world, writing
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  31. Linguistics related

    Started by PrfromTexas, 11-07-2018 05:16 AM
    danger, editor, find, han, hey, huma, human, ime, ion, joy, laugh, laughing, linguistics, mea, nominatio, note, question, related, simple, specifically, time
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    General Chat

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