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  1. Murrayburn Motors Edinburgh

    Started by scamdude, 10-15-2016 08:07 AM
    autospa edinburgh, broken, business, called, car, don, faisal, faisal riaz, friend, hey, law, murrayburn motors edinburgh, paid, pro, riaz, site, url, western motors edinburgh, www
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  2. Iraqi Election Results In. And The Winner: Iran

    Started by dante, 12-19-2005 06:45 PM
    accused, allowed, arab, arms, article, ate, ation, attacks, authority, baghdad, bees, beneficiary, border, british, clear, con, confusion, country, donald, economy, elec, electio, election, enemy, faisal, fast, fears, felt, forces, foreign, fusion, growing, heard, his, html, hussein, ime, influence, ion, iran, iraqi, islamic, line, local, men, minister, money, ner, north, officials, only, par, political, pos, powerful, prince, reason, results, richard, rise, saudi, secretary, security, series, services, slow, stand, state, summer, time, troops, url, war, win, winner, world, www, years
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  3. Iraq Backs Iran On Nuclear Goal

    Started by sojustask, 05-29-2006 11:44 PM
    000, action, affairs, agree, agreed, ahmed, alleged, america, american, anders, arab, arms, army, article, attacked, attacking, attacks, avoid, baghdad, behalf, biggest, billion, bit, blood, bombing, bombings, border, brilliant, calling, capital, capt, cars, cash, center, cer, civil, close, clothes, club, coach, con, connections, contributed, convoy, countries, country, crisis, dead, death, decision, deliver, desert, desire, diploma, diplomatic, director, disaster, district, doesn, don, edge, elec, embassy, eme, employees, enter, event, evidence, face, faisal, fears, flooded, forces, foreign, friday, furniture, government, groups, growing, hand, hard, hasn, heads, helping, hey, high, his, holy, house, html, hussein, ian, ime, include, influence, involved, ion, iran, iranian, iraq, iraqi, islamic, isn, issues, jihad, joint, kidnapped, killed, kingdom, laden, land, last, leaders, lived, long, lot, making, market, martial, massive, mega, members, men, million, minister, ministers, ministry, month, more, move, named, nationalists, nelson, nervous, network, news, news conference, night, nuclear, numbers, official, opposite, page, pas, peaceful, people, players, policy, pos, post, power, presiden, prices, prime, propaganda, protect, pump, question, ramadi, rated, reasons, rebel, reform, regime, release, religious, renewed, research, respond, rest, rise, rising, risk, roo, royal, saad, scholars, secure, security, seem, sense, shoo, shootings, shows, silent, solid, soo, spent, spokesman, start, states, story, strained, style, summer, sun, support, supporting, suspended, taken, talk, talks, targeted, team, tech, televised, they, threatened, threatening, thursday, thursday night, ties, total, training, troops, u.s., u.s. government, united, united states, url, viole, violence, vows, waiting, wary, watching, wearing, week, western, witnesses, won, work, working, workout, wrong, years
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  4. Saddam Hussein offered asylum to Bin Laden

    Started by franKg, 09-19-2006 01:28 PM
    000, 2001, ???, ????, abc, accused, achievement, action, acts, administration, affairs, africa, age, agreement, al qaeda, allowed, allowing, ambassador, america, american, angeles, another, apes, arab, arms, article, ashley, ass, asy, asylum, attention, audience, aziz, bad, banned, believers, ben, bet, big, bin, bin laden, bomb, boxes, boy, bur, bush family, called, campaign, capture, capturing, care, career, case, caught, cer, chairman, charles, chiefs, citizens, civil war, cli, clinto, cnn, company, confirms, correct, countries, country, crazy, daughter, david, days, dead, decades, department, desperate, destruction, dig, director, disqualify, doesn, don, dow, drain, dubai, dudley, ear, elec, elected, electio, election, emirates, ends, enter, european, exchange, expelled, extreme, extremely, face, faisal, fee, felt, filipino, finds, fired, fly, forces, ford, foreign, foundation, fox, funded, funds, future, general, gold, gov, greatest, ground, group, groups, hand, hats, head, helped, helps, hey, hiding, high, holy, house, hussein, ial, ill, image, important, influence, invade, ion, islamic, isn, israelis, item, jack, jeff, jim, joe, joint, journalist, kara, kenya, kind, kkk, laden, large, latest, liberal, likes, line, lol, long, los, making, mass, mayer, mea, media, members, men, mental, million, millions, mind, minister, morris, msnbc, nation, national, nbc, needed, network, new york daily news, new york times, news, nixon, obedience, offered, officials, order, org, organizations, overthrow, owned, owners, owns, paid, pakistan, part, passionate, patrick, perfectly, person, pictures, pin, play, point, policy, pos, post, posted, posts, power, pray, presiden, prez, problem, production, protected, prove, proves, questions, raise, ready, reagan, real, reason, refused, release, religious, remember, rendered, renewed, research, richard, rick, rio, rips, rise, risk, role, ronald reagan, royal, sca, scandals, secretly, senate, senators, september, ship, showed, sir, site, smears, soldiers, solve, source, sources, speaking, spend, staff, stand, star, starts, state, stated, states, stein, stop, street, subs, sucking, sum, supports, sweet, taken, takes, taliban, talk, talking, tanzania, tape, tapes, ted, terrorist, text, the new york times, the wall, ties, tim, times, told, top, tor, tortured, town, traitors, trolling, troops, uae, ultimate, united, united states, url, usa, violence, wanted, war, washington post, wayne, weeks, western, woma, won, work, worked, working, worldwide, wow, writing, years, yesterday, york 1 Deleted Post(s)
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    Last Post: 09-23-2006 11:52 AM
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  5. Saudi Envoy:US The only answer for Iraq

    Started by franKg, 10-31-2006 05:09 PM
    ambassador, arab, arabia, center, clear, close, constitutional, country, day, democracy, discrimination, expand, faisal, family, fits, foreign, held, hey, huma, human, human rights, important, increase, influence, interest, iraq, islam, likes, lines, long, massive, members, middle, monday, national, people, play, political, power, prince, problems, remain, representative, rights, role, royal, saudi, scale, sec, service, states, strength, support, system, talking, told, turn, u.s., united, united states, vital, voicing, wanted, war, years
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  6. A Halloween Horror Story

    Started by franKg, 10-31-2006 08:36 PM
    000, accurate, admit, admitted, adviser, agreed, ahmed, al qaeda, allowing, ambassador, america, american, appears, approve, asian, based, bet, betting, bigger, bomb, boost, border, break, bring, bringing, butts, cable, called, campaign, car, case, central, ceremony, chairman, chambers, che, cheney, chris, christian, church, clo, comparison, complete, concerns, condi, congressional, cost, country, cover, crimes, critical, day, days, dead, dean, death, decision, defending, department, dick, diploma, diplomat, don, duck, due, elec, electio, explained, extended, extreme, facing, faisal, fears, fix, followers, food, forces, foreign, fortune, frank, friday, fun, funny, future, genocide, george, george w. bush, ground, hand, harry, head, heart, hey, higher, holy, house, huma, human, hussein, ian, indicted, influence, inter, involving, iraq, iraqi, issues, killed, korea, kurds, leaving, likes, living, long, los, massive, members, military, mind, minister, ministry, monday, month, move, multi, national, nations, networks, news, north, number, october, office, officials, open, ordered, outs, pakistan, par, passed, paul, pentagon, people, person, peter, planned, policy, poor, pos, post, presiden, pressed, price, prime, proceedings, process, promised, proposition, protecting, pull, questions, quit, rains, raising, ramadan, rea, reality, reasonable, registered, reid, republicans, rising, scale, secretary, security, senate, shot, signed, sniper, soo, sources, spokesman, state department, states, story, striking, taxes, test, text, threat, tie, told, total, trac, training, trial, tuesday, une, united, united states, unprecedented, veterans, vice, violence, wanted, war, wednesday, weeks, western, win, witch, work, worked, world, year, years, ymi
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  7. Atomic Madness... Six Arab States To Go Nuclear

    Started by yossarian, 11-04-2006 06:24 AM
    africa, african, age, algeria, arab, article, atomic, bees, bigger, bomb, build, business, case, cheap, countries, country, diploma, diplomatic, earlier, egypt, energy, expert, faisal, foreign, free, green, harder, held, hey, high, html, inter, interest, international, international law, involved, israel, largest, law, line, mad, master, men, middle, minister, move, named, nations, north, nuclear war, offered, oil, plants, policy, power, prices, prince, question, race, real, reality, recently, red, richard, rick, rush, sad, safe, saudi, show, soo, spread, states, strategic, suspicions, tech, times, told, uae, url, west, www, year, yesterday
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  8. Israel And Those They Want Us To Forget

    Started by enlightenment, 01-05-2007 12:36 PM
    acts, ahmed, america, american, another, attack, basically, berlin, body, camp, caused, cer, children, coming, compare, conflict, conflicts, death, don, drew, dvd, eid, error, explanation, faced, faisal, fashion, football, full, future, genocide, head, hey, history, home, huma, human, ian, ice, important, info, inhumanity, israel, leaders, life, lis, maps, mass, members, military, notice, orders, palestinians, part, past, people, policies, question, race, responsible, roy, scale, september, short, slaughter, sources, states, stop, support, supporting, taken, terror, terrorism, united, united states, url, wanted, watched, weeks, western, women, world, young
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  9. Saudi Fatwa declares the Earth is FLAT!

    Started by Ronster, 01-15-2007 11:57 PM
    arabia, banned, banning, chris, commission, day, english, experts, faisal, fidel, fla, flat, friday, group, jan, legal, ministry, mohammad, new york, pigs, pose, power, protection, response, saudi, saudi arabia, service, sites, story, sun, trade, vice, web, word, wrote, york
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    Last Post: 01-16-2007 02:26 AM
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    Last Post: 01-27-2007 07:13 AM
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    Last Post: 08-30-2016 05:27 PM
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