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  1. Bird Flu: Yet Another Bush Crime Gang Scam?

    Started by dchristie, 10-23-2005 05:58 AM
    $100, 000, 99%, action, add, address, adult, aff, alarm, all, allowed, allowing, american, and, annual, another, any, anything, apologize, apple, are, asia, ask, ation, avia, beck, become, bed, bee, bet, better, bird, birds, blue, boards, bodies, break, breaks, brewer, bush, called, cancer, capita, care, case, ceo, ceos, cer, chance, collect, com, comme, commercial, compensation, con, concept, corporate, country, covers, crap, crime, cross, culture, cure, cut, daily, day, days, dea, death, desk, detected, did, difference, ding, discounted, disease, doc, doctors, docume, don, dona, doubt, due, dying, easily, eed, een, effective, europe, even, event, ever, exercise, explained, extra, fac, fall, family, fec, feel, figure, figures, fina, finding, first, flame, flu, flying, for, forgot, forma, forum, fret, fridge, gain, gang, gender, george, get, getting, give, global, gold, good, got, government, group, gsk, had, han, happen, has, healthy, heard, hell, hey, him, his, hose, how, html, huma, human, humans, ial, ill, ime, imm, immune, important, improved, index, industry, infected, info, ing, injury, inter, ion, issue, its, jean, join, jumps, just, keep, killed, kind, know, lady, last, latest, laugh, laughs, leave, less, life, like, line, live, lived, living, lol, lot, luck, make, market, master, meeting, member, members, men, million, millions, mind, month, mor, more, nasty, nation, need, needed, network, never, nice, nope, now, num, number, october, off, once, one, only, orders, org, other, others, outs, over, own, pages, pandemic, par, part, pas, pass, paste, people, per capita, permission, person, personal, pierre, place, plane, planning, plans, plenty, poised, politics, pos, position, posted, posts, potential, prepare, prescription, presiden, pretty, prevent, prevention, price, prices, private, pro, product, products, properties, protect, protected, public, putting, quote, range, read, red, reference, regular, reported, respond, response, rest, retail, retired, rich, risk, romania, room, run, safe, save, scam,, scare, section, see, selling, sense, severe, sho, shoo, shot, shots, sign, size, sleep, solid, some, sources, spe, speak, spent, staff, states, stay, stick, story, subs, sul, sure, surgery, swi, system, systems, tactic, take, taken, takes, taking, talking, tas, tech, ted, terrible, than, the, themselves, these, they, things, this, those, thought, time, timing, tissue, today, tonight, total, turkey, uncalled, uni, united, united states, updates, urban, ure, url, usa, vehicle, verify, victim, viola, wan, was, water, ways, week, well, were, what, wheat, when, white, will, with, wome, worldwide, www, year, years, yet, you, young, your, yourself
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    Started by danielfbradford, 12-28-2005 09:15 AM
    000, account, america, american, appears, art, ate, bad, brewer, buy, cash, complete, condi, daniel, deals, desk, dial, dollar, easy, estate, flag, free, gas, gift, gifts, group, heard, hey, his, home, include, info, ion, isn, legit, lie, liens, limited, link, meet, model, more, need, only, page, pages, plasma, platinum, premier, program, quote, real, real estate, receive, requirements, samsung, signed, site, star, start, they, tonight, total, url, www
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  3. Many Evangelicals Sign Anti-Evolution Petition

    Started by sojustask, 02-21-2006 02:56 PM
    000, 2001, academy, accepted, account, acts, add, address, advocates, aliens, anti, ashamed, babies, based, basically, bet, billions, bit, blue, brewer, bring, broke, bruce, buster, called, calls, career, careful, cell, center, cer, children, chris, christians, claims, community, complete, complex, concerned, condi, conservative, cosmology, country, crew, david, debate, december, defend, deserve, director, disgusting, district, doesn, double, dozen, ear, early, earth, easily, eme, engineering, engineers, eth, eva, evangelicals, evil, experience, explained, faith, fall, federal, field, fix, fla, fun, future, game, girls, goal, good, gotta, group, hard, hats, hey, his, holds, home, honor, huma, humans, idiots, ime, include, influences, interested, ion, jay, john, joined, judge, large, last, lets, lien, line, lis, live, local, lol, longer, los, lost, lot, luck, machine, marriage, marshall, massachusetts, medical, member, mental, mention, mess, more, movie, named, nationally, nature, nose, numbers, official, officials, ohio, only, open, opinion, org, par, pen, philip, plan, planning, point, predator, presiden, pretending, pro, productive, promising, proposition, protected, prove, proven, public, quarter, question, questions, quote, random, read, reality, reason, relax, religion, religious, remain, remember, replace, research, respect, return, rice, ripped, roy, runs, san, santa, schools, science, scientists, scu, seattle, seem, sen, sense, sex, showed, sign, signed, site, son, space, star, start, states, stephen, steve, stripped, sun, supported, supports, suppressing, systems, table, teach, ted, theory, they, thomas, thought, time, totally, tour, universe, version, video, vinci, vital, wait, week, weeks, west, world, years, yesterday, york
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  4. Any Suggestions?

    Started by jus7o, 02-21-2006 10:41 PM
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  5. FDA Bans Effective B Vitamins Years Ago

    Started by boone, 06-11-2006 06:20 PM
    access, active, acts, addiction, advanced, age, alcohol, ame, animals, another, appears, apple, arrest, ban, banned, bans, battle, beta, biased, blood, body, brain damage, breakfast, brewer, brow, brown, called, cancer, caused, cell, cer, chairman, chemicals, chicago, class, cli, colon, common, completely, complex, con, condi, connections, countries, country, cover, crap, crazy, cream, credible, critical, customer, damage, day, days, dea, death, decades, deep, department, des, destroyed, dinner, disease, doesn, dollar, don, double, dow, effective, effects, ends, endurance, europe, experience, exposing, extra, faced, father, fda, fed, food, force, forgot, foundation, franklin, fresh, fridge, gave, general, george, good, ground, group, growth, healing, health, healthy, heart, hearts, helping, helps, hey, high, hip, his, history, hospital, huma, human, humans, hyper, ial, ill, ime, immune, important, impressive, incredible, information, insider, ion, issues, junk, large, lived, living, longer, lose, lot, making, manufacture, market, medical, mental, mentally, method, mexico, millions, minerals, minutes, monitoring, month, more, multi, muscle, nature, needed, nervous, number, olive, original, palm, par, pas, past, person, point, potential, pounds, predicted, pressure, prevention, process, production, products, properties, protecting, protection, prove, proven, putting, quote, read, recovery, related, remain, removed, research, ress, results, rie, role, roy, russian, scam, scientists, serve, severe, short, shouldn, show, site, ski, skin, small, sons, sources, speaking, specifically, spent, spreading, star, start, state, states, stay, store, subs, supplement, supplements, support, systems, taken, taste, tax fraud, taxpayers, terminally, they, threat, threatened, throw, today, top, tor, toxic, treated, treatment, tumors, united, united states, university, usa, vet, vitamins, water, weight, wide, won, worked, years
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  6. From the terrorists of the world...Thanks NY Times

    Started by Grim17, 06-28-2006 06:46 PM
    000, 2001, ???, access, accused, action, actions, administration, advanced, affairs, age, agreed, al qaeda, alert, america, american, angeles, another, anti, appears, approved, arrested, article, asia, asset, assistant, ation, attack, attacks, attorney general, august, aware, banking, banks, bet, better, bill, black, blog, bombing, bombings, border, boston, boy, brewer, bribed, bryan, bureau, call, called, calling, capture, captured, carefully, cash, catch, center, central, chairman, charities, che, cheney, citizens, claiming, cleara, clearance, collect, commit, common, communication, complete, con, congressional, consortium, consumers, correct, countries, critical, day, dean, death, december, dennis, department, desperate, destruction, devil, diploma, diplomat, disclosing, disgraceful, don, dont, dow, dozen, drug, early, easy, effective, eliminate, ells, eme, endorsed, error, executive order, executives, expand, experts, explained, exposing, facing, fee, feeling, file, financial, financing, find, fits, floor, folks, followers, fox, freedom, front, funds, gap, gen, general, global, gonzalez, government, grim, group, groups, growth, guarantee, handle, handles, helped, hey, hide, home, homeland, house, html, huge, huma, human, ial, ica, ice, ime, impact, include, indonesia, industry, influences, info, information, intelligence, inter, international, internet, ion, issue, jerry, jim, juan, judiciary, judiciary committee, key, kidnapped, king, knew, lady, large, last, laundering, lead, leaders, leaving, lets, letter, line, link, london, long, longer, los, lot, mea, meeting, message, mexico, monday, monitor, monitoring, month, more, move, multi, nation, national, national security, nations, network, new york times, newspaper, note, odes, office, official, officials, opening, operations, order, org, organizations, outlets, outrage, owned, owns, page, pages, par, patriot, payment, pen, pennsylvania, pentagon, peter, pipeline, planned, plans, point, pos, post, posted, potential, power, presiden, press, privacy, profit, program, prosecuted, protect, public, question, quote, read, real, reason, records, references, regulatory, related, reminders, report, reporters, representative, responsible, retired, revealing, rio, roger, room, run, sad, scenario, search, secretary, security, senate, senate judiciary committee, sensitive, sept, september, served, set, settlement, sharing, shop, signed, simon, source, special, specifically, spent, spot, staff, states, step, stop, story, street, success, success story, successful, sunday, surveillance, swift, systems, taliban, tech, techniques, ted, tells, terrorist, terrorists, the new york times, the wall, thread, threaten, times, today, told, tools, tor, tortured, track, trade, trafficking, transfers, treason, treasury, two weeks, undeniable, united, united nations., united states, urged, url, user, vehicle, verify, viola, viole, violence, violent, wall street, weak, website, week, weeks, white, wire, wise, worked, world, worldwide, www, years, yesterday, york
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