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  1. Fake Detective Money scam on Facebook

    Started by NatashaP28, 10-30-2018 04:15 PM
    apple, card, con, exercise, facebook, fake, game, good, lock, men, money, money scam, police, report, ride, run, scam, told, trust, women
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    Last Post: 10-30-2018 04:15 PM
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  2. Project 2018 Revealed

    Started by starwoman, 01-14-2018 05:47 PM
    ads, day, forma, give, hey, information, internet scams, ion, money, money scam, number, order, project, revealed, scams, website
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    Last Post: 02-16-2018 12:26 AM
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  3. PRINTING MONEY SCAM - [email protected]

    Started by anonymous2015, 08-08-2015 09:56 AM
    activate, addition, arrested, business, dollars, facebook, fake, firm, give, information, internet, money, money scam, mtcn, number, people, reply, scam, security, send, solution, store, team, watch, western union, work, world
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    Last Post: 08-08-2015 03:22 PM
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  4. Poll: Fred Drewe William from Austin Texas is a Money Fraudster

    Started by Royal1988, 04-01-2015 11:12 PM
    $4000, ame, arrested, cheap, contact, frauds, fred, government, home, idea, internet, men, money, money scam, number, option, people, police, poll, scam, scam artist, send, type, visit, war, warning, william, words
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    Last Post: 01-01-2016 11:45 AM
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  5. GAMELOFT Scamming players out of real money!!

    Started by DaThreads, 12-06-2014 12:51 PM
    apple, forum, links, money, money scam, scams, wordpress, www
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    Last Post: 12-07-2014 09:54 AM
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    Started by cubs19, 09-06-2014 07:09 AM
    ame, bai, bank, cards, catch, certified, chair, clerk, credit card, degree, deposits, designs, easy, fake, give, home, information, internet, job, money scam, mtcn, number, offered, people, prepaid, reply, rule, scam, scammers, scams, verification, weed, western union, wordpress
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    Last Post: 09-27-2016 01:20 PM
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  7. Instagram Money Scam

    Started by vonsully110, 07-02-2014 12:42 PM
    clowns, deal, dollars, dot, free, friend, give, good deal, hear, idea, make money, money, money scam, number, people, problem, scam, trust, type, war
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    Last Post: 07-13-2014 10:01 PM
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  8. ...adfly a scam?

    Started by mrvdlf, 06-15-2012 08:02 AM
    408, charges, credit, credit card, email, fbi, honest, illegal, internet, legal, money, money scam, pay, paypal, people, print, pro, receive, responsibility, scam, scammers, war, warning, watch, website
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    Last Post: 07-24-2012 06:12 PM
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    Last Post: 10-13-2011 01:23 AM
    by eugene66  Go to last post
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    Last Post: 05-13-2011 02:20 AM
    by michaelsorrow  Go to last post
  9. Scamming the Scammer (scambaiting)

    Started by brendan avery, 06-24-2004 08:00 PM
    acted, affidavit, agrees, airport, ame, archives, attempts, blog, bogus, chambers, chase, check, cleara, deal, diploma, dot, email, esq, fraud, friend, full, gym, held, hon, honesty, indicating, international, king, lagos, martin, men, million, money, money scam, nature, people, pissing, reply, robert, scam, scam artist,, scammer, scams, send, signs, steal, steven, submit, vic, weed, work
    • Replies: 65
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    Last Post: 02-12-2011 11:22 PM
    by Meri Widow  Go to last post
  10. Money smuggling

    Started by lgheatley, 09-16-2010 01:16 AM
    ame, clerk, company, email, emails, fake, find, fraud, information, internet, job, life, military, money, money scam, mtcn, phone, reveal, scam, scammer, security, sender, smuggling, steal, type, vic, victims, western union
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    Last Post: 09-16-2010 07:08 PM
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  11. Post ADS for Money SCAM!

    Started by toosilly2off10, 06-03-2010 07:53 AM
    bogus, deal, everyday, hear, jobs, link, live, marketing, money, money scam, online, paid, pay, paypal, plan, rules, scam, send, sites, solution, spam, thousand, trial, white, work
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    Last Post: 06-03-2010 08:05 PM
    by katiescorner  Go to last post
    • Replies: 4
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    Last Post: 05-25-2010 06:37 AM
    by adquint88  Go to last post
  12. Socialism & Christian-Bashing Crash at Box Office

    Started by Grim17, 10-04-2009 03:45 AM
    america, big, bitch, bless, bomb, box, business, call, cons, couldn, crew, deal, disappointment, economy, explained, friends, god, labor, liberals, michael, money, money scam, moore, morris, news, ora, par, people, prepared, profit, reality, scam, sellers, socialism, spin, sti, survival, vice
    • Replies: 14
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    Last Post: 10-07-2009 03:48 AM
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    Last Post: 08-11-2011 10:53 AM
    by Nuitt  Go to last post
  13. Sgt. Bill - recieving money SCAM

    Started by dieselx42, 01-27-2009 01:37 PM
    bill, deal, details, diploma, dollars, email, find, firm, foreign, investment, iraq, king, legal, men, military, money, money scam, oil, par, people, plan, reach, receive, scam, security, steal, trust, united states
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    Last Post: 02-01-2009 03:06 PM
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  14. Sgt. Bill - recieving money SCAM

    Started by dieselx42, 01-27-2009 01:36 PM
    ame, bill, deal, details, diploma, dollars, find, firm, foreign, investment, iraq, late, legal, microsoft, military, money, money scam, oil, orphan, people, reach, receive, scam, security, type, united states, word
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    Last Post: 01-27-2009 01:36 PM
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  15. BEWARE of [email protected]

    Started by jamie_c, 08-22-2008 05:42 AM
    acted, bank, beware, data, dating, deal, email, fake, florida, forwarding, hats, home, hope, lost, money, money scam, nature, online, paper, past, people, scam, scams, send, sick, website, western union, woman
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    Last Post: 08-25-2008 07:43 AM
    by rob78  Go to last post
  16. What's with image words anyway?

    Started by gsonic, 04-10-2008 02:05 PM
    acn, images, iraq, money, money scam, option, reply, scams, vote, word, words
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    Last Post: 04-11-2008 08:01 AM
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    MLM Scams

  17. jobsineurope-is a scam!!!

    Started by Katilpz, 12-05-2007 10:39 PM
    ate, brothel, bur, domain, foreign, government, job, jobs, mea, men, money, money scam, number, offered, pay, people, scam, scams, sort, stuff, vic, website, western union, www
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    Last Post: 12-15-2007 02:31 PM
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  18. These people make me sick!!

    Started by Ccoddington3, 08-30-2007 05:28 AM
    ame, america, brown, business, dollars, easy, email, evil, family, fellowship, find, fund, gen, god, grace, inherited, jesus, late, live, mobile, money, money scam, overseas, par, people, produce, reply, scam, sick, view, website
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 08-30-2007 02:18 PM
    by lexx  Go to last post
  19. JAN-L Marketing

    Started by Maryalice, 05-26-2007 07:35 AM
    ???, appears, bitching, blue, build, cards, company, complete, corner, cost, customer, deleted, doesn, dot, fine, fortune, free, give, guess, guys, hands, idiots, illegal, jack, job, lazy, legit, line, local, lol, make money, marketing, mea, members, money, money scam, needed, owns, past, pay, pays, people, plan, posted, program, pyramid, retail, rolling, rolls, scam, schemes, selling, send, sex, spent, stand, start, strip, top, website 1 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 10
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    Last Post: 09-17-2010 04:04 PM
    by The Daredevil  Go to last post
  20. Wire money scam "True Value, CO. -UK"

    Started by David Emmons, 05-22-2007 09:07 PM
    account, bank, company, david, deposit, doesn, fake, find, foreign, friend, fund, home, information, link, middle, money, money scam, monster, number, offer, paid, real, sad, scam, scams, stupid, transfer, wire, work, working
    • Replies: 4
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    Last Post: 07-01-2007 06:30 AM
    by bamagal  Go to last post
  21. TSM Group

    Started by edrox, 05-21-2007 03:15 AM
    account, administrative assistant, agreement, auctions, builder, business, call, carefully, complete, continue, deposit, domain, email, experience, guys, headquarters, home, individuals, industry, job, line, local, money, money scam, monster, newest, number, online, organizations, par, paypal, people, phone, problems, questions, receiving, salary, scam, select, start, support, swiss, trade, training, trial, watch, work, working
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 05-22-2007 05:36 AM
    by pcwork  Go to last post
  22. S.U. Scam

    Started by [email protected], 05-01-2007 12:14 PM
    arrested, company, crime, individuals, investigation, key, members, men, money, money scam, scam, south africa, war
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 05-01-2007 12:15 PM
    by [email protected]  Go to last post

    MLM Scams

  23. please help is this scam?

    Started by Algaili, 02-24-2007 10:28 AM
    accountant, ame, big, biggest, call, change, company, company., complete, doesn, dont, e-mail, email, immigration, internet, lawyer, mail, message, mind, money, money scam, number, par, part, pay, payments, phone, phone number, pos, scam, scammers, sec, send, stuff, threads, transfer, western, western union, work, world
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 3,369
    Last Post: 08-16-2007 11:29 AM
    by Spamma Scammer  Go to last post
  24. Biggest money scam going.

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 01-08-2007 08:01 AM
    $100, 2001, 302, affairs, aliens, allowed, america, american, annual, another, appears, apple, appreciated, audio, awarded, aware, bankers, banking, based, basic, bastards, biggest, bin, bit, blood, bogus, breaks, building, bull, bunch, bureau, car, cash, caught, central, cer, chan, chris, christmas, citizens, clash, classic, clever, clinto, clock, collection, coming, comments, couldn, counterfeit, counting, countries, crack, credible, credit, currency, day, debt, demand, difficult, discovering, district, doesn, dog, dollar, don, dont, drop, due, ebay, ebb, economist, electio, eme, england, error, euro, european, excellent, expert, express, extremely, eye, families, favors, federal, federal reserve, files, financial, folks, front, fuller, fund, funded, gen, give, global, gold, group, guys, hats, head, hell, hey, higher, holidays, how to get, html, huma, human, humans, ial, idiots, images, imf, incredible, influence, interest, international, issues, italy, jack, jeff, jews, job, john, joke, learning, legendary, lied, line, lis, listen, lived, loan, loans, local, lof, lol, london, long, longer, los, macro, manipulates, market, master, mea, meeting, mel, mental, method, meyer, million, millions, mind, mob, monetary, money, money scam, monster, movie, mp3, myth, nail, national, national debt, nations, needed, ordered, org, organization, outs, owned, paper, par, part, passed, pay, payment, people, person, policies, policy, popular, pos, post, posts, power, predicted, presiden, pretending, production, propaganda, public, pull, question, raise, reality, reason, rebellion, rep, responsible, rio, risk, role, rome, roo, royal, scam, secretary, sell, selling, services, setup, shares, short, shows, small, sons, source, spy, start, stop, story, stupid, subs, super, suppressed, swiss, taken, taxes, terror, terrorist, thieves, thinks, thread, threat, top, tower, town, trillion, truth, types, ugly, une, url, usa, wars, watched, watching, wealth, western, won, work, worked, working, world, youtube
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    Last Post: 01-10-2007 11:35 PM
    by PaulM  Go to last post
  25. Is this a survey scam????

    Started by corajo, 08-05-2006 02:35 AM
    $100, 000, account, amp, bet, better, borders, canada, card, careful, club, con, cost, credit, crimes, customer, daughter, day, department, difficult, e-mail, ear, earn, email, evaluator, experience, fee, financial, fraudulent, funds, give, good, gram, hamilton, hand, hey, include, information, inter, international, ion, large, legit, letter, line, lis, list, lot, mail, mark, method, monday, money, money gram, money scam, named, offer, official, onli, online, ontario, par, past, pen, personal, phone, pos, real, scam, sen, send, service, set, signed, sites, ski, skin, spam, star, summer, surprise, survey, survey scam, surveys, thought, told, training, website, week
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 08-05-2008 11:45 AM
    by katiescorner  Go to last post
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,396
    Last Post: 04-14-2006 11:14 PM
    by tanikwish  Go to last post
  26. Online Poker Make Money Scam

    Started by sizzle149, 12-18-2005 08:27 PM
    big, blog, book, books, buying, chan, chea, cheat, cheating, cost, crap, days, dollars, dow, download, ebook, entire, ethical, glad, good, guy, his, illegal, info, information, involved, ion, joke, junk, king, land, line, link, make money, money, money scam, month, onli, online, only, piece, poker, quote, read, receive, refund, sca, scam, ted, title, totally, trouble, url, wait, ways, website, wrong, wrote, www
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 12-19-2005 03:42 AM
    by jpaulgor  Go to last post
  27. Money Scam

    Started by bleuze, 10-19-2015 01:38 PM
    ame, bus, cell phone, clear, email, emails, find, fraud, give, information, money, money scam, number, phone, receive, scam, scammer, send, share, slow, vic, war, warning, website, word
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 02-06-2016 06:29 PM
    by Meri Widow  Go to last post
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