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  1. Re: Great Lucrative Proposal..

    Started by falconsfan15, 03-13-2017 04:12 PM
    55%, america, avail, bank transfer, banking, business,, fine, give, internet, investment, money, news, number, online, people, scam, security, sound, tax, watch
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  2. Advanced Fee Scam

    Started by thrasher6, 12-09-2016 11:46 PM
    2016, 55%, acceptance, call, contract, contracts, energy, finally, force, foreign, free, give,, international, money, pay, phone, reply, scam, sharing, surprise, table
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  3. Paul Aruna Email Scam

    Started by Administrator, 04-03-2014 04:35 AM
    55%, ame, corrupt, deal, dollars, foreigner, full, give, home, incur, law, mobile, money, number, par, passport, problem, reach, scam, send, spam, stand, thousand, vic, war
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  4. Weed-Fest Gets All Shot Up

    Started by pwrone, 04-22-2013 10:59 AM
    55%, america, atmosphere, background, call, columbus, cons, forbes, gop, identified, kennedy, law, marijuana, media, news, number, par, people, police, primary, reports, republicans, rotten, serve, sharing, show, sound, support, video, weed, white, women, wordpress
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  5. Dog Eater Approval Rating Up to 55%

    Started by Yawn..., 12-13-2012 01:58 PM
    55%, ame, america, americans, change, idea, job, opinion, par, people, press, public opinion, republican party, republicans, scam,, side, transvestite, work, www
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  6. Plan'd Parenthd 2011: $500,000,000/329,445 Murders

    Started by pwrone, 01-04-2012 06:42 PM
    129, 55%, ability, accounting, acted, affiliate, agreement, amendment, america, annual, apartment, attitude, authors, banning, behavior, bigots, blog, business, catch, chan, clinics, concealing, differently, education, establishment, free, function, funding, give, guess, hypocritical, ice, individuals, king, knock, mankind, medicaid, misinformation, moore, murder, muslims, nature, number, orange, p.c., pay, people, perception, plan, pretending, primary, protected, rea, reality, representative, serve, spread, statistic, stats, steal, upload, vice, women, wordpress, youth 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  7. Opinion Wanted

    Started by brywilson2, 09-12-2011 05:14 AM
    55%, addition, ame, authors, business, data, domain, dvd, elec, finally, free, grabber, internet, law, materials, music, online, opinion, owners, people, protected, raw, software, spin, store, table, tools, upload, website, word, work
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  8. Obama Says We Are Quadruple A - Not AAA

    Started by Line08, 08-08-2011 10:56 AM
    55%, aaa, barack obama, companies, deal, debt, defense, domestic, entrepreneurs, faces, firm, health, hit, key, money, obama, president, ratings, smoking, stocks, u.s., universities, watch, white, white house, www
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  9. scam!!

    Started by dudeofdudes, 02-07-2011 11:48 AM
    129, 55%, amazon, credit, credit card, defense, dvd, free, number, paid, reply, scam, training, www
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  10. Bush Era tax cuts

    Started by Jreed, 12-06-2010 07:07 AM
    55%, ate, bush, congress, extended, gop, impact, king, million, money, obama, par, phone, tax, work
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  11. Filth Preparing to Steal from the Dead

    Started by pwrone, 11-30-2010 01:38 PM
    55%, america, amount, bill, boehner, bush, calif, camp, che, control, emily, family, force, free, gop, government, individuals, largest, million, obama, pay, president, reform, republicans, session, speaker of the house, steal, tax, wealth, white, white house, www
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  12. Email scam!!!

    Started by [email protected], 10-19-2010 09:02 PM
    55%, ame, bank, business, contact, control, dollars, e-mail, email, email scam, emails, engineer, error, esq, extended, free, gas, held, individuals, information, investment, island, japan, lagos, live, martin, million, money, mtcn, number, scam, scammers, share, slow, submit, version, vic, western union
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  13. obama Tax Hikes Coming at the Worst Possible Time

    Started by pwrone, 09-20-2010 01:46 PM
    55%, acted, air, america, archives, automatic, battle, data, debate, fight, harm, health, ice, illus, impact, individuals, industry, jobs, joint, law, life, mistake, money, norm, obama, obama’s, people, problem, reality, return, session, social, spin, stand, tax, white
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  14. Proof: Over 55% Of US Congress Guilty Of Treason

    Started by dchristie, 08-19-2010 07:06 PM
    55%, ame, congress, feature, guilty, proof, treason, type, www
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  15. Global Warming Science thread

    Started by Demopoly, 05-09-2010 12:49 PM
    55%, america, contribution, education, elec, electrical, energy, extended, extra, facts, fake, global warming, humans, industry, jobs, mankind, medicaid, money, nature, oil, online, pay, people, politics, print, real estate, reputation, reward, science, security, tech, university, wing
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    Started by Clown Hunter, 02-08-2010 06:00 AM
    $100, 55%, ama, ame, ben, beta, blog, bogus, business, collected, companies, company, comparable, corner, couldn, couple, dating, defense, differently, diploma, error, everyday, extra, facebook, free, friends, give, ice, images, industry, information, internet, king, law, legal, link, love, money, my blog, name calling, nature, norm, paid, people, press, pyramid scheme, ratings, rea, reality, recently, robber, robert, scam, scheme, select, serve, side, social, spam, spreading, stuff, thomas, tools, turn, twitter, upgrade, upload, upper, version, way people, webinar, website, wont, work 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  17. The cool down in climate polls

    Started by Grim17, 01-07-2010 08:42 AM
    55%, canada, conflict, emails, global warming, idea, media, opinion, par, people, poll, polls, pro, public opinion, science, signs, support, university, world, www
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  18. Which President Are You Most Like!

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 11-14-2009 04:58 PM
    55%, change, fun, hear, honest, images, kennedy, middle, president, ronald reagan, roosevelt, table, thomas, truman
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  19. Obscure SCAM - DLF EXPRESS Greens Manesar

    Started by snehu, 10-06-2009 02:03 AM
    55%, addition, ame, apple, arise, banker, booking, builder, car, cheated, cons, explained, extra, forwarding, fraud, give, gurgaon, home, hope, information, major, microsoft, money, passage, project, protected, scam, store, strange, support, tax, type, word
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  20. The Problem With Prejean

    Started by pwrone, 05-14-2009 11:25 PM
    55%, addition, agree, agrees, america, americans, angry, beauty, couldn, drugs, error, experience, gay, gays, god, hate, hatred, job, legal, liberals, life, lost, milking, new york, news, obama, opinion, people, planet, political, problem, program, proof, queen, republicans, scumbag, spin, spotlight., support, tolerance, watch, women, work, world
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  21. Americans Closely Divided Over Gaza Attack

    Started by Grim17, 01-01-2009 08:44 AM
    55%, air, america, area, attack, children, diploma, elec, election, find, give, home, international, iran, israelis, job, lost, military, news, obama, problems, republicans, security, solution, support, survey, thanksgiving, undecided, united states, women
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  22. America's forgotten freedoms

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 11-16-2008 08:41 AM
    55%, air, amendment, america, annual, attitude, bill, candidates, cons, establishment, first amendment, free, freedom, freedom of speech, gay, government, held, history, individuals, law, lost, money, news, number, past, people, press, religion, return, russia, speech, survey, tax, television, united states
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  23. GM & Chyrsler are Talking Merger

    Started by Nickdfresh, 10-10-2008 07:48 PM
    55%, air, america, americans, armor, big, car, cars, city, companies, cruz, falter, focus, gas, gay, germany, give, goodbye, hold, ice, images, jobs, kiss, late, lost, military, money, owned, par, power, problems, pursuit, type, web, www
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  24. Talk Fusion--Bob Reina: Do not do this!!!

    Started by mattburns26, 07-03-2008 07:30 PM
    55%, ????, acts, ages, bur, business, call, complain, complaints, emails, explained, free, full, give, god, hats, ice, important, industry, investment, par, people, problems, program, responsibility, rude, sale, scam, store, support, team, this email is, training, world
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  25. Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

    Started by costath, 01-01-2008 08:30 AM
    $100, $4000, 55%, aka, aliens, ama, artists, asy, attitude, beware, border, bull, bumping, business, buyer, cara, cheap, complain, corporation, costs, couch, couldn, curtains, damn, easy, eme, engineer, engineering, error, experience, extra, free, friends, gems, give, green, held, holds, home, huge, hunters, iis, images, imagine, important, individuals, industry, internet, involving, issues, item, legit, lining, link, local, manufacture, manufacturing, maryland, mea, nation, needed, paper, patents, payback, perception, photos, picture, plastic, poor, prices, pyramid, reality, reasonable, regular, reports, research, retail, review, ripoffreport, rolls, ron, saints, sale, scam, school, secrets, selling, send, side, spent, spreading, sun, sweat, systems, table, type, unfortunate, united states, verifiable, view, website, words, www 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  26. Poll: Americans See Liberal Media Bias on TV News

    Started by Grim17, 07-15-2007 03:25 PM
    55%, abc, accuracy, accurate, america, baro, biased, bonus, complain, crack, data, debate, differences, differently, elec, electio, election, experience, faithful, find, gop, guys, huge, human, information, internet, john, liberal, liberals, mea, mentions, money, national, nbc, needed, news, online, opposite, orange, paper, par, people, presidential, public opinion, reality, reliable, reporters, research, select, serve, social security, survey, top, university, victory, view, waiting, worked, workplace, world, ___, ____, ______, _______, ________, __________
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  27. Burnt out on MLM, ___ ?

    Started by tja, 07-03-2007 02:09 PM
    55%, accounting, bunch, bur, call, close, company, compare, corporate, cost, doesn, easy, find, free, get rich, give, hats, home, joke, leave, lis, listing, make money, matrix, members, mlm, model, money, multi, needed, number, options, payout, people, power, purge, pyramid, reality, reduction, scam,, scams, shop, spam, team, tools, totally, view, website, wont, working, ___
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    Last Post: 12-20-2006 05:06 AM
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  28. Hate Crime Charges Filed Against Youths

    Started by pwrone, 11-24-2006 02:21 PM
    000, 55%, angeles, another, arriving, ass, athletics, authority, based, beating, block, breaking, called, calm, caught, chance, charges, che, china, club, college, comments, community, complain, complete, continue, county, crime, crimes, crowd, dan, day, defendants, dempsey, deplorable, district, diversity, don, edge, eme, extra, face, famous, folks, frank, friends, girls, ground, group, hate, head, hey, house, huma, human, important, incident, information, jeff, johnson, judge, kicked, kids, lin, line, local, long, mass, mea, meet, mind, mob, monitor, murder, national, newspaper, north, numbers, objects, ongoing, opportunity, organization, p.c., paper, par, people, person, poor, positive, prejudice, presiden, problems, productive, provoke, public, pulled, purely, race, reason, receiving, reputation, reputation., rescue, rio, sad, schools, sen, share, shouldn, ska, ski, skin, small, son, start, states, store, story, students, survey, targeted, targets, times, told, track, trial, united, united states, urged, vic, violence, virginia, wars, wednesday, weeks, whites, williams, win, women, year, ymi, young, youth
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  29. C4Gold

    Started by Terminator, 11-20-2006 02:28 PM
    55%, ama, bad, company, folks, gold, hey, hyip, information, interest, link, mails, members, money, number, panama, scam, send, service, take a look, url, usa, working, www
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  30. i found a t-55 for $16,000!!!!

    Started by Blue Crab of PAIN!!!, 08-19-2006 09:05 AM
    000, 55%, allowed, based, bet, better, buy, called, car, cer, cliche, coming, email, equipment, gun, hey, hits, html, images, kind, legal, live, lol, major, par, picked, picture, pos, post, projects, quote, sale, scams, sell, street, url, vehicle, website, www
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  31. MORE BELIEVE 9/11 Set up by Gov

    Started by Ette, 07-20-2006 05:37 PM
    $100, 000, 2001, 55%, 9/11, ???, abandoned, abc, access, acted, actions, additionally, administration, advance, advanced, adviser, affairs, age, agen, aide, ain, aint, airport, aka, alert, aliens, alive, alleged, allowed, amazing, american, another, anti, apart, apes, aries, arms, army, article, ass, assistant, attack, attacked, attacking, attacks, attorney general, audience, aug, august, aus, authority, authorization, authorizes, aware, azi, baby, bad, balls, based, beat, bees, believers, benefits, bet, better, bigger, bin, bio, bit, black operation, blaming, ble, blood, blown, blue, body, bomb, bombs, books, border, boston, boxes, boy, breakfast, bright, bring, british, brittle, bro, brow, brown, buddy, building, built, bullsh, bunch, bur, buster, button, buy, cable, called, calm, camp, campaign, camps, capital, captain, card, care, carry, cars, case, castro, catch, caught, cell, center, cer, chain, chairman, chance, che, cheap, cheney, chicago, chris, church, citizenship, claim, claiming, class, classic, clean, clever, cli, close, clown, clueless, coke, collapse, collection, collections, coming, commentary, commercial, common, communication, completely, complex, complicit, con, conferences, congratulations, content, continue, contractor, controlled demolition, cop, copies, core, corporate, corporation, cost, couch, countries, country, county, courts, cover, crash, credibility, credible, credit, crisis, crowd, cruise, cruise missile, cry, crying, customer, customers, daddy, daniel, dark, david, day, days, dea, dead, death, decided, declared, defending, delivery, denial, department, destroyed, destruction, devil, devious, dick, differences, differently, difficult, dig, direction, dirty, disaster, dish, disturbing, division, doctors, doesn, don, dont, door, double, douglas, dow, dozen, dubai, duck, due, dumbass, ear, earlier, early, economist, effects, elements, embarassment, eme, emergency, enemy, engineering, england, entire, equity, error, essential, establishment, estate, evening, event, excellent, executive orders, exercise, experience, experts, explained, expose, extra, extremely, eye, eyes, eyewitness, fabricated, fabrication, face, fall, false, families, farms, fast, favorite, fed, federal, fee, feels, felt, fema, field, figures, file, files, financial, flag, floor, fly, folks, forces, ford, forget, forward, fox, frank, freelance, frequent, front, fuel, full, fully, funds, gas, gave, general, generals, george, george w. bush, gli, global, good, gov, gram, grand, gray, greatest, ground, group, groups, growing, guys, gym, hand, handle, hands, harbor, hard, harder, hasn, hatch, head, heads, healthy, hell, hey, hiding, high, higher, highly, hijackers, hills, hip, hire, holds, hole, home, hospital, hot, hotel, hours, house, housing, houston, howard, html, huge, hurricane, ial, ian, identifying, idiots, ignorance, ignorant, ignore, ill, illegals, illus, ime, impact, important, increase, indicted, industrial, industries, industry, info, infowars, insider, intelligence, inter, intercept, investigation, involved, involving, ion, isn, issue, issues, jan, jet, joe, john, joined, jones, journalist, joy, justify, kelly, kicking, killer, killers, kind, knew, laden, lady, land, large, last, laugh, leaders, leading, lean, leaving, lets, liars, liberal, liberty, lied, light, lighting, line, link, lis, list, listed, local, long, loose, los, lot, love, lunatic, lunch, lying, mad, mainstream, mark, market, martial, martial law, mass, massive, master, materials, math, matter, mea, mega, mel, mental, metals, mexican, mexico, mild, million, mind, minerals, minister, minnesota, minutes, missing, mob, moment, moon, more, morgan, morning, mossad, mother, msnbc, naa, nam, named, nasty, nation, national, national security, nature, nazi, needed, newspaper, nope, north, notes, numbers, office, official, officials, ohhh, ohio, open, operation, operations, opportunity, order, ordered, orders, org, orleans, pablo, page, paper, paper trail, par, part, pas, pass, patriot, paul, paula, pays, peaceful, pen, pentagon, person, personal, petroleum, pile, plane, planes, planned, planning, plans, plant, platinum, play, played, players, point, police state, popular, pos, pose, position, post, posted, poster, posting, posts, pounds, power, pray, prepared, presiden, prevention, price, prisoners, private, probability, produce, production, professional, projects, proper, properties, property, proposition, protected, protection, prove, proves, provoke, public, pulled, punished, push, quality, question, questions, quickly, quot, quote, race, raise, rated, raving, raw, rea, reaction, read, ready, reagan, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, red, register, reichstag, related, relax, released, releases, remember, report, research, respect, retired, revenge, rice, rick, rio, rip, rise, rising, roll, room, rose, rosen, route, run, rush, sal, scenario, screw, secretary, secretly, secrets, sen, sense, sept, september, serve, served, service, services, set, sheet, ship, shoo, shooting, short, shot, showed, shut, signing, simple, simply, site, small, smoke, socks, soft, son, sooooo, sorry, sounds, source, sources, spent, spreading, star, starring, start, starting, starts, state, stated, states, status, stay, steel, steve, steven, stone, stop, story, stream, street, strength, strike, stupid, style, submit, subs, suitable, supervision, supporting, suppose, system, systems, take a look, taken, takes, talking, tan, tapes, targets, taste, technologies, ted, terror, terrorist, texas, text, the truth about, theory, thinks, thought, thread, threatened, threats, thursday, ticket, times, timing, title, today, told, top, tor, total, totally, touch, towers, trac, trace, trade, trail, transportation, treated, treatment, trillion, trolling, troops, troubles, truck, truth, tune, twin, u.s. government, ugly, une, united, united states, upper, url, uss, usual, van, version, veterans, vice, videos, view, wait, waiting, warfare, wars, watched, wearing, weight, weird, welfare, west, whats, wide, wikipedia, win, wire, wise, won, wont, worked, workers, working, worse, worth, writes, writing, wrong, wtf, year, years, yesterday, york, young
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  32. Most Better Off Today Than 4 Years Ago

    Started by Betamanmn, 03-31-2006 03:29 AM
    000, 2001, 2008, 55%, ???, acceleration, accepted, account, accounts, accurate, act, action, actions, acts, adams, administration, admit, adult, affirmative, afford, age, ages, agreement, aid, alien, aliens, alive, allegations, ama, amazing, ambassador, america, american, americas, amnesty, annual, anny, another, answer, anti, apologize, apologized, approval, approve, approved, apps, april, arab, art, arthur, article, artists, ash, ass, asset, asy, ation, attacked, attacks, attention, authority, aware, awesome, axa, babies, baby, bad, balance, banks, based, basic, basically, beat, beating, beer, bet, beta, better, bigger, biggest, billion, bit, blame, blatant, blew, block, blood, blue, boards, body, book, books, booming, boost, boot, boots, border, borders, borrowed, bow, boy, brain, break, breaks, breath, bribe, brilliant, bring, bringing, bro, broke, bull, bullsh, bunch, bureau, bush, businesses, butts, buy, buying, buys, cabinet, called, calling, campaign, cancer, cannot, captured, card, care, carefully, carry, case, cash, catch, caused, causing, center, ceo, cer, chain, challenge, chan, channel, che, chea, cheney, chicken, childish, citizenry, citizens, claim, claiming, clever, cli, click, clients, clinto, clinton, clo, clock, close, clothes, clueless, coa, cock, code, collapse, college, coming, commit, common, communal, communication, communism, community, comparison, complete, completely, compliments, components, con, concerned, condi, conferences, connection, conservative, conservatives, constant, constantly, consumers, continue, continues, contrast, conversation, convoy, cop, core, corporate, corporate media, corporation, correct, correction, cost, costs, couch, countries, country, cover, crack, crash, creates, credibility, credible, credit, credit cards, crew, criminals, crisis, crowd, cry, crying, cse, cult, culture, currency, current, customers, daddy, damage, damn, dar, darken, darn, day, days, dea, dead, deaf, death, debt, decades, december, decided, decision, deep, defeat, defend, defines, definition, delivered, delusional, democrats, dems, denial, department, deposited, des, deserve, deserving, desire, destroyed, destroying, development, dick, didn, differences, differently, difficult, digit, diploma, direction, disabled, disaster, disasters, discover, discussing, disease, disinformation, display, district, disturbing, divert, doctors, doesn, dog, dollar, don, dona, dons, dont, don’t, dope, double, dow, doyle, dozen, drink, drug, due, dumbass, dun, dying, ear, earlier, early, earn, earning, earth, east, economic, economist, economy, edge, effective, elected, electio, electoral, eliminate, ells, eme, emergency, employees, empower, ended, endorsed, enemy, enterprise, entire, error, estate, eth, ethical, euro, europe, european, eva, excellent, exists, experience, expose, extended, extra, extreme, extremists, fabulous, face, faced, factory, factual, fail, fails, fall, families, fans, fashion, fast, fat, father, fault, 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ignorant, ignore, ignored, ill, illegals, illness, image, imagine, ime, imf, immigration, impact, important, impressive, improved, income, index, individuals, industrial, industries, industry, infected, info, inherited, innovation, insult, insulted, insulting, insults, intelligence, inter, interest, internal, invade, involved, ion, iraq, islamic, isn, issue, issues, italy, jack, jealous, jet, job, john, joke, joy, kennedy, kerry, kevin, kick, kidding, kill, killed, kills, kind, kinds, knew, ladies, lady, land, large, last, latest, laugh, launch, launched, lazy, lead, leaders, leading, leads, leaving, liars, liberal, liberals, lied, life, limbaugh, limits, line, lines, lis, listed, listen, lived, living, local, lol, long, long run, longer, los, loses, losing, loss, lot, luck, lying, machines, mad, mail, main, major, making, mantra, manufacture, manufacturing, mark, market, markets, martial, martial law, mass, massive, match, matter, mea, meaningless, measure, medicare, meeting, members, memory, mental, mentally, mexican, michigan, million, millions, mind, minnesota, minutes, missle, mock, molds, money, monitoring, monkeys, month, moral, more, morning, moron, mortgages, mosquitos, mother, move, movie, multi, nafta, nam, named, nation, national, national debt, nations, nature, needed, neo, ner, net, network, newspaper, nice, nope, normal, north, nose, note, notes, nov, november, nuke, numbers, oas, objects, obsessed, october, office, officials, open, operation, opportunity, opposite, oral, order, org, organization, original, overwhelming, owes, owned, owner, page, pals, pandemic, paper, par, part, partnership, party, pas, pass, pathetic, paul, paying, peace, peaceful, pen, pennsylvania, people, perfect, performance, person, personal, personally, pet, picture, pig, pin, pissing, place, plane, planned, plant, plastic, play, played, plea, pleasant, point, police state, policies, policy, politically, poor, popular, pos, positive, post, posted, posting, potential, poverty, power, pra, prepared, prerequisite, prescription, presiden, presidency, prez, price, prices, prime, principles, private, prize, process, product, production, products, profits, progress, projects, promised, promotes, property, proposal, proposals, propped, protect, protected, protection, prove, proved, proven, proves, public, pull, putting, quarter, question, questions, quick, quit, quote, quotes, race, raise, raising, ran, rasmussen, rated, ratings, raving, raw, reaction, read, reagan, real, reality, realty, reason, reasons, recession, recorded, recovery, red, refund, regime, registered, regulatory, related, religious, remarks, remember, remind, reminder, renewed, rep, republicans, research, reserve, residential, respond, response, responsible, rest, results, retarded, retired, returns, revenge, rick, ridiculous, righties, ring, rio, rise, rising, risk, robert, rock, role, ron, roo, room, rose, route, rove, roy, run, rushed, sad, safe, safety, sale, sam, san, satisfied, scale, scary, scenario, score, script, search, season, secretary, secure, seem, select, sell, senate, sense, sept, september, serum, served, set, sex, shared, sharing, sho, shoe, short, shot, showed, shows, sign, signed, simple, simply, sink, site, ski, slam, slim, small, small business, smarter, smoke, social security, socialism, sock puppets, sold, soldiers, sole, solid, sons, soo, soooo, sorry, source, sources, spanish, sparen, speed, spend, spends, spent, spineless, staff, stage, stand, star, starring, start, starting, starts, state, stated, states, statistic, stats, status, stay, steal, stealing, steel, stock, stop, stories, story, stranger, strength, strike, strip, student, stupid, style, submit, subsidize, succeed, sucking, suckup, sul, summer, support, supporter, supporting, suppose, surge, survey, surveys, survive, sweat, system, systems, tactic, take a look, taken, takes, talk, talking, tan, taxes, tea, teach, ted, tells, terror, terrorist, texas, text, thankful, the truth about, theory, they, thieves, thinks, thought, thread, threatens, throw, thursday, tied, time, times, toast, today, told, top, tor, tortured, total, totally, touch, tough, toy, trac, trade, traitor, transparent, treasury, tribute, trillion, trouble, trum, trusted, tuesday, tune, tunes, types, typing, ubes, ugly, ukraine, unbalanced, uncle, une, unemployment, unfolds, union, united, united states, upset, url, user, usher, usual, vacation, vacations, verify, version, vest, vet, veterans, vice, victim, victory, view, vince, viole, violence, vital, voted, votes, wait, walmart, wanted, war crime, ward, warming, wars, wary, watching, water, ways, websites, week, weeks, welcome, welfare, west, western, win, winner, winter, wisconsin, witch, woma, women, won, wonderful, worked, workers, working, worse, worst, worth, worthy, wow, write, wrong, year, years, yesterday, young, youtube,
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  33. FDA Should Pull Approval of RU-486

    Started by boone, 03-23-2006 06:42 PM
    $100, 000, 2001, 55%, abandoned, abc, abortion, abortions, abused, access, action, acts, add, address, administration, admit, admits, admitted, advanced, advocates, affairs, age, aid, alive, allowed, ame, america, american, animal, announced, another, answer, anus, apart, approval, approved, april, apt, assault, attention, authority, authors, babies, baby, bans, based, beautiful, ben, benefits, bit, blood, body, bombed, boston, bring, british, bur, buy, called, calls, campaign, canada, canadian, cancer, cannot, care, careful, case, catholic, caused, causing, cent, center, cer, charles, child abuse, class, cli, clinic, clinics, clinto, close, coleman, collected, common, comparable, comparison, complete, compromised, con, condi, confirmed, congressman, constant, contrast, corporation, costs, countries, country, county, courier, creates, credible, crisis, cruel, cytotec, damage, daughter, david, day, days, dea, dead, death, debate, decades, delivered, demons, diagnosis, didn, difficult, director, division, doctors, doesn, don, dona, don’t, double, dow, dozen, drug, due, dying, ear, earlier, early, effective, effects, eliminate, elliot, emergency, employees, ended, endorsed, europe, european, expert, extended, extremely, face, factor, fail, families, fatal, fathers, fda, fear, fec, federal, feel, feeling, felt, female, finds, flaw, flies, food, fra, france, gave, general, general public, girl, give, good, gov, great, green, group, growing, halted, happened, hard, healthy, heart, held, hey, hidden, hidden agenda, hiding, high, higher, his, home, horrible, hospital, hours, html, huma, human, ial, ime, impact, income, increase, individuals, info, injury, institutes, instructed, involuntary, involved, ion, iowa, issue, issues, issuing, kick, killed, killers, kind, kinds, knew, land, largest, last, latest, lawsuit, lawsuits, lead, legitimate, letter, listed, local, long, long run, los, loses, loss, lot, louisiana, making, mark, market, massive, mater, matter, mea, medical, mental, method, mexico, million, mind, minutes, mitchell, monitoring, month, more, mother, move, movement, multiple, named, nation, national, nature, needed, ner, net, normal, notes, november, number, october, office, official, officials, open, opposite, orange, org, page, part, partner, pas, pass, passed, people, perception, personally, peter, piece, pigs, pills, pit, place, planned, play, played, point, poison, policies, pos, positive, post, posted, prefer, presiden, price, privacy, private, problems, proceedings, process, professional, protect, prove, proven, proves, provider, public, published, pull, punishment, push, question, quote, ran, rated, read, real, reality, reason, receiving, recently, refuses, regime, regulations, related, released, releases, religious, research, response, responses, ress, rest, results, rev, rise, risk, role, run, rushed, safe, safety, sal, satisfied, sca, sen, sense, september, served, set, severe, shock, shocking, shouldn, simply, skin, small, soo, sorry, sounds, source, sources, speaks, special, spokesman, staff, star, state, stated, states, stop, student, subs, suc, suicide, summers, surgery, survey, surveys, survival, system, taken, takes, ted, testing, they, thought, thread, threatening, threats, time, times, told, total, treated, treatment, truth, two weeks, unfortunate, united, united states, university, unwan, url, user, usual, viagra, vice, victim, view, vince, voice, wanted, warren, wars, water, week, weeks, western, wikipedia, wise, withdraw, woma, women, womens, won, worked, working, worldwide, worse, worth, year, years, young
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  34. U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

    Started by sojustask, 03-01-2006 02:24 AM
    55%, ages, agreed, al qaeda, america, american, another, appears, arab, army, attacks, battle, bnn, bombing, border, calls, censors, center, cer, citizens, college, con, conflicts, country, dea, death, des, destruction, don, double, early, effective, enemy, exit, factor, favoring, five, forces, friends, front, fusion, give, global, good, ground, hey, his, hold, home, hussein, ial, imagine, information, inter, international, involved, ion, iraq, jan, liberals, lines, long, main, male, mass, master, members, military, mind, mission, model, more, nam, needed, news, number, oil, only, overwhelming, pas, past, peace, people, person, photos, prisoner, prisoners, pro, protecting, published, pull, quarter, question, quick, random, rapid, read, real, reason, regular, revealed, role, runs, security, sen, showed, shows, small, soldiers, solid, sound, states, stay, stop, strategy, sun, surge, survey, surveys, tech, techniques, telephone calls, they, thought, threatening, tour, troops, url, view, war, wars, weeks, wide, work, world, wow, yahoo, year
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  35. Status Of Profitsforinvestingtoo

    Started by ken64646464, 01-03-2006 01:54 AM
    55%, days, don, forum, gold, his, honest, https, investing, link, members, paid, plan, profits, status, test, trust, url
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  36. Bush sets out to salvage 2nd term

    Started by tommywho70x, 10-31-2005 10:19 PM
    000, 1984, 2001, 55%, abandoned, abe, achievement, acted, action, administration, admit, admitted, adviser, advisers, aff, affairs, age, agendas, aide, aims, alex, also, ama, america, american, animal, announced, another, anti, apex, approval, are, aren, arms, assurance, ation, august, authorized, avia, back, backs, bad, bat, bee, before, being, best, biggest, bin, bird, bit, blame, blogging, blood, bosnia, break, breaks, broad, broker, buried, but, cabinet, called, calls, campaign, care, case, caught, center, cer, chairman, chance, charles, che, cheney, chief, china, chris, christia, christians, cindy, class, cli, clinto, close, clou, com, comeback, commit, communications, complete, completely, con, congressional, conservative, conservatives, correction, cost, course, cover, crisis, current, daily, dance, dangerous, david, dea, dealing, death, debacle, december, decision, ded, defeated, defend, defending, deliver, democratic, democrats, demons, der, described, devastating, did, difficult, ding, diploma, diplomatic, director, dirty, disaster, disgrace, diver, diverting, divider, division, doesn, don, dow, drama, draw, drop, drudge, drug, due, early, economic, education, effects, elec, elected, electio, election, end, ended, energy, enter, entire, essential, ethical, eur, executive, extremely, face, faced, failed, failure, fal, fall, fda, fears, federal, figure, finding, finds, fired, fix, focus, foreign, formal, forward, fox, friday, front, funds, gain, gary, gas, get, give, gli, good, gop, had, han, harder, head, health, healthy, held, help, helped, hey, high, him, hire, his, home, hose, house, huma, human, hurricane, ial, ian, imagine, ime, immigration, impeached, impeachment, important, improve, inauguration, inc., indicted, ing, inter, internal, international, investigative, ion, ireland, issues, its, jack, job, johnson, joined, jones, jour, judge, judy, just, katrina, keep, know, known, laden, lake, leak, least, leaves, leo, lessons, liberal, like, lines, lives, long, long run, looks, loss, lot, mad, madness, make, makes, many, mark, matt, mccain, mea, medicare, meeting, memories, mid, mind, mixed, modern, monday, monica, month, mor, more, morning, national, nego, never, news, nixon, nominatio, nomination, non, northern, northern ireland., note, notes, november, now, nuclear, nutra, obstruction, obstruction of justice, office, oil, once, only, opportunity, order, pac, page, pandemic, par, party, patrick, peace, people, performance, personal, place, plane, plans, plant, plate, play, players, policy, pollster, popular, positive, predicts, prepared, presence, presiden, presidency, presidential, price, prices, probe, process, product, progress, prosecutor, public, published, pull, qualified, question, questions, raised, ratings, reagan, reason, reform, related, relief, ren, rent, republican, research, resident, resigned, respond, response, responsibilities, results, richard, rick, rise, ronald reagan, rove, run, sales, salvage, san, sca, scandals, scenario, scheduled, score, scrutiny, seem, senate, senators, sets, ship, short, should, shows, simple, sky, solid, solve, some, something, son, sour, speak, special, staff, star, start, state, stay, stra, strategy, strength, subs, succeed, successful, such, sunday, support, supreme, supreme court, sure, surveys, susan, sweet, take, taken, tax, ted, term, terms, terrible, testify, than, that, the, the wall, their, themselves, these, they, things, think, threatened, throw, thursday, time, today, told, ton, top, totally, town, trade, trail, tre, trial, troops, trouble, tuesday, turned, types, ultra, under, union, ups, ure, url, usa, vacation, veterans, vice, viole, violence, wall, wallace, wan, week, weeks, when, will, win, wings, working, works, would, yahoo, years, you, your, zone
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