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    Re: Lucifer letter to the ACLU

    Quote Originally Posted by Grim17
    To sum it up, pwrowe's post is simply saying that the ACLU is the single biggest threat to the future of the United States, and to say they are the enemy doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how evil and destructive they are.

    And I agree with that view.
    call it........the many ways of free enterprise and entrepenureship in the land of BUSINESS RULES!?hehe!!and all driven by that everlasting god of the USA......MONEY!!otherwise known to the underprivelidged as ......the cost of living(dont cha know!?)remeber your sunday school lesson.........gods love is FREE!!evrything else.......COSTS LIKE H E L L!?and a bullet decides who gets to play!?just askin!?

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    Re: Lucifer letter to the ACLU

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw
    The sad thing is that it is true. It's not funny at all. Today's society literally spits in GOD's face without a care. Little to they know ... people think only bad people go to hell ... but it's those who do not honor Christ and his word.

    It seems many on this board have read at least parts of the Bible. Reading it is one thing ... applying it it quite another.

    This article was written in the same style as the C.S. Lewis book called the Screwtape Letters. C.S. Lewis was an atheist that desparately tried to prove there was no GOD until he did a complete 180 when he determined that it was impossible for there not to be a GOD.
    all this crap about c.s. lewis!yes he was a convert and yes he wrote a lotta stuff including the scewtape letters.SO WHAT!?try g. k. chesterton!?by the way.......what does your avatar actually SIGNIFY!?want me to tell you!?of course you dont!?WHO DOES!?we're all here to "see ourselves"!?or not!?just askin!?

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