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    Sites offering V3 RAZR

    Hello everyone.. this is my first post here and I stumbled upon this godsend of a forum as I was googling information on Online Reward Center as I wanted to make sure it isn't a scam (sent in my voucher for an Xbox360 last week)... and you guys have inspired me to do a lot more.

    Anyway, my question is about the Motorola V3 Razr and if these sites that offer them ask you which provider to send for. I have Verizon and they were basically the last company to jump onboard the RAZR thing and I just want to make sure before doing one of these that I can get one for my provider.

    Thanks a lot for any and all of the offered help, and I apologize if this had already been asked... I did a search before I posted this so that I could avoid people jumping down my throat.

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    Re: Sites offering V3 RAZR

    I think they only do them for Cingular/att phones.

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