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    Re: Good News @ MarketSurveyGroup!! Sony HD Monitors replaced with Panasonic Plasma T

    Maybe True, but if you in the business of lying and screwing people over you are not really in business at all. I dont know why people are giving LG a bad name anyway. They make every thing now. Dish washer, Tvs, Cellphone, Washing machines. LG is probobly the next Sony. They make pretty good products. And I would happy to get a LG Plasma

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    Re: Good News @ MarketSurveyGroup!! Sony HD Monitors replaced with Panasonic Plasma TVs

    I agree... LG is a respectable brand now. It may not be the best, but hey, it's free.

    I'm done arguing over the subject. Sorry to all that I offended. I'm going to sit patiently and wait for my 42" LG/Panasonic TV to arrive.

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    Re: Good News @ MarketSurveyGroup!! Sony HD Monitors replaced with Panasonic Plasma T

    I am still stuck at 5/6 in progress with only Netmarket still pending... :(

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