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  • Football

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  • Olympics

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  • Tennis

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  • Golf

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  • F*#@in Hate Sports Games!!

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    Sports Video Games Issues....

    I am personally a sega sports fan and loved the 2K series!! I just think that it is BULL that EA bought out the rights and now has no competion. Nothing good comes out of a company that has no competion. EX: 2006 Madden is not a good product compared to 2005 because EA didn't put enough into it. They figured they didn't have to because they own the market. NFL 2K5 was a all around better game except for Madden's Franchise mode.
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    Re: Sports Video Games Issues....

    That was really so nice news that the sports new games are now issue.Mu favourite sport is football and tennis.I looking to by this sports game.when this games are going to come in the market,i like to buy these games.

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