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    To George - Please Read, if you are still around.

    I was perusing the site when I came across the thread/announcement about you selling scam.com.

    I was actually taken aback by this, I quote:

    "As per scams dot net - you suck! You were buying advertising off google adwords and getting your banner on scam.com. You are just mad I disallowed your ugly banner from being shown on my site. Hire a designer man, your stuffs horrible !!! And come up with an original idea you .com-envy chooch."

    I am very sorry you felt obligated to bash me and my site. I have been purchasing advertising for a number of sites I own, including scams.net. I have yet to be approached by any site owners asking me to use different keywords or to not advertise because they dont want my banners. I had no idea it was possible to "disallow" a banner from being shown on a site (guess I better read up at AdWords.). You happened to be a site owner who never attempted to make contact with me about what you deemed to be a problem. Furthermore, to carry on with libelous remarks about me and my site is an insult not worthy of throwing in this case.

    Obviously "I" did something you didnt like but you failed to approach me and discuss your issue. You made an assumption I was trying to be like you and your site. Well, it just so happens there are thousands of sites like ours. Im sorry if you felt threatened by it, that was not my intention. My intentions are to let people know about scams and frauds. I am not interested in bulking up the scams.net site for the purposes of selling it off. Funny this comes up as you are preparing to depart, please dont tell me you think I reduced the value of your project. Do you feel that way? I certainly hope not.

    I have even made reference to your forums in emails and to people who are looking for further information about scams which are not listed or posted about on my site. For you to throw this at me is not cool, man.

    I run one Google ad on my portal, I make next to nothing on it, and I am quite positive I am more in the red than you. Thing is, I dont care about the money when it comes to the site.

    I think my site is pretty original, maybe not the content, but I worked hard to make the site eye-appealing and it disheartens me that you actually believe the site looks like crap. Please send me recommendations to make it better, I welcome them. And I have one question regarding originality - are you claiming scam.com was the first anti-scam site? Did you come up with this anti-scam idea yourself? If so, I would be interested in picking your brain a bit, understanding what it was that motivated you to be the first. Seriously.

    I am not confrontational, and like yourself I dont want to fight over this. However, I am obligated to defend my character and my integrity. You crossed the line and I would like an apology.

    For what it is worth, I am sorry if I ruffled your feathers, George. Please accept my apology.


    Update: I found the exclusion tab in AdWords and added Scam.com to the list. I will assume the new owners feel the same way. If there are any other anti-scam owners who would like me to add thier sites, please contact me at info at scams dot net. Thank you.
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    Re: To George - Please Read, if you are still around.

    Don't think George is with us any longer...However, this post may be picked up and commented upon and possibly referred to the owners... Maybe!

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    Re: To George - Please Read, if you are still around.

    Oh puleeze Stuart! Your layout is so close to identical to scam.com's it's insulting. Layout, forum titles, even type style - who are you trying to kid with your little sermon? If you were sincere you'd have done "the work" and made your very own unique layout. Sad, very sad - how old are you? No one is going to believe you. Don't put yourself in the same catagory as the other anti-scam sites - the duplication is not in the theme of the site. I think your timing is interesting, too. Have you been watching to see if George posts? Be careful what you wish for .... As I see it he was p.o.'d with you "passing off" ( it is a legal term - impersonation of a sort). He may be a little more than just p.o.'d now.

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    Re: To George - Please Read, if you are still around.

    Stuart, you shouldn't be advertising on this forum. The new owners do not allow it. George hasn't been around since the sale, but I'll pass along your message to him.

    Lady Mod

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