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Thread: cars.com scam

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    Re: cars.com scam

    You can avoid a lot of issues by :
    1: - State in your post that the buyer is responsible to pick up the car in person, or arrange transportation with a third party. State that you will not do it regardless of circumstances.
    2: - State in your post that all checks will be held a minumum of 2 weeks until they clear the bank - 4 weeks for international checks.
    3: - State that all payments for "more than" or "less than" the agreed upon price will be automatically rejected.

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    Re: Selling a car on cars. dot.com scam

    Quote Originally Posted by tinkertoy View Post
    Selling my sons car on internet has opened a flood of scam artists trying to buy it with certified checks, with extra money for me to pay the shipper, like in Poland? Couple of emails were different emails with the same phone which does not exist...and after I replied to one of them with a 1000 bucks more for the car, this morning they will go the 1000 bucks plus 200 for my time in sending the extra 3800 to the shipper after cashing the check...they don't give up...of course by now we all know the check would bounce but not until you have sent the money you think you have in the bank...which now ???

    If someone asks, I will post the reply to them along with their layest reply this morning!!!

    These are very common. Don't bite.

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