I'm not sending this, but it's just as good if you guys read it. I just think this whole Dick Cheney hunting mishap is hilarious, and just thought I'd ramble a bit on it myself.


Rush, you’re such a tight-wad. Just comparing Jon Stewart’s humor to the situation with your 24 minutes of angry ramblings is just hilarious. Shooting quail? That’s funny even without the guy getting shot - oh, wait, sorry - peppered in the face. You people are really queer. I don’t mean homosexual, but just very queer in the literal sense.

Then seeing you lug yourself around the golf course like Jabba the Hutt while the soldiers you claim to support so much are getting killed. No wonder you want to support the troops so much - because they’re supporting your moronic life style by sacrificing their lives.

It is just hilarious. And of course, you’re not Christian. You can’t be Christian. Imagine a cocky blow hard like you being Christ like. “Hey, everybody, gather around Maha Rushie!” My God, just listen to what Jesus said. “Woe to you who are rich and well fed.” That’s you, stupid, the guy bragging to the country about his fabulous dinner parties.

I love that line you keep repeating like a robot: “Everybody’s got to be somewhere, and this is a great place to be.” My God, it’s like a turkey happy to be basting in the Sun. I say enjoy it as much as you can, because that line is going to sound ridiculous if you get to Hell. I hope you don't, but kind of hard to imagine you in the great golf course of the sky.

- Ronald