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    A Word of Advise for online banking

    Hi All

    I thought this might be a good place to post this warning.

    Recently I have been using traffic exchanges to advertise my website, some times my browser would freeze, at one time some where along the way a active x keylogging virus downloaded into my computer, when I accessed my online bank account with user id and password, instead of getting the usual drop down menu to enter my memorable information, it asked me to type it in in full, because I thought I had actually already logged into the bank

    I entered it, it wasn't till a couple of days later that I noticed a transfer payment set up in the transfers & payments section for 1500 to someone I had never heard off, I was lucky I spotted this straight away otherwise I would of lost the money, it was due to be paid out the next day.

    If you use online banking, always look for the https in your browsers address bar and the security lock symbol in the bottom of your browser, and always type in your banks url every time you go to use it

    I am putting out this warning, to hopefully stop it happening to anyone else
    my situation is with the Internet Fraud Squad and the UK Police....

    please be warned and hope it never happens to any of you,

    All so there are alot of fake (spoof) banking emails going around ....all I can advise here is

    if you get one select the email,
    right click on it then select properties
    you will see 2 tabs General and Details
    click on details and at the bottom it says message source
    click on this and it will give you all the message headers
    right click the select all and copy and paste into a new email and send it
    to either abuse@ or spoof@ your bank or the bank that the email is targeting

    Just write in the subject line: I believe this to be fraudulent

    You will get an acknowlegement back from the bank
    Let's do our bit to stamp this fraud out.......

    thankyou for reading :)

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    Re: A Word of Advise for online banking

    I'm watching you.

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