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    Internet Browsers

    Just curious, does it really matter which internet browser, such as the Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and etc., you used to signed up for this offers have any factors of your completion success?

    Well, I am using Firefox v1.5.0.1 as my main browser and Opera v8.5 as my backup since I have uninstalled IE6 completely off of my computer just recently and I was wondering if it's safe to sign up those offers with Firefox or Opera.

    Does anybody have any thoughts and recommendations about this issue?

    Thank you in advance.

    EDIT: By the way, are there any other factors such as anti-spyware, firewall, and etc. that really contributed to the offers completion success or failures ratio?
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    Re: Internet Browsers

    People say to Use IE only, but I use firefox myself. i had trouble with freegiftworld so I thought it was my browser, But I had the same problems when I switched. Otherwise I have had no other difficulties with Firefox
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    Re: Internet Browsers

    I use Fire Fox, just be sure to turn off the pop up blocker.

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    Re: Internet Browsers

    I only user Opera. That's it.

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    Re: Internet Browsers

    Netscape allows you to switch between Firefox and IE. If a site is having problems with FF, one click allows you to reload it with IE.

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    Re: Internet Browsers

    Thank you all for your feedbacks.

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