who can't and do not want to daytrade due to the risks. I wanted to know can anyone recommend and asset management or managed account firm to do the daily trading for me. The only ones I know of all seek traders as an occupation. I am weary about investing in a solid or vasco investments (or any firms similar) cause quite frankly they seem fraudulent. I was very interested in the carlin group but they require an initial investment of 30k. Despite the fact they are reputable that is still a large sum of money. I was hoping to summon someone's help on this board to point me in the right direction.

Also, I like the fact that I could literally walk into a Schonfield, Opus, Hold or Carlin trading group as opposed to these fly by night schemes that are feigning to have a physical address. I guess to summarize I am looking for a reputable asset management firm with a reasonable initial investment

Any help would be appreciated