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    Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    BUYER BEWARE! I bought a Verizon Cell phone online from Cellular Choices in Feb 2005 that offered a $150 rebate(s). The stipulation is that you submit all the necessary paperwork between 120-180 days that you started service. So, I submitted my paperwork at the beginning of August and finally on 20 Oct 05 I got my answer. It was a "Rejection" letter. I was thrown back and forth between the "Customer Service Center" and the "Rebate Center". They both toggled me between each other. I felt like a human ping pong ball. So, I finally got the correct information that was missing together and resubmitted this to the Rebate Center in November via Fax. Apparently, the Rebate Center and Customer Service Center don't talk to each other, nor do they leave good notes in your account. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES GOING ON HERE. So, it was about 10 weeks (processing time) in January 2006 when I received another "Rejection" of reimbursement letter from billing saying "they could not reimburse me because I was past the 120-180 day window." Well, let me forewarn anybody wanting to purchase a cell phone on Cellular Choices online. DON'T DO IT!! If you make one mistake in your submission of your "Rebates" they will look for anyway not to reimburse you. Believe me...I know first hand. :mad: :mad:
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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    This too JUST happened to me. They have all of these criteria you must pass before sending the rebate forms (4) in. Now, 12 weeks later I received (well not actually, I had to go ask them) a rejection notice.

    These people are SLEASY to the highest. NEVER do business with Cellular Choices

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    Unfortunately, this is common practice in the Rebate Fulfillment Services industry.
    While these third party fulfillment companies may not Directly profit from denying a rebate, they do benefit from a reputation for saving money for the company offering the rebates.
    Best bets?
    Ignore rebates in the $5-$10 range; they're not worth the postage to fight over.
    Document everything.;xerox all submitted forms and receipts.
    Expect to have to re-submit multiple times;persistence will literally pay-off.

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    :mad: mine was for 125.00 x2 they said I would get a check then put the status back into processing and it has been over 4 months since I originally sent in for my rebate which was six months after my purchase. sounds like the old company out of business scam after long period of wait time. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    the best place to buy a cell phone

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    Just wanted to say thanks for the reports. I know it is little consolation but I was five minutes from sending my credit card info and SS# to cellular choices. Your posts made me think otherwise.

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    I got rejected by T-Mobile for $50 cell rebate.

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    I wonder if it is the same with all cell phone companies. Rogers Wireless did the same to me.

    They are all a bunch of crooks. And if you don't like it they will ruin your credit rating just because you caused them a hassel. You will still not get any further ahead...

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    i love cingular but they rape me.

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    Stay away from it...

    First of all, their customer is outsources, probably in India, and when you call they have no communication whatsoever with anybody, including their managers.

    I have been calling them for days to have them resend a UPC barcode, but they keep sending me btw rebate center and customer service giving me no options. I know from friends in retail that the store keeps that information for at least 1 year, and I believe that they don't send it to me intentionally so that the rebates will not be processed. I wouldn't say that there is no communication btw customer service and rebate center, on the contrary there exists a perverse communication where both parties do whatever they can to screw you...

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    They have a ratings page over at Resellerratings.com

    11 reviews since 13MAR2005, rating is 0/10.

    Also found two BBB reports;
    First BBB report;
    Cellular Choices
    16004 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd Ste 166
    Sherwood, OR 97140-8521
    Telephone: (877) 699-9461
    Fax: (877) 314-9944
    Original Business Start Date: February 2002
    Entity: Sole Proprietorship
    TOB Classification: Cellular Telephone Service & Supplies
    BBB Membership: This company is not a member.

    Based on BBB files, this company has a satisfactory record with the Bureau.
    The Bureau processed a total of 60 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 60 complaints closed in 36 months, 34 were closed in the last year.
    From the report it appears that this company has addressed all complaints filed with the BBB. You can file a complaint here.

    Second BBB report;
    Cellular Choices
    1 Stoneridge Mall Rd
    Pleasanton, CA 94588-3281
    Telephone: (866) 816-5873
    File Open Date: March 2007
    BBB Membership: This company is not a member.
    The BBB has of this date not yet linked the two address's, both share the same URL, however.
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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    Re: Cell phone rebate Scam - Cellular Choices (Inphonics Inc)

    They are a scam indeed. Here is my email corrspondence with them so far:

    ================================================== ===

    Dear Rebate Center,

    You guys play so many stupid wasteful games with your customers to make sure somehow some where they make a mistake following your twisted rebate game, and then you say aha got'u.

    Except this time, I followed all I was supposed to do, and now my rebate is denied for a false made up reason!!!

    I signed up with cingular and am still with them under the same number I signed up with. I sent in all the required forms and my latest bill. Why on earth would you say I am not with cingular anymore. I did not switch my plans. I am paying them $50 a month on autopay. You can go to my account online and see my entire history there. I can provide a link, and my username/password if you like.

    My Cingular accnt number is: "xxxxxxxxxxxx" . This account is in good standing, and is the same one I regretfully signed up for using your website. It is under my own name " xxxxxxxxxx" and same phone number: "650-xxxxxxxxx".

    I would like you review this claim and issue me my check. This is nothing short of stealing cash from my wallet.

    frustrated customer,


    ================================================== ===============================
    - Hide quoted text -

    On 8/8/07, RebateProcessingCenterCustomerCare wrote:

    Rebate: Customer Appreciation H17945
    Rebate Claim ID: 38459863
    Rebate Amount: $30.00

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

    Thank you for your submitting your mail-in rebate claim. We have reviewed your rebate claim submission and found that it is invalid for the
    following reasons:

    # The terms of this rebate require that you maintain the wireless service plan that you originally signed up for to be eligible to collect your rebate. Your carrier reported that you have deactivated your account or that it has been suspended.

    We regret that we cannot honor this particular claim. If you have other claims, they will be assessed separately. For additional information
    regarding this rebate claim submission, please logon to www.cellphonerebates.com using the above Rebate Claim ID.

    If you have questions about your rebate or to e-mail us, please logon to www.whereismyorder.com.

    Please do not reply to this e-mail, this e-mail box is not monitored for replies.


    Rebate Processing Center Customer Care

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