This is my first time and I am not sure I am doing it correctly however, I really believe Kwiley poste re: I think she needs to have her friend post some of the incidentals because I really believe this company is scamming people. They do not back their word, are unreachable and do not hold up to their end of the bargain. For "heavypockets" and the others who do not believe, they obviously have not tried to work with besearched. And ofcourse, they will allow you to view reports, ( of their choosing ofcourse), but they are infact probably not the actual :mad: reports, or they are the cream of the crop!! We as customers are not even able to get into that area of their site. We went from over 46% visibility before they took over our entire site ,to the tune of nearly $3000, and we only recently reached 36%visibility.

I think Kwiley really needs to talk her friend into talking because only through these forums will the word get out. No other way can businesses striving to succeed know about these companies who will promise everything and deliver very litte, and we actually have very litte recourse. Ever notice, they want all their money up front? If my company gave HALF of the poor customer service that besearched has given, we would have been out of business a long time ago.