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    USSA or NBPI scam

    This letter says that I won 3,700,300.00 and I noticed that it is the same address as the Las Vegas Actionable Awards Scam previosly noted. They have annother name, but do not be fooled, it is them.

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    Re: USSA or NBPI scam

    Quote Originally Posted by Raisinet
    Does anyone know where these scammers get all the names and addresses that they have on their list?

    Quote Originally Posted by Phinnly Slash Buster
    The Phone Book? Just a guess but a good one based on news articles and some of the postings here at scam.com. LAAVP is targeting small rural or suburban communities at random nationwide. Once they have chosen a target community it appears that they are organizing a mass mailing. Every couple of days or week or so they target a new area.
    Are they using regular stamps for mailing or a postal meter?
    Either way save the original envelope that the offer is mailed in. If a formal complaint is made to the USPS inspectors and they are investigating, this info is useful. Postal metering has and ID tag or acct. number that can be traced.
    Regular mail using stamps has a cancellation with, origin, date and time stamped on it.
    From what is reported here the return envelope is mailed to Fla. Those who wish to organize action against LAAVP might consider sending a complaint to this post office. It is likely they know, or can easily find out, who is picking up the mail at this location and cashing the checks.

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