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    Re: Is Russ Dalbey's Cash flow business a Scam or

    I remember watching those late a night, Is that still going on, repeats? or likely more to come in rehashed fashion.

    If it works great for those who worked it. The important thing is getting to know someone who can atleast trust or get to know if its the right thing for you.

    I don't know brokering but If I choose to be one...then I must educated myself to be one.

    I do admit watching that segment many many times wondering and all it did was pour the high paychecks in my head to buy into it AND its neuro linguistic language it sends out to the "T" Which I'm glad I didn't because it would be just sitting there or be in the trash.

    Like in any business, research is due before you make that move. I know to go talk to someone for all answers personally or repeated emails/ phone calls, groups etc for insight constantly on what others are moving and shaking it well.

    But in this case there is too much to handle in this broker business to learn about..or simply I wasn't interested enough and overwhelmed,
    but only entertained my dreaming of the big house and car to know there are other business out there that makes this possible.

    I do know with that the low start up price still works for the advertising to advertise more because of the low price. And yes that was a redundant statement though you see the cycle.

    I just read the latest from The_dill_pickle ....Without an opinion on Russ D. I hope the rehashed info-mercials won't be the same.

    And everyone else to never give up thinking outside of the box.

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    Re: Is Russ Dalbey's Cash flow business a Scam or Real?

    Many of these commission based companies do not have many good reviews. People will stay away from them because when they joined them they expect to make money instantly so that changes when they cannot do that.

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    Re: Is Russ Dalbey's Cash flow business a Scam or

    Quote Originally Posted by MNY View Post
    Check out this Better Business Bureau post about the business from May 2011.


    Hope this helps others out there.
    Russ finally got shut down! I love it!

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