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    Re: Liberals push to give vote to felons

    And the emails about voter fraud;

    and the emails about coercion and manipulation of 184 super delegates (Bernie lost by 180 delegates);

    and the emails of Soros' unprecedented control based on his large donations to Hillary's campaign and to the Clinton Foundation;

    And the emails of pay-for-play;

    And the historic differences in the exit polls from the Democratic Primaries vs the ballot counts (indicating massive voter fraud).

    And the account of the shredding of nearly 1,000,000 ballots for Bernie in San Diego before they were counted.

    And the emails about the purchase of Nigerian land by the State Department at prices that rival real estate in Tokyo... Days after the Nigerian landholder donated a sizeable chunk of money to the Clinton Foundation.

    And the fact that Seth Rich (DNC worker) was shot to death but not robbed 2 weeks before the Wikileaks... The same Seth Rich who Julian Assange implied was the source of the leaks;

    It could also possibly be the emails that Hillary mishandled when she was the Secretary of State; having set up a private email server. You know, the kind of mishandling of classified information that would land anyone working in the military or for a DOD contractor in jail for the rest of their lives;

    Really though, I'm not sure which of those (or your s) OP is talking about. hard to tell when /r/pol doesn't talk about Hillary's candidacy.

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    Re: Liberals push to give vote to felons

    so NOW peggy is digging up old threads!? too lazy to start new 1's!?
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: Liberals push to give vote to felons

    If a person served their punishment for their crime, they should not be punished twice. We are the only civilized developed country that has this double punishment. People that were wrongly convicted also should be able to vote for justice reform. Roughly 7% of people in our prisons are innocent as per studies done over the last 20 years. THIS IS A CRIME IN ITSELF! And we jail more of our population than Russia or China. Voting is a constitutional right - not a gift.
    Deduction my ass... I need proof!

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