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    StormPay follows the footsteps of IntGold

    StormPay has recently employed a technique of a double massive scare.
    First, they threatened its selective merchants that they would close their accounts if they continue to accept other payments processors. Second, they have frozen or limited these selected merchants accounts regardless of their efforts to cooperate (many of them). Well, what they say sounds well and is even logical, but since when it is OK to freeze somebody's money if you 'think' something is wrong there. They admit that these recent actions are based on early investigations (nothing was proven in court yet) and that they will cooperate with authorities. I may something the obvious here, how about if they actually inform authorities that they 'think' something might be wrong with this and that merchant and thus have a hold on the merchant account for 'indefinite' period of time or until the investigation completes (or how about it begins - if ever..).

    Well, we have seen IntGold becoming more 'reliable' by lowering security scores and imposing limits on merchant accounts - it was logical (you had to supply appropriate documentation). Then they would hold selective large transactions as being 'substandard' or not clearing their security levels. Finally, they were raided by FBI, and local police and we do not hear from them any more. We might have a chance to see a similar pattern here...The bottom line with IntGold (pending final action if any) is that everybody who had some IntGold in his or her account ended up with virtual, worthless money (not just the 'troublemakers'). Since StormPay is looking somewhat jealously at accounts of all who participated in any PTC, MLM (or what ever they might come up with next), don't be surprised if they will zero out your account to 'secure' these founds so that victims can quickly be refunded monies.. (if only the victims were not us..).

    Please do the reading and judge for yourself.


    BBB Report
    Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record .

    In the past 36 months, the company has received complaints specifically concerning the company's failure to inform and follow up with its customers when it suspends accounts, failure to release funds in a timely manner and failure to resolve complaints directly with company management.

    The company has responded to each complaint presented by BBB. However, the company has not eliminated the pattern.

    YTD 2006, the company has received 8 complaints;
    In 2005, the company received 49 complaints;
    In 2004, the company received 6 complaints.


    Recently StormPay.com closed the accounts of what appear to be some major ponzi schemes. These account closures came as the early results of investigations into those businesses by outside investigational organizations as well as our own internal investigations.

    As a result, possible victims of these businesses are attempting to retaliate against StormPay.com by spreading false rumors and performing DDOS attacks against StormPay's servers. The rumors include such things as "StormPay.com has gone out of business", "Their building has been burned down", and other falsehoods. The DDOS attacks are "Denial of Service" attacks where massive amounts of traffic is sent to the website whereby disallowing legitimate web traffic to reach the website. These attacks only prevent legitimate traffic from reaching the website and pose absolutely no threat to the security of your StormPay account.

    StormPay will CONTINUE to cooperate with authoritative investigations into these businesses which very heavily appear to be nothing more than illegal ponzi or pyramid schemes. Our hopes are to get these investigations completed as early as possible so that victims can quickly be refunded monies that have been captured in those account closures. However, we must warn that those who are impeding the investigation are only slowing the process for everyone involved.

    StormPay Inc.

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    Re: StormPay follows the footsteps of IntGold

    Hear Ye Hear Ye!

    Never Been Better Said We Are The Victims And We Will Continue To Be Until We Rise Up And Stop This From Happening.

    How Can We Get Someone To Freeze Their Accounts Is The Question Here At The Moment To Make Sure They Do Not Get Out Of The Area With Our Money?

    Anyone Got An Answer I Am Willing To Do Anything At This Point To Help In This Matter!

    Single Parent And Broke All Because Of Stormpay's Actions!

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    Re: StormPay follows the footsteps of IntGold

    What is this all about?????

    A search warrant has been issued by the United States District Court for Michael and Stephanie Comer, registered owners of IntGold.

    Persons with information concerning their whereabouts please contact the United States Secret Service by phone at 972-868-3200, or in writing at the following address:
    U.S. Secret Service, Dallas Field Office
    125 E. John W. Carpenter Freeway,
    Suite 300,
    Irving, Texas 75062."

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