I see a very interesting trend surfacing. A new type of Gambler is emerging from the depths of the world-wide-web. "The Scambler - One who participates in Internet Scams in the hope of gaining profit."

I've been conducting a great deal of research online in search of legitimate business opportunities with start-up costs. In my research, I stumbled upon AutoSurfs. As promising as Autosurfs appeared, I had deduced that most AutoSurfs are Illegal Ponzi Schemes.

What I found very interesting was that many proponents of AutoSurf Ponzis were fully aware of the operating nature of these Scams and were willing to gamble on them for small margin of profitable success. Some even suggested diversifying into mutliple AutoSurf Ponzis.

Whats disturbing is that these Scamblers will reach out to their closest family and friends and coherce them into these ill-fated scams. We are talking about Students, Stay-At-Home Moms, and many other upstanding citizens turned Scambler.

I have a bad feeling it will get worse, before it gets better. Any other views on this?