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    Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

    Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

    by Maureen Farrell

    "It is incumbent upon journalists, I think, to distrust conspiracy theories. But the problem with the conspiracy theory of the machine that lifted George 'Dubya' Bush to high office is that it never lets you down. . . ."
    -- Ed Vulliamy, the Observer, Aug. 24, 2003

    "This is a government takeover and Bush and Cheney are running it."
    -- The Chattanoogan, Dec. 21, 2005

    In the aftermath of Sept. 11, a friend sent me an obscure book featuring predictions by a blind Native American shaman. It was a thoughtful, but annoying, gesture. For all I knew, this "seer" could merely be a James Frey-sized figment of the author's imagination and these so-called prophecies could be nothing more than a patchwork of hunches. A prediction that the Red Sox would win the World Series would have been impressive. But wars? Economic downturns? Environmental disasters? Yawn.

    This was the age of forged Nostradamus quotes and apocalyptic visions, however, and, with debunking in mind, I plodded ahead. Some predictions, which were reportedly made in 1982, were decidedly silly. Others, however, don't exactly ring foolish. Among the more noteworthy:

    * Propaganda and terrorism will increase.
    * Religious zealots will use the courts to try to force their views upon the general public.
    * The Supreme Court will make unfortunate decisions that don't benefit the people.
    * Several undeclared wars will be waged simultaneously.
    * There will be high-level secrecy and clandestine agreements between nations.
    * America will eventually become a police state.
    * The draft will be reinstated.
    * Americans will learn of government duplicity and cover-ups.

    Whether or not this list is the result of guesswork, fabrications or something else, nearly a quarter of a century later, such musings have gone from the fringe to the forefront. Police state predictions? Check. Rumors of wars? Check. Clandestine agreements between nations? Check. Discoveries of government duplicity and cover-ups? Triple check.

    Predictions are not the same thing as conspiracy theories, of course, but both can occur simultaneously. Sept. 11 commission co-chair Lee Hamilton's prediction that another terrorist attack is all but certain, for example, when combined with concerns about George W. Bush's imperial ambitions, creates the kind of speculation the founding fathers engaged in, long before FOX News was there to pooh-pooh concerns about tyrannical designs.

    And though predictions and conspiracy theories are often speculative and contrived, it must be remembered that the term "tin foil hat" has its roots in historical fact and the tendency to tag a "gate" onto scandals proves that some conspiracy theories do, in fact, turn out to be true.

    With the most secretive, power-hungry administration in recent history, George W. Bush has generated a cornucopia of theories. Many of them are ridiculous while others, like the assorted conspiracies relating to Skull and Bones, simply confirm suspicions about frat boys and prove that privilege and networking do, in fact, catapult people into high places.

    Some theories, however, have Tina Turner-strength legs. For your consideration:[ed. Note: plenty of links and documentation at site to support the following]

    10. A Second Terror Attack Will Allow the Bush Administration to Complete the "Coup" that Began on Sept. 11, 2001

    9. President Bush is Trampling the Constitution and Turning America into a Dictatorship

    8. President Bush Planned to Go to War with Iraq before 9/11

    7. The Bush Administration Conspired with Britain and Used Deliberate Deception to Make its Case for War with Iraq

    6. President Bush Knew 9/11 Was Going to Happen

    [cont at site]

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    Re: Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

    Conspiracy theories fascinate me. You get this kind of a twilight zone feeling when they come true. And then you have to wonder "What do they know that I don't know and how did they know it?" LOL.

    That was the feeling that came over me September 11th as I watched the video of the Twin Towers. Ten months earlier a friend of mine told me about a theory of America being attacked, blah, blah, blah. I discounted it at the time but it all came crashing back into glaring reality as I watched the video.

    Namaste' PAB,

    Lady Mod
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    Re: Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

    Lady Mod,
    I read what is at this site and every day these accusations are less theory, and more true conspiracy. Many of the items that most concern us are now known to be fact. Bush started warrantless wiretapping using the NSA long before 9/11. We also have every reason to believe the Bush White House was fore warned about the attracts and did nothing.

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    Re: Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

    Quote Originally Posted by Phinnly Slash Buster
    Lady Mod,
    I read what is at this site and every day these accusations are less theory, and more true conspiracy. Many of the items that most concern us are now known to be fact. Bush started warrantless wiretapping using the NSA long before 9/11. We also have every reason to believe the Bush White House was fore warned about the attracts and did nothing.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Bush were one of the 911 plotters himself..except for one liitle thing. He's about 40 IQ points short.

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    Re: Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

    Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, PartII

    Maureen Farrell at BuzzFlash.com
    February 8, 2006

    5. The Bush Administration Manipulated the Media to Disseminate Propaganda

    "Much of the problem is the media itself, which serves as a disinformation agency for the Bush administration. Fox 'News' and right-wing talk radio are the worst, but with propagandistic outlets setting the standard for truth and patriotism, all of the media is affected to some degree. "
    -- Former Wall Street Journal and National Review assistant editor Paul Craig Roberts, Jan. 30, 2006

    Cont at Site

    4. G.W. Bush Conspired with Others to Steal the 2000 and 2004 Elections.

    "There was one exact moment, in fact, when I knew for sure that Al Gore would Never be President of the United States, no matter what the experts were saying -- and that was when the whole Bush family suddenly appeared on TV and openly scoffed at the idea of Gore winning Florida. It was Nonsense, said the Candidate, Utter nonsense. . .Anybody who believed Bush had lost Florida was a Fool. The Media, all of them, were Liars & Dunces or treacherous *****s trying to sabotage his victory . . Here was the whole bloody Family laughing & hooting & sneering at the dumbness of the whole world on National TV. The old man was the real tip-off. The leer on his face was almost frightening. It was like looking into the eyes of a tall hyena with a living sheep in its mouth. The sheep's fate was sealed, and so was Al Gore's."
    Hunter S. Thompson, ESPN, Nov. 27, 2000

    Cont at Site

    3. Candidate G. W. Bush Promised to Tear Down the Wall Between Church and State.

    "Whatever else it achieves, the presidential campaign of 2000 will be remembered as the time in American politics when the wall separating church and state began to collapse."
    -- The New York Times Magazine, Jan. 30, 2000

    "Thomas Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers, said that we should build a wall between the church and state. That wall is being deliberately and ostentatiously, not secretly, broken down. . . "
    President Jimmy Carter, the Daily Show, Dec. 5, 2005

    Cont at Site

    2. George Bush is a Front Man for the Military Industrial Complex.

    "In his 1961 farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about how 'we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.' That complex's recent mega-leap to power came under George H.W. Bush and even more under George W. Bush ... with the post-9/11 expansion of the military and creation of the Department of Homeland Security. But armaments and arms deals seem to have been in the Bushes' blood for nearly a century."
    -- Former GOP strategist Kevin Phillips, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 8, 2004

    "The book [the Iron Triangle] opens up with a mention of Dwight Eisenhower's farewell speech, in which he warned the country against the formation of this military-industrial complex. And I think that that is exactly what we're seeing today. We're seeing a very tight-knit group of companies and private military contractors that are virtually indistinguishable from various administrations and the political infrastructure of Washington, D.C. -- so much so that it's not clear whose interests we're acting on when we go to war. "
    Dan Briody, BuzzFlash, June, 23, 2003

    Cont at Site

    1. Bringing Osama bin Laden "to Justice" Was Never the Objective of the War on Terror.

    "The White House has always seemed less compelled to capture Osama than to use him as a pretext for invading Iraq and as a political selling point. Karl Rove, coming out of his 'please don't indict me' crouch, tried to chase away the taint of the Abramoff scandal with a new round of terror-mongering for 2006: 'We need a commander in chief and a Congress who understand the nature of the threat and the gravity of this moment. President Bush and the Republican Party do. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many Democrats.'"
    -- Maureen Dowd, the New York Times, Jan. 21, 2006

    "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not
    that important. It's not our priority."
    -- President George W. Bush, March 13, 2002

    Cont at Site

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