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Thread: CDRA Hits Texas

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    CDRA Hits Texas

    :confused: I have just won over 3,700300.00 if I send them{CDRA} 20.00 to cover the document fee. I have a W-915 form to send back with it. I only have 7 days to get this back so I can collect . Only if I am eligible. How do I know if I even entered. I am keeping my 20.00$ . Mumsfarm

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    Re: CDRA Hits Texas/USSA Same daggon thing

    Ussa/cdra W-915 Form Is One Of The Best Scams Going Right It Allmost Got Me,but Not Quite,you See I Got To Reading The Very Offical Looking Document When I Noticed Something. They Tell You That The Whole Thing Is A Scam Read The Fine Print,it Clearly States That They Have No Affiliation With Any Sweepstakes. That Tells Me Right Away Its A Scam,also 2 Phone #'s,
    Of Corse The 1866 Number And The Pre-aproved 503 Cereal Number.yes!The cereal number is in fact a phone number.
    The Number Dial's Straight Into A Voice Mail Where You'll Hea A Guy(who I Think Is One Paul E Loukedes)
    Says "AAAAAHHHHH Leave A Message".so I Did.what The Hek,why Not?
    If You Your Self Get One Of These W-915 Forms Please Dont Call The 866 Number,call The 503 Number And PLEASE Leave A Message :D

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    Re: CDRA Hits Texas

    I just received one of the letters, and called both numbers, the 866 and the 5039795079 both have been disconnected

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