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    Murderous Nit-Wits At BushCo Playing With Fire

    When corrupt politicians and military contractors in America decided to control the world by building monolithic aircraft carriers, known politely in New York as "Instruments of American Foreign Policy", Russia did not bother to compete. It could have done so easily, but chose instead to find more economical ways of destroying this massive seaborne American menace. This was achieved by the "Sunburn" and "Onyx" supersonic sea-skimming missiles, which have never been known to miss their targets.

    Note here that both missiles have a range of less than 250 miles at best, proving they are designed for purely defensive use. None have been fitted to strategic bombers in order to attack American ships in American waters, but will unquestionably be used to sink any American aircraft carrier stupid enough to get within 250 miles of Russia or one of its close allies. Thus these missiles have completely neutered America's "Instruments of Foreign Policy" at a cost of just one million dollars per round.

    At the tactical level, these weapons are equally useful. American foreign policy has been getting dangerously close to Iran and Syria during the last two years, and both sovereign states are now equipped with either Sunburn or Onyx, both of which are nuclear capable. So if America is stupid enough to attack Iran, it will almost certainly lose at least one Carrier battle group in the Persian Gulf to these unstoppable weapons, making the odds too high.

    In like manner, if the Jewish State is stupid enough to attack Syria, it can expect to lose most of greater Tel Aviv and probably Haifa as well. The problem is that a desperate Jewish State on the hind foot, might decide to go nuclear, and direct its 'requisitioned' stock of American atomic weapons against both Syria and Iran. Clearly, defensive Sunburns and Onyxs would be of no use at all in such a crazed doomsday scenario. But never fear, Russia had already thought of the answer to that little problem as well.

    Just about everyone with a television set has seen or at least heard of the fabled American "Patriot" missile, hopefully designed to intercept and destroy incoming tactical ballistic missiles, presumably fired by 'Muslim Terrorists', or perhaps any recalcitrant nation seriously pissed off at Wall Street trying to democratically steal its sovereign oil reserves.

    The Patriot missile is a shrimp sized version of the legendary Russian S-300 missile system, and with the same comparative limitations, i.e. the Russian system works perfectly, while the American system does not work at all.

    The S-300 was originally designed in the late sixties by the Russian Almaz Scientific Production Association, to shoot down low-altitude targets, including cruise missiles and aircraft. Even in the early days its phased-array fire control radar was capable of tracking up to six targets simultaneously, while its single-state, solid-fuel propelled missile sported aerodynamic control surfaces and thrust vectoring. The first S-300 missile, known as 5V55K, had a range of 30 miles and could successfully engage its incoming targets between 200 and 100,000 feet.

    But that was then, and now is now. Both Iran and Syria have recently been equipped with the very latest version of this missiles, the S-300PMU-2, which is larger, faster and even more efficient at hunting down its prey. The range of this upgraded missile is in excess of 125 miles, with the ability to acquire and kill targets flying as low as 30 feet. The Russians routinely shoot down random target drones travelling at 5,800 feet per second, and further claim the weapon is easily capable of destroying targets approaching at up to 15,500 feet per second, or Mach 14. Trust me, the S-300PMU-2 will swiftly take care of anything America or the Jewish State is reckless enough to fire at Iran or Syria, and then some. Rumor has it that this big bird of prey is canny enough to detect and destroy Groom Lake's 'invisible' B2 bomber.

    On the Internet, stories have been supressed in the American media about a Pentagon employee, Larry Franklin, who has recently been convicted for 'leaking' top-secret plans to invade Iran, to 'pro-Israeli lobbies.' Actually, it is the 'pro-Israeli lobbies' who are trying to get America to sacrifice its service personnel for the greater good of the terminally ill Jewish State.

    No doubt Vladimir Putin has allowed himself a faint smile at this news, while quietly issuing the order to arm the Palestinians Freedom Fighters.
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    Re: Murdererous Nit-Wits At BushCo Playing With Fire

    "We play poker, they play chess" used to be a favored phrase of President Kennedy, the notion being that the Communist enemy in all his Oriental cunning, had a strategy thoroughly conceived and inherently rational: move would be countered by move, with uncertainty and chance eliminated. We, on the other hand, play poker. We gamble and bluff.

    The game has changed! The Bushista knuckleheads can’t play poker. Virtually every ‘bluff’ they have attempted has been “called”. They have played one losing hand after another raising the stakes, with our money at every new deal, a seriously flawed strategy, to drive the opponent out of the game. So far they have “gambled” with $100’s of billions, tens of thousand of lives, and now they are throwing the constitution ‘just a piece of paper’ into the game.

    It gets worse, now as you pointed out; the U.S. may be teetering on the edge of provoking the Great Russian Bear into the swirl.
    Will Bush make the same mistake as Hitler and Napoleon did in the past?
    Let’s hope not. The Bu****a’s can’t play poker or chess!! They are a pack of drunken neo-con hillbillies who think they are playing a game of checkers that they can win.
    It’s like showing up at a gun fight with a boy scout knife.


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    Re: Murdererous Nit-Wits At BushCo Playing With Fire

    Quote Originally Posted by Phinnly Slash Buster
    They are a pack of drunken neo-con hillbillies who think they are playing a game of checkers that they can win.
    It’s like showing up at a gun fight with a boy scout knife.

    I wasn't aware they actually knew enough strategy to even win a game of checkers? They haven't demonstrated that ability so far.


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    Re: Murdererous Nit-Wits At BushCo Playing With Fire

    Following Orders Is No Excuse
    by Paul Craig Roberts

    "A hoax on the American people, the international community, and the United Nations Security Council."

    That is how Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell's February 2003 Iraq WMD speech to the UN was described last Friday (Feb. 3) on PBS by one who ought to know, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to Secretary Powell.

    In a February 2005 interview with Barbara Walters on ABC News' 20/20 program, Powell himself declared his UN Iraq speech to be a blot on his reputation.

    Since departing the Bush administration, both Wilkerson and Powell have made it completely clear that they had serious doubts about the "evidence" of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and malevolent Iraqi intentions that was loaded by the White House into Powell's UN speech, a speech designed by neoconservatives to initiate the invasion of Iraq. Both Powell and Wilkerson knew that the "evidence" was greatly overstated if not an outright fabrication.

    What if Secretary Powell had shared his doubts with the UN? What if, instead of reading the Speech of Lies, Powell had addressed the UN as follows:

    "As a loyal soldier following orders, I came here today intending to deliver the Bush administration's evidence against Saddam Hussein. Now that I am standing here before you, I find myself caught in conflict between following orders and doing the right thing. I should have resolved this conflict before I arrived. I do so now by delivering the speech to you in its written form – here it is – but I refuse to deliver it out of my mouth. I cannot participate in an act of deception against the United Nations Security Council, the international community, and the American people. I have no confidence in the evidence in the speech. Under the Nuremberg Standard established by the United States in the trials of Nazi war criminals, following orders is no excuse. I will not participate in the war crime of naked aggression against another state. I hereby resign as secretary of state of the United States."

    Powell would have saved the world from a strategic blunder, the disastrous consequences of which are only beginning to unfold. The maelstrom set in motion by the treachery of the neoconservatives, people whom Powell has described as "crazy," has already cost tens of thousands of dead and wounded and hundreds of billions of dollars, destroyed America's reputation, and radicalized Middle East politics.

    If Powell had refused three years ago to deliver the Speech of Lies, we would not now be watching an identical duplicity being rolled out against Iran. The ultimate cost of the deception being practiced on the American people will dwarf the terrible price that has already been paid.

    Why didn't Powell do the right thing? His own reputation would have been forever secure as a man of integrity. Why did he sacrifice his integrity to the crooked scheme of his commander in chief?

    Alas, that is the way our generals are bred. In the politicized U.S. military, no officer can advance beyond the rank of lieutenant colonel unless he toes the political line. The game is played to advance in rank as high as possible, collect the pension, and be rewarded for compliant behavior with consultancies. Real leadership means making waves, and that is not tolerated.

    Even in rare instances of a real man, concerned with the honor of his country and the safety of his troops, reaching the top, he is powerless to prevent disastrous mistakes of the ignorant civilian authorities. Consider the fate of U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki, who correctly informed Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld that the U.S. invasion force was not sufficiently numerous to successfully occupy and subdue Iraq once the pitched battles were over. Shinseki was fired for telling the truth – as was Secretary of the Army Thomas White, Lt. Gen. John Riggs, and four-star Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes. Riggs was framed, demoted, and retired for saying that the US army was overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan and needed more troops. Byrnes, who was in charge of Army training, was framed on adultery charges for objecting to bottom-of-the-barrel recruitment policies that accepted criminals and immigrants with a lack of English proficiency. Nothing like having an Army that can't understand orders.

    The only way a military can constrain its civilian masters from cooking up a war is to resign en masse. If every general and colonel had resigned, there would have been no invasion of Iraq. But this would require a military with leadership and a tradition of sticking together. A military in which promotion is the highest virtue is powerless to prevent disastrous mistakes, such as the invasion of Iraq.

    The Bush administration went to war on the basis of its fantasy that if merely a few U.S. troops marched into Iraq, the regime would collapse and the population would welcome Americans as liberators with flowers and kisses. It was to be a "cakewalk war."

    No general officer in the U.S. military believed that. Yet few spoke out (Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni was a notable exception). The entire U.S. military command could only produce a handful of men to warn of the looming catastrophe. Who can forget the orchestrated media dismissals of "over-cautious generals" that greeted these few? The reason Colin Powell disgraced himself is that he could not free himself of the conditioning that breeds success in the U.S. military.

    Who today will stand up to stop the potential Armageddon of a U.S. attack on Iran?

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    Re: Murdererous Nit-Wits At BushCo Playing With Fire

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    Re: Murdererous Nit-Wits At BushCo Playing With Fire

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