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Up here in Canada the Muslim community is lobbying our governments to allow them to practise their Sharia laws in Canada. They want the authority to behead any Muslim that deals in drugs. Behead any Muslim woman that commits adultery ... etc. No infidel courts needed ... they'll take care of it!

So if I accidently offend one of them ... should I be looking over my shoulder?

One potential issue ahead of us is that when the Liberal Party (yes ... in Canada the equivalent of the Democratic Party is called the Liberal Party) is in power they will likely pass the Muslim communities demands to the human rights people ... who will send it to the higher courts ... who will then take a look at our Charter of Rights and determine that indeed they should have the right to practise Sharia law within their own community. (example: recent court paper re: polygamy - same senario)

In my opinion, a Conservative government would not give in to such demands and would say something along the lines of "This is Canada, if you don't like it move somewhere else."

I guess my main argument is that our Parliment should be making the laws ... not the courts.

Note also that Muslims are moving here in droves from India. Anyone who has been to southern British Columbia knows that the second language there is not french.

pwrone, I think you'll get your point across to this forum better if you just turn down the aggression a little. Remember the "What About Bob?" movie. Its about taking baby steps. :)

sojustask, take a deep breath. Your posts seem to be vindictive and mean spirited. Kinda takes away from the meaning of namaste.

Now, lets be adults or I'll make you kiss and makeup!

The "secular" concept of Separation of Church and State seems pretty damn egalitarian right now, now doesn't it?