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    Fast Cash at home .com

    This site seems to take most of the popular work at home programs available on the market today and compound them into one website! I've emailed the webmaster 3 times asking for a phone number and physical address, and have not gotten a reply to any of my emails. The site makes wonderful promises, but I do not know how credible those promises are! If anyone has any knowledge of this site and/or what it is advertising, I would greatly appreciate the feedback! Thank you

    this is NOT a referal link since it does not belong to a person. This is not an MLM site, it is advertising home based business and memberships! No individual is benefiting form this link, (except maybe the owner of the site!)

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    Re: Fast Cash at home .com

    Okay I will break it down for you.. They are going to charge you for a bunch of lists. Most of the lists are on my website for free (access by clicking on the link in my profile)

    1. You will get a list of survey sites. You sign up with each company to take surveys at home. I have been doing this for two years and love it but you do NOT make $75 an hr like this site promises. (lots of info about this on my site)

    2. Process emails at home (SCAM) they will tell you how to set up a scam site and when people email you for info, you charge them and email them how to do the same thing.

    3. Free govt grant money, This is information is provided free by the govt if you do a little searching here is the link:

    4. Get paid $95 an hr to shop: Another list, free on my website. You will NOT make that much per hour but you can typically do 1-2 shops a day if they are available in your area. In the beginning you make pretty low money. The more you shop and the more experience you have the better the shops tend to be.

    5. Get paid to drive: Another list free on my website. They want you to drive a LOT of miles daily. Driving back and forth to work 3 miles each way will typically not get you picked for these jobs.

    6. Work from home jobs... Another list, looks like this one includes all the scams as well as maybe the legitimate ones. There are tons of legitimate lists all over the internet at my site and even more extensively at other wahm sites.

    7. Make money watching tv. These offers can be recieved through the research companies on the survey list.

    8. Make a fortune with the internet.. Hmm maybe he will tell you to put up a website and sell this same information!

    9. Govt auction sites. Yet another list. You can find this information by checking with your local sheriffs office to find out when they have the auctions. There is also a website that will list for free when the local FBI offices are having their auctions etc. I don't remember it off the top of my head, sorry but it just takes a google search.

    10. Make money with tiny classifieds... Place a classified ad and sell information... No better than what he is doing to get your money.

    11. Affiliate programs. This info is on my website as well. Set up a good website, place affiliate ads (google adsense and more) and make money. This does work and works well but you don't need to pay for this list to learn how.

    12. Ebay... More information that can be found anywhere.. Ebay is a great way to make money and it is easy.

    Good luck and hold on to your money!

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    Re: Fast Cash at home .com

    Thank you for this info! I was most interested in the car program since i drive a good 45 miles to work (one way) every day. I drive from North Carolina to D.C one a month and from N.C to N.Y once every 3 months. I lease my vehicle because I do so much driving, so I'm very interested to see if there is a program out there that will provide me with a free vehicle. I will check out your site! Thanks again for the info

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