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    Fast Cast at Home

    This site seems to take most of the popular work at home programs available on the market today and compound them into one website! I've emailed the webmaster 3 times asking for a phone number and physical address, and have not gotten a reply to any of my emails. The site makes wonderful promises, but I do not know how credible those promises are! If anyone has any knowledge of this site and/or what it is advertising, I would greatly appreciate the feedback! Thank you

    this is NOT a referal link since it does not belong to a person. This is not an MLM site, it is advertising home based business and memberships! No individual is benefiting form this link, (except maybe the owner of the site!)

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    Re: Fast Cast at Home

    Why would you want anything to do with a Company that don't have a physical address or phone number, especially after making an attempt to get it with no response.

    I t smells scam. I would have deleted them from my list when they did not respond to my emails. And I would'nt need any feedback.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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