Created by You
05 Feb 2006 15:04
Denied by StormPay
05 Feb 2006 17:13 We have reviewed carefully your claim and the information you have provided in support of your claim. After completing our investigation we have determined that the merchant you paid should be sanctioned and suspended from transacting any further business through StormPay. The actions and conduct of this merchant have caused harm to many other StormPay customers. It is our intent to attempt to recover funds from this merchant and proceed to initiate refunds to customers in the order that the claims were filed. For that reason, should you choose to attempt to recover your funds through any other means that conduct will result in the forfeiture of any refund you would otherwise be willing to receive through our recovery efforts.

As with programs of this type, as the buyer you must carefully consider the statements and representations of the merchant before investing. You must determine what is a promise or guarantee as opposed to what is an anticipated result given a certain set of variable facts and circumstances. You must determine how reasonable and likely those anticipated results are before you determine to spend your money. And with all investments, some work out and some don't. With that being said we will still attempt to make an effort to recover your money for you. We will close out this claim and make contact with you when/if we make a recovery. We will keep you apprised of our recovery efforts