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    Quote Originally Posted by umdkook
    im sorry i just cant accept the argument that country A supports Country B, and since lots of people hate country B, then Country A should be hated.

    thats what children do.

    Ah, the beautiful simplicity of a child's mind!

    Yes, children understand that when Bully A beats them up, they have reason to dislike Bully A. They also recognize that when Bully B provides Bully A with the stick to beat them, encourages Bully A, and helps prevent keep a lookout for the teacher so they don't get caught, that, yes, they (such children) recognize a legimate reason to be just a bit more than upset with Bully B.

    You could learn a lot from a child, my friend.

    You're absolutely correct. Even a child could understand why US support for Israel is a cause for anti-American sentiment.

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    When looking at the link between Israel and the US in the present unfolding of events it is important to recognize that the sovereignty of both countries has eroded considerably. The US does not represent the will and the voice of the majority of its own people today. The same is true with Israel. Both have been replaced by a nation building agenda or more appropriately an Empire Building agenda.
    The real force that spins the giant wheel of power that is hurling this region towards Armageddon is the PNAC. Their stated agenda is to re-define the geo-political landscape of the Middle East and the Globe to suit the needs of a very powerful few, Bushco, is just one group.
    If you pour through some of the papers published by this org, you will see that both countries are dancing to their tune.
    Israel and the US are no longer independent countries. Destroying national sovereignty is the primary stated objective of the PNAC. The many international agreements in recent years, NAFTA, GATT and so on are designed to achieve this end and to disempower the will of the electorate and the majority of any democracy that has the audacity to serve the will of the working class and the majority of its citizens.
    This point of view would explain why Rummy despises Chavez and why Pat Robertson advocates his assassination among other things.
    But it also explains a lot of what is going on in Iraq and Iran at present as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yirmeyahu

    You claimed the following:

    I asked you to substantiate these claims, as I had not seen any of these in any of the reports I had read.

    You posted a BBC story. None of these claims were substantiated in that story. So I again asked you to substantiate these claims. You seem to have a problem with that. I don't see why that should be a problem. I appreciate your efforts to substantiate the things you said. I don't read the blogs you do, and it was the blogs that provided evidence of the things you said, not any mainstream reports.
    I dont really waste much time "debating" with people o n the net, but just out of interest, are you satisfied now that I have substantiated my claims? Did you see the placards, did you watch the news broadcast. If you didnt then Im sure someone else will point them out for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yirmeyahu
    I appreciate your efforts to substantiate the things you said. I don't read the blogs you do, and it was the blogs that provided evidence of the things you said, not any mainstream reports.
    Yes, I'm "satisfied", as I already indicated. I saw photographs from the blogs you linked to that said things similar to the things you claimed. While I can't vouch for the credibility of those blogs, they photos appeared to come from mainstream sources, like the AFP, etc. I also saw the BBC video, in which it looked like a small group of agent provocateurs hiding their faces amidst the larger group of peaceful protestors not carrying signs at all, and certainly not trying to hide. One of your blogs made a similar observation, I noticed.

    The reason I asked is that in all the reports I'd read from mainstream sources (I don't go to blogs for my news, as I don't consider them reliable), I'd never seen any reporting the information you had given about the offensive and inflammatory signs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yirmeyahu View Post
    Well, I don't think France will be Italian in 30 years. :confused:

    I'm afraid I'm still lost. You seem to be suggesting that the rioters, not the media, are at fault. I agree with you on that point. But what does it have to do with Europe? Norway? France?
    good concept thanks for sharing.

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    It appears as if forum is being taken over by nuts. I am out of here. It was fun while it lasted. Have a nice day. ha. ha.
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