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Thread: Free Money?

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    Free Money?


    I am trying to find out if Gareway Gift Fund, a home down payment grant is legit? I would like to add that National Grants Conferences are not to be trusted! Be very careful!

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    Re: Free Money?

    I found the staff at National Grants Conferences to be very caring and informative. They assisted me in getting my home repaired. I am a single mother of two and just completed my degree. Money has been tight while I have been in school and the things around my house that needed repair were being neglected. I applied for an owner rehabilitation loan through the city and because of my low income; I qualified to have over $15,000.00 of repairs completed. Best of all, I dont have to make any payments on the loan until my income increases. When that occurs, my loan will only accrue at 3% interest. They were very proactive about showing me the various programs that are available to help those of us who are struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck. Thank you guy's for all you do!

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