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    cito Guest

    Re: Oh Lord!!! Breaking News!!! 12dailypro Ponzi Scam! 6th Video!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Your Dad
    Cito, you're a little nutty but you were right. According to the videos and articles, the government DOES have active investigations into the program, a dean from a college is EXPELLING any students participating in the program, and an "expert" said the program is unsustainable. I'd like to congratulate you, though your methods were sometimes ridiculous, for sticking to your guns.

    Anyone else here STILL sticking up for the program... is at least mildly mentally challenged. (no offense to those who actually are).

    Good lookin' out, buddy.
    Well, I'll be damn Your Dad. Thank you for your comments and the great work done combating the cheerleaders missinformation and scam promoting crap. I don't want to get you in trouble with zendi but I'll tell you anyway. :) I'm glad we were on the same side.

    As to the cheerleaders, go dig an electric pole in your rears. LOL! 12dailypro now can rest in peace (RIP).

    Cito - 2 (studiotraffic, 12dailypro)
    Cheerleaders - 0
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    cito Guest

    Re: Oh Lord!!! Breaking News!!! 12dailypro Ponzi Scam! 6th Video!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Yozhik
    Saint85 ... a nice, well balanced post.

    Key point is that none of the 30+ Auto Surf sites that have had their accounts frozen by Stormpay has ever been proven to be, or charged with, running a Ponzi scheme. The only party to have this distinction is Stormpay.

    FACT ... Stormpay was charged with running a Ponzi scheme Click Here

    Any information, on this forum, or any other, about any of the Auto Surf sites operating a Ponzi scheme is total speculation. There is no evidence, proof or court document to substantiate such claims.
    It doesn't matter crackpot. Payment processors have the right to cancel any account that have violated their TOS and that's that of running illegal ponzi schemes or illegal activities. It is at stormpay's own discretion, the same as paypal's you aborted piece of crap. Paypal has done this over and over. Stormpay started to get chargebacks from 12dp members and had to look at what was going on. 12dp as well as other ponzi scams violated Stormpay's TOS and deserved to have their accounts frozen as well as that of the participants in this scheme! Shut your pie hole and get a brain for once you piece of low class prison meat.

    Brainless moron why don't you illiterate retard quit being on stormpay like a toothless crack whhore on New York cop! I kicked your ass back in talkgold where you posted your brainless diarrhea and now you come to exile here in scam.com? Back in talkgold I have you asking water by sign language and people laughing at you. Keep at it and I'll be on you like a cop on a donut here too. I know exactly the type of cthrough minibikini and the color of pom poms you use ponzi cheerleader.
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