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    New Update - as of 1:03pm

    (From the 12daily site!!!)

    Stormpay Completed Investigation & Refunding Arbit - by Charis - 12DP Admin at 2006-02-04 13:03:39
    We have learned that StormPay has completed its own independent investigation, which we have learned did NOT involve any law enforcement whatsover, only their bank and themselves, and have begun arbitrarily issuing refunds. In addition they are randomly denying claims of individuals at their own discretion and threatening THEM with legal action.

    We also learned that they are refunding members who have already received their upgrade payments from 12daily Pro. Thus essentially paying them twice with our money. Then on top of that they have announced they are going to seek to take additional money from us.

    Not only are they now holding money paid to us as non-refundable upgrade fees, but they are also holding a great deal of funds that came to us as via other revenue streams having nothing to do with member upgrades including:

    Thousands of dollars in referral commissions we earned by promoting their website.
    Thousands of dollars we earned in advertising sales
    Thousands of dollars we earned from other online sources
    Thousands of dollars in referral commissions we earned by promoting NETIBA, owned by StormPay.
    Thousands of dollars earned from advertising promotions and for convention registrations.

    They are also sitting on much more money that they earned in fees from both our company and all our members, transactions which they are now saying are null based on their own internal investigation.

    We also have not been contacted by any law enforcement officials and/or been informed of any investigation by anyone. StormPay has created this lie in order to cover their own trail of blackmail, deceit, and money shifting that made them unable to pay our withdrawal request.


    StormPay has also lied to all of its users informing them that they just discovered 12daily Pro's business model. However, their own daily records since we began using them in May of 2005, they have a detailed record of payments both received by us from members and sent to members by us. Not only did Stormpay tell us just 5 days ago that we were an excellent client and member, they blackmailed us into forcing us to chose them as our ONLY payment processor, with full knowledge our our business model.

    These current actions and this 'fake' investigation are simply a means by which they can cover their own illegal acts and mishandling of their users funds. They have provided us NO PROOF of an external investigation. And no external investigators have contact us.

    In addition, Stormpay has locked us from access to our account, so we don't know who is being refunded and whether or not those refunds are legitimate. We also fear that they may be laundering and syphoning funds out of our account to cover their debts to their other users who have never even been members of 12daily Pro.

    StormPay President, John McConnell openly admitted to me that they do not have the funds to cover their user accounts in their bank. These actions they are taking are ALL because of this. And now they intend to try to make 12daily Pro and all of you pay for their unlawful shifting both our money and yours.

    By the second, StormPay is absconding with money that we need to legitmately refund our members and operate our business. Their actions are making it very unlikely that everyone will get the refunds they are due.

    We have been advised that it may be possible to take legal action that will force them to cease and desist in dispursement of our funds until a REAL independent investigation is conducted. Other autosurfs are also in discussion of a class action law-suit against the company, who has a long negative history with the BBB.

    Many supportive members on the forum asked us if there is any way you can all help us recover our funds from Stormpay via legal action. Requests were made that we make available the ability for members to donate to a legal fund for this purpose. Over 200 members have already donated. If you would like to assist us in our efforts to recover 12daily Pro funds from Stormpay, you can send a donation electronically via EMO with the following payment details:

    Account Name: 12dp Stormpay Recovery Legal Fund
    Account Email: [email protected]

    OR you can send to our mailing address: LifeClicks LLC
    8116 South Tryon St.
    Suite B3, #15
    Charlotte, NC 28273

    If we are able to pool enough funds for this legal action, we will not have to utilize company funds that are needed to provide refunds as we are able. As it is the staff has been cut to 1, myself, in order to use any and all available funds for refund purposes. Any assistance any member can give for this legal funds would be greatly appreciated.

    If we don't take immediate legal action against Stormpay, they will continue arbirtarily taking and spending our money that we need to pay you your refunds.

    Please know that I am here and I am going to stay here and continue to communicate with all of you the best way I possibly can.

    Thank you in advance for your support.


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    Re: New Update - as of 1:03pm

    PS: There stormclixs is running again... All as if nothing had happend?
    No entry of funds into my Acc at stormpays end!!
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