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    Take Action, even if it's small!

    So, I get a sweepstakes note saying I win 3 mil and change from LVAAP. I tear it up, having checked the net and found it to be a scam. I did, of course, consider sending it in withOUT the $20... I mean the envelope was postage paid...
    WAIT, OH I should have printed the info from the net and packed that envelope FULL. I mean, it wouldn't be $20 worth of charges...but still. The next day I get the same scam, little different look from CDRA- supposedly out of Boca Raton FL, with a return address of LV, NV.

    I printed pages upon pages about the scam and sent it back. I did write "take me off your list" on them... but then I decided I was having fun. I also wrote "changed my mind, send me more postage paid envelopes, this is fun".

    Childish? Perhaps. It's a little tiny bug in the ear of the monster. But if MOST if not everyone sent their postage paid envelopes back with WELL OVER $0.39 of paper, they MIGHT get the message.

    Enjoy. :cool:

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    Re: Take Action, even if it's small!

    A better Idea would be to send them your business proposal, like a business card or something, in those paid for postage envelopes.

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