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    Code Makers & Builders

    Hi People,

    This is my first post and it will be a good one so just read carefully what i am about to explain to you.

    I have the same exact "PHP" code with MYSQL as www.12dailypro.com and also the new site called www.profits4surfing.com. Please understand one thing about these programs, when things get hot under the collar they open a new one and if you look at the graphics, they are almost the same, they work at a junior level.

    I have taken my time when i received the exact code because i know how it works and where they make their money, or do they make money is the ultimate question.

    What i am willing to do is to share this with only two good and very smart people man or women i don't care and you will have to show me your credentials because i don't hide my stuff why should you.

    i have put up the code at www.paidperad.com and i would like to get a response from you if you want at www.paidperad.com/blog/ .

    I will put up a cool category called Code Makers and you need to post your information there, i will give people 1 week or less to send me there information.

    P.S. Please understand that this code is good but they are not making the best of it, it has a potential of making millions for the whole group and that's what i'd like to do.

    I would like to Open a site where the pople own it not just the people who run it.

    Take Care People

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    Code Makers & Builders part 2

    Please understand I want your help

    Please read the previous post and send me your information profile. I have 2 fully equipped servers out there that need some good people attached to it.

    I have been in the IT business for over 22 years but I feel that if we can bring some type of normal activity to this sector, people wouldn't get ripped off as much.

    Take Care People :o

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    Re: Code Makers & Builders

    Hi people,

    If there is anybody involved with www.12dailypro.com ya'll better get in this with me because i could probably same you some money in the meantime.

    Take care.

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    Re: Code Makers & Builders

    wtf, shut up already.

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