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    Re: Iraq's Anthrax and the Myth of "Intelligence Failure"


    They lied.

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    Re: Iraq's Anthrax and the Myth of "Intelligence Failure"


    Now if you could explain how come these "Facts" of yours haven't surfaced in the recent hearing to try and centure the president?????

    Can you explain how come you ignore the senate's conclusions that Powell didn't lie or make up any of the claims he made about Iraq?

    Could it be that your claims leave out important facts?

    Could it be that those claims of yours don't hold water?

    Could it be that you live in this Anti-Bush world of make believe and need psychiatric help?

    Give it up Yirmeyahu... Your side had their chance to present CREDIBLE evidence against the president and his administration in those hearings, and the fact that all the bull you have been shoveling was never presented means only one thing...

    Your allegations are a baseless load of crap!

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    Re: Iraq's Anthrax and the Myth of "Intelligence Failure"

    No. The Bush administration's allegations were a baseless load of crap. From the beginning. I'm simply making that observation, as I have done from the beginning.

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    Re: Iraq's Anthrax and the Myth of "Intelligence Failure"

    Quote Originally Posted by Raider
    lookie here guy, we all know that only you, dante and Saddam think he was truthful. EVERYONE else on the globe understands that Saddam never admitted to anything until he was caught red-handed.

    So, you want me to take your word that Saddam was really telling the truth that one time?

    Get real........

    OH, BTW - please source who and where said this, like you said: "we know" that Iraq has "stockpiles" of anthrax(red typeset quoted from yirmeyahu who suggests that it was quoted from someone else)
    Yawn... and who put Saddam in power in the first place ???? Who armed him to the teeth so he could fight with Iran ? hmmm..... if he never would admit anything until caught red handed, I guess we can apply that exact same thing to our current administration since they all learned from the same text book right ?

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    Re: Iraq's Anthrax and the Myth of "Intelligence Failure"

    Wasn't that Pogo?

    True enough, anyhow.

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