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    Everyfreegift.com approval problem

    Yesterday when I went into my account it said approved so I clicked the link
    and it said I would recieve a email within a hour with the certificate that I would have to send to recieve my gift.It's been almost a day and I still haven't got a email.Ive emailed efg and everything does anyone have any advice of what to do?And has this happend to anyone before?
    Thanks In advance

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    Re: Everyfreegift.com approval problem

    Yes, Call them.

    They will e-mail you all of the links you need. Search this board for the phone number ...


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    Re: Everyfreegift.com approval problem


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    Re: Everyfreegift.com approval problem

    The phone # 801 316 0555 Call them, they will re-send approval emails. Easy as pie.

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    Re: Everyfreegift.com approval problem

    I've done all the YF direct sites and never have I had the approval email come through. However, one simple phone call and they will take care of you lickity-split...

    50DollarGiftCard ($50 Target GC)
    IncentiveRewardCenter (60 GB iPod Video)
    FreeGiftWorld ($50 Amazon GC)

    Certs Received Final Processing
    EatFreeandBeMerry ($100 Olive Garden, maybe Outback)
    YourGiftCards ($50 Visa GC)
    EveryFreeGift ($250 Visa GC)
    BigWin ($1000 "Shopping Spree" Card)
    AnyFreeGift ($100 Visa GC)
    InternetOpinionGroup ($100 Visa GC)
    GadgetCity (60GB iPod Video)

    Completed and Approved (Certs mailed)
    Rewards Venue (Panasonic 42 Plasma)

    In Progress
    Market Survey Group (Sony 42 Plasma) 6/6 In Progress
    Offer Gift ($250 Macys GC) 3/3 In Progress
    TheRewardsDepot ($1000 Visa GC) Just Started
    ConsumerIncentivePromotions ($500 Mastercard GC)

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