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    umdkook Guest

    Re: What Bush Will Say, What You Should Know

    Quote Originally Posted by KOSTYAN
    :D âîò ÷òî ïðî â*ñ äóì*åò âåñü ìèð :D
    o no, the poor girl is holding a sign that says screw United States, what shall we do??/

    o i know, continue dominating the global market, do whatever we want despite the ***** ass French-Ruskie connection (quite pathetic) and go on ordering Russian male order brides.....pretty pathetic if you ask my fellow frat bros......

    i enjoyed Babushka, but tell her her mom was better.....


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    KOSTYAN Guest

    Re: What Bush Will Say, What You Should Know

    ÄÀËÁÀÅÁ ÒÛ ÅÁÀÍÛÉ ñïèäî*îñ ñóê*
    (ó **ñ åñòü âñå è *åôòü è ã*ç) ä*æå áåç ýòîãî ìû âåëèê* ñòð***, * ó â*ñ *å *èõóÿ!
    ñèäè òèõî è ñîïè â äûðêó ÒÛ ÕÓÈÑÎÑ

    õð**è ãîñïîòü ÁÎÃ Ðîññèþ
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    Sep 2004

    Re: What Bush Will Say, What You Should Know

    Quote Originally Posted by Raider
    A retraction is in order. I just watched the rebuttal and I was sincerely amazed! The esteemed governor was proved pretty much impudent; it was blatantly laughable. I kind of feel embarrassed for the ole bloke, but I felt a glee when I learned his tells.

    Every time the guy was telling fibs, he gleaned a smarmy, snaky, dimpled smile similar to Howie Dean. I felt unnerved at first until I figured out his quandary. How can someone lie flat out to the American people without letting loose with a huge visual of sneakiness? Please watch the rebuttal everybody; it's at least comical and even moreso - telling to the lengths that the dumocrats are willing to go to lie some more. I laughed so hard, I almost split a gut! Good times - good times - thanks.
    maybe you should consider this.mark twain once said.the republicans have the better men but the democrats have the better cause.is god a joker or what!?your freinds are dwindling here to ONE!and him an intellectual ant!but dont give up the cause.it has it's points if you would stick to them.for that is the meaning of virtue is it not!?and if virtue will not win the day then who or what will prevail!?hehe!!just askin!!one voice..........,singing in the darkness,......alll it takes is one voice..........,shout it out!!
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    KOSTYAN Guest

    Re: What Bush Will Say, What You Should Know

    * *å ïîøëèáû âû âñå ** õóé. Ëîñè áëÿ!

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    umdkook Guest

    Re: What Bush Will Say, What You Should Know

    aw i sorry Kostyan, that was really touching of you!

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