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    Blair and Bush's UN 'collusion'

    Blair and Bush's UN 'collusion'
    Mon 30 Jan 2006

    A WHITE House leak claims Tony Blair and George Bush plotted to go to war against Iraq without United Nations backing at a secret meeting.

    A new edition of a book insists the two leaders went through the motions of getting UN support for military action - but were united on invasion even if the UN failed to back them.

    The book, by London University law professor Phillipe Sands, said Mr Blair gave his total support to Mr Bush at the secret White House meeting in January 2003. After the meeting, the two leaders gave a press conference where Mr Bush appeared to support going for a second UN resolution to give specific approval for a war.

    But Prof Sands' book, entitled Lawless World, claims that president Bush had earlier displayed open contempt for the UN during the summit, made wild threats against Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein and displayed astounding ignorance of the likely post-war problems.


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    Re: Blair and Bush's UN 'collusion'

    Ummmm, I think that this was obvious from jump street. What is it about liberals that cannot take an American President at his word? Oh,,,that's right, it was all eight years of conditioning from the Clinton administration that trained you guys to be that way. Funny thing is; Bush always did what he said, the libs still cannot see it!

    Hear me now, believe me later! Lucky for the country that the history books will speak the "outside of the box" truth of current events, it won't be trusted to the present academia or elitist's'.


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