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Thread: ATM Surveys

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    ATM Surveys

    I received an email from a company called ATM Surveys. It stated that I can earn extra income by participating in online surveys or discussion groups for companies.

    Now, I know all about online survey programs that provide you with surveys that only pay $.50 per survey. However, I do know that there are marking research groups that will pay $50 for an hour of your time, but its usually in a brick and mortar location (I know because I was in a program like this).

    I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of them and if they might be at all legitimate. I read the site and some of the things stuck out as it not being legitimate so I decided not to do it. I did research scam.com and ripoffreport.com and found nothing on them. I also looked in the BBB and they weren't listed. So either they're a new company or have no complaints.

    If you sign up though, you pay a one time fee. They process this fee through ClickBank.com. I looked up ClickBank and see complaints that they don't do anything and you don't get a login or whatnot.

    So if anyone has any ideas about this site, let me know! www.atmsurveys.com

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    Re: ATM Surveys

    Basically you pay a fee and they send you a list of survey companies. Do NOT pay for this list!!! There are lots of free lists. I have one on my website that has been cleaned up and does not include any of the junk sites. (the junk sites are email harvesters that pose as survey sites and are on most free and paid lists). You can access my website through my profile here to get to the list.
    When you get to the website read up on the information provided there and on the message board. There are a lot of misconceptions about surveys and we do try to clear those up. You don't need to go to brick and mortar places to make $50 for an hour of your time. Those types of focus groups in fact pay closer to $75-150 for your time anymore. A lot of the surveys will pay you $5-$50 BUT you have to take the screeners to get into the studies and most people skip the screeners because THEY only offer to enter you into a contest. It is a big mistake to skip those. You will also need to take ALL the surveys sent to you for the first few months if you want to start getting the ones that pay well. This is something else that a lot of people fail to do. They get bored and/or frustrated and give up before the good stuff starts coming. If you have questions just ask and I will do my best to answer them!

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    Re: ATM Surveys

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