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    Re: $500 GC from MustHaveFreeGifts

    As the one user posted(in aother thread), I was also sent an email about being under investigation:

    Dated Feb 15th:
    Thanks for the email. We have noticed suspicious activity regarding your account and the completion of offers. High Altitude Marketings fraud department is currently investigating this activity to determine if any violation of our terms and conditions or applicable law has occurred. We anticipate completing this investigation within the next 30-60 days. No gift will be awarded for this account until the investigation is complete and we have determined that no violation has occurred. If you have questions regarding this matter, please send us an email to [email protected].


    This was after I received:
    Jan 25
    Some of the items in this offer are no longer available. We'll likely be sending you a check worth the same value as the offer (which was $1500 or so). Our check requests have been sent to accounting and we're just waiting on them to be returned to us. I expect them to go out next week. Thank you.

    So 60 days is up, I can NOT log into my account, nor can I open a ticket up directly using the site since I am not a user anymore (I think user name expires after so many days)

    I am a moderator of a well known freebie site called ReferralSwapper, and will make sure no1 ever does these sites again, unless they are done their "investigation" and mark my account as legit.

    I saved everything, and will do whatever I can to spread the word on how this "company" does business.

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    Re: $500 GC from MustHaveFreeGifts

    MustHaveFree Gifts is run by a company called High Altitude Marketing in Littleton Colorado.

    Many people who have jumped into their initial venture have had issues trying to collect their prize. Most if not all of them were put "under investigation for suspicious activity" right after they sent their voucher in for claiming a prize or if they e-mailed regarding the status of their prize.

    I would read the T&C very carefully and be wary of offers made by this company.

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