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    COX Coumunications

    Greg Bicket
    Vice President and Region Manager, New Orleans, La
    Cox Communications
    338 Edwards Avenue .
    Harahan, Louisiana


    Chairman - James C. Kennedy
    MAIN CORP HQ: Cox Communications, Inc.,
    1400 Lake Hearn Drive,
    Atlanta, GA

    and Cox Enterprises, Inc.
    6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
    Atlanta, Georgia

    The following complaint regards possible fraudulent billing, harassment and threats, and refusal to make repairs and maintenance.

    We are aware that some problems may exist regarding the post hurricane damages, but as of this date, the problems and excuses are no longer valid.

    THAT since October 2005 we have attempted to contact COX by email, telephone, and written correspondence to have to have Cable TV service restored back to normal. That on those occasions attempts were made by telephone wait time varied from 20 to over 50 minutes without speaking with a representative. A number of emails were sent to the New Orleans Customer Service office in most cases without response, or attempts to correct the problems. Letters written to the Corporate Headquarters and copied to the New Orleans office have been ignored, and not responded too.

    THAT the one time connection was made to the New Orleans Customer Service office I was assured that the service would be reinstated back to normal within seven (7) days. And that a credit to my account would be issued for the on month’s payment. Neither the repair, nor the credit was ever completed.

    THAT in late December 2005 I was contacted finale by COX Customer Service by telephone and advised that a tech representative would be at my home with in a week. And that a credit to my account of one month would be made to my account, and pending additional credits for loss of service.

    THAT in late December 2005 a field technician finale arrived and advise until such time that the outside service box could be replaced, repaired, and the wires replaced and repaired, there was nothing he could do to fix, or correct the loss of service. The outside box had to be fixed by another department technician. As of this date, there have been no repairs, restoration of service, and no credits to my account.

    THAT COX continues to harass, threaten, and continues in its fraudulent billing practices.

    RATIONAL for not contacting state agencies for Louisiana include in part: COX has direct connections with the Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin, who is the former CEO of COX. That COX is a heavy contributor to certain campaign funds, for state and local officials. That neither the New Orleans Service Commission, nor the State Government will take an action or protect the consumer with regard to certain entities that are favored.

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    Re: COX Coumunications

    A good deal of the state was wiped away and chaos reigned for several days. People looted, "found," stole, shot, etc., but most importantly, where is my cable!?

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    Re: COX Coumunications

    I had a bad experience dealing with this company several years ago when they were the primary cable provider in my area. One of their sales representatives showed up at my house promoting introductory cable service packages. The package I was offered included Free installation, two free premium movie channels for 60 days and free equiptment rental charges for 60 days. Within the first thirty days I decided that I didn't want the two Premium movie channels too much money for only getting a half dozen choice movies per month and a whole bunch of old movie reruns played over and over ad nauseum. No response from the company no service technician showing up to shut off the premium channels. Upon recieving my first billing statement at the end of the first 30 days of service I discovered that I was being billed for Installation, Which I was told was included free of charge in my introductory package I was also being billed for the two premium movie channels and equiptment rental which I was told would be free for the first 60 days of service. I was not able to get these billing matters resolved over the phone. Shortly after recieving this billing statement One of the Cox Cable service Technicians was doing an installation over at a neighbors house and I got him to come over and completely disconnect my cable service as I'd had no success in my attempts to get Cox to send out a technician to disconnect the premium movie channels or resolve the billing issues. This service technician refused to take the cable box with him after disconnecting the service and informed me that I would have to call the company and have them send out another technician to remove the cable box. Another month rolled by with no service technician showing up to remove the cable box and I recieved another billing statement this one with another months charges for equiptment rental on the cable box I had asked them to remove. I ended up packing up the cable box and returning it to their offices myself. On the matter of the billing for services that my contract stated would be free for 60 days, the company continued to bill me for these services and began harassing phone calls. I ended up taking them to small claims court and these charges were dropped. I did pay them for the basic cable services which were part of my original contract upon recieving my first billing statement from them. Since then Cox Cable no longer operatates in my area, another cable company has taken over as the local cable provider. I was very unhappy in my dealings with this company and would suggest that anyone wanting cable services look around for another provider rather than dealing with them.

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    Re: COX Coumunications

    I know exactly where you are coming from, in fact, I have hired a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against comcast cable (cox communications) they are terrible when it comes to billing or handling any other issues for that matter