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    how do you define a program like 12dailypro

    for all you nasayer's out there ,just feel free to jump write in and get your nuckle's wrapped.
    Let's start off with this boy's and girls,do think that an illegit program would run longer than a two hole week's if it were illegal , I don't think so.

    Show us the proof] do you have proof ,where is your proof so we can all see it .
    i'm so tired of reading the crap that these people are talking , i haven't been ripped yet,and i haven't seen anything that show's where this program is illegal.
    so please stop making fools of your selves.
    ps: i am not a chearleader just a guy with a dream to have a better life for me and my wife.

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    Re: how do you define a program like 12dailypro

    Feel free to look at the other 2,900 threads about it. In the meantime, go find a good spell checker.

    P.S. If all scams were immediately prosecuted, this forum wouldn't exist.

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