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    Who are the ScammerS and the ScammeD?

    People along with other creatures are all unique and have needs. We are animals but way ahead of other animals and in the end we might destroy all there are unless we understand pretty soon that we should seriously stop the madness of some mentally ill, power hungry systems who are calling themselves human. That is happening now but quite slow.
    People in general are aware of the situation. But we have a tendency to forget and ignore easily and let’s not forget the fear factor. All over the world governments and corporations use propaganda which is the most effective scam. There have been and there is and there will be propaganda that is always hidden from the public in a way that public is not aware of the effect of the propaganda. Even the propaganda itself can be done by public without them knowing it. That doesn’t mean people are not intelligent. They simply don’t know.
    In order to manage a society there needs to be a legal system run by organizations whose first priority is not the money but the benefit of public. The system can be beneficial to all according to their activeness in the system and it doesn’t necessarily have to be corrupt or do any wrongdoing or be part of any ideology. But like I said Insomnia (ha-ha), Ignorance, and Fear and above all, Need, make us do things with a temporary benefit to ourselves or a few, mostly without knowledge of its true consequences in the long run.
    There is an imbalance of knowledge and the ones who know more take advantage of the ones who know less. Until everyone is almost in the same level of understanding the necessary knowledge in order to be able to defend their self being socially and psychologically, this mean process of destruction and deceit will go on and the ones behind it do their best to keep ordinary citizens in the dark. Everyone must understand one day that they have to like each other and value each other’s personality and believes. That would prevent us from harming one another. All we can do is open new doors to the one who are behind it and give more options and let people think and choose. After all that is our difference with other animals and our fingers of course. The truth always comes out by the ones who where part of it. Everyone is part of the system all over the world. Everyone should try to do well and be a good person. But it is unlikely to happen on time. These things take such a long time.
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    Re: Who are the ScammerS and the ScammeD?

    Don't be too disillusioned about "the state of the world" or "mankind". The answer to the problem in general is "knowledge". Teach yourself. Read all you can and teach your children to do the same. In spite of what the media may be selling - the world is a better place than it has been. Corporations and political parties exist because of the money that they generate or influence. You are not required to buy their product or vote for them. If you are well informed other people will seek your opinion and follow your lead to educate themselves. I see it every day - it's not in a headline in any newspaper nor the annual report of any corporation. You'll find it in the classroom of the "one in ten" very good teacher who isn't paid nearly enough, at the dinner table of the family who discuss the days events, and talk among co-workers who share the same plight. It's right here - in fact. Money, whether we like it or not, does make the world go round. Where you spend your money influences the direction of the turn.
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    Re: Who are the ScammerS and the ScammeD?

    Maybe but sometimes I think the world does not want to wake up.

    Some people fight tooth and nail to maintain their fary tale illusion while they walk like lambs to the slaughter.

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