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    autosurfqueen Guest

    profits4investingtoo hasn't paid me-Probably a scam

    I only lost $3, fortunately. Sure others have lost more.

    I had that much left in my e-gold account. Since it is too small of an amount to exchange out, I thought I would give this HYIP (profits4investingtoo) a shot.

    After almost 2 weeks, that $3 had grown to $5.23.

    It has been over 7 days, and the admin will not reply to me when I emailed them 2 days ago and asked if my payment had been overlooked.

    Terms of Service first stated you get your payment with 72 hours. Now it is 96 hours. Seven days is beyond 96 hours.

    Their forum admin even had the nerve to send us emails and ask if we would donate for the new servers.

    Looks like I already did, involuntarily!
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